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Measure your room to see how much space you have. The room’s shape might set some limitations. And be sure to measure your door entry too and think about things like stairs.


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Style and shape

If you can’t make up your mind which style sofa to get, you could always pick one that looks timeless, because you’ll probably be living with it for quite a while. To see the different styles, have a look in our living room and sofa image gallery. What kind of sofa do you need? Maybe a corner solution, or solutions with 2 or 3-seats? To design your perfect sofa solution yourself, see our sofa planners.

Explore sofa planners


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Consider how you want to use your sofa. Some people want a sofa that doubles both as a sofa and comfortable bed. Some sofas even have hidden storage, perfect if you live in a smaller space.

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Start by thinking about how you sit. Assess the seat height, seat depth and height of the backrest, as these have an impact on your sitting position. Always make sure the seating has enough space for laying comfortably. The materials in the cushions and frame mean that firmness may differ, so try them out and see what suits you.

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The cover adds to the look of your sofa and acts as a protective layer. Removable covers are perfect if you have children. They’re washable, allow you update the look and prolong the life of your sofa. Full grain leather is a long-lasting material, but if you want that leather look without the cost or the need for maintenance, we have coated fabric “leather-look” sofas for you too.

See all sofa covers


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Your sofa – your choice

Did you know that most people want to maximize the size of their sofa in their living room? It makes sense since the sofa often becomes the centre piece of the room and is a piece of furniture that needs to cater to many activities to fit your lifestyle. Any way you look at it, a living room is hardly a living room without a sofa, so we hope this guide helps you to choose the right sofa for you.

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Choose the most comfortable seat for your child

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