Leather Sofas

It's time to make a difference in your living room! You can add an unusual look to your living room with leather sofas. You can create a classic look by adding leather sofas in a room dominated by dark colours. You can combine your sofas with single leather armchairs and complete them with TV units suitable for this look.

Leather sofa models

We use the best quality leather for our sofas so that they age softly, naturally, and elegantly. Our leather sofas have been tested and approved for resilience and colour retention. So you can enjoy our leather sofas for years to come. You can also add a classic feel to your living space by choosing your two seat sofas or triple sofas as leather sofas.

Black leather sofas

Do you want to create a traditional modern style living room? Get help from black leather sofas. Complete the sofa look by choosing cushions or round cushions that match your black leather sofas. In addition, by combining black single leather armchairs and pouffes, you can create both extra storage space and a special area for yourself to stretch your feet after a tired day.

2-seat leather sofas

Combine your 2-seat leather sofas with other furniture in your living room. Choose bookcases, TV benches, and sideboards suitable for your leather sofas. Thus, you can both provide extra storage space and get a stylish and decorative look. Finally, complete your living room by choosing a coffee table where you can put your snacks for film nights or when hosting your guests.

Prepare your dream living room look with sofas

We have some ideas that you can get help when preparing your living rooms. Firstly, sofas, which are the most important parts of the living room, should be selected. Choose a sofa model you like among leather sofas, fabric sofas, or u shaped seats. Then complete your sofas with bergere armchairs or leather armchairs in case you need extra seating space. It is among the important details that your sofas and armchairs are compatible with each other. For example, choosing a leather armchair that matches your leather sofa can add a more complete look to your living room. You can choose pillow and cushion to make your sofas more comfortable. If you wish, you can change the appearance of your cushions with cushion covers. In addition, thanks to the sofa parts, when damage occurs on your sofa, you can easily replace the broken part of your sofa without having to buy a new sofa.

Complements to your living room

After deciding on your sofas, the only thing left is to complete the sofas you have chosen with other furniture. Choose the most suitable one for your home among the TV cabinet systems where you can place your TV, so you don't have to hang the TV on the wall. In addition, you can create extra storage space with TV units. In the compartments in the TV benches, you can place the items you want to have at hand or do not want to create clutter. Thus, your home looks more organised and tidy. You can display your home decoration with sideboards, you can also choose classic-looking sideboards models that you can create a harmonious look with your leather sofas. When your guests arrive, choose coffee and side tables to serve the snacks you have prepared for them. You can fill the space between the sofa and your TV unit with a nesting table. Or you can create a look where you can place your belongings next to your sofa by using metal coffee tables.

Lighting to match the leather sofa

How you illuminate your room is one of the important issues. Dim lighting that will not strain your eyes in the evening can be a good idea for your living room. With smart lighting solutions, you can adjust the brightness and temperature of the light bulbs.  It is also extremely easy to use smart lighting solutions, you can adjust the desired light level with your smartphone or with the help of a remote control. If you wish, you can choose a chandelier compatible with leather sofas. Choose a chandelier model that will fit your living room among pendant chandeliers, ceiling lamps, or spotlights, then complement it with energy-saving light bulbs to provide the brightness you want and save money. If you need an extra lighting source, floor lamps are for you. With floor lamps, you can lie on your sofa in the evening and read a book or add a dimmer atmosphere to your living room.

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