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Spare Parts

For the products you ordered online, you can create a Spare Parts Request at any time by filling out the Customer Service Request Form on our Contact Us page.

How to Create a Spare Parts Request?

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Step 1

Select the Shopping Channel 'Online Store' option from our Contact Us page.

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Step 2

Select the Questions and Requests option in the Subject Section.

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Step 3

Select 'Spare Parts' as the sub-topic of the 'Questions and Requests' topic you have selected.

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Step 4

If you want to create spare parts for which order, select the order number of that order

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Step 5

If you do not have a membership, verify that your order belongs to you with the verification method you choose to verify that your order belongs to you.

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Step 6

You can enter your spare part request for the order number you have selected in the relevant field.

Step 7

You can submit your Customer Service Contact Form by filling in the personal information field.

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