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1. Make use of easy-access shelves and flexible lighting

Create an organised spot to work or study in the dining room with easily accessible storage by the table – like this handy KALLAX shelving unit. Store file folders and baskets with your office supplies on the shelves above, and dinner sets behind the doors. A flexible table lamp helps with focus, and you can easily move it when the workday is done.

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2. Utilise small, easy-to-move storage boxes

When the dining table is also your dresser, this handy storage box with mirror lid makes putting on makeup and getting ready for the day easy. Paired with a ring light that can hold your phone – so it’s a breeze to watch and follow tutorials – you can get ready in no time.

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3. Store cutlery, spices and sauces in small baskets

When the dining room is also your pantry, make use of baskets for a more organised space. They make it easy to carry things – like cutlery, spice jars and jars – from the shelving unit to the dining table, and back again when dinnertime is done. This way, it’s easy to clear space and make room for other activities.

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4. Solve storage like puzzles

Thinking where to store folding chairs? Why not hang them on the wall? Done in this way, it also visually “completes” the shelving unit. A pro tip from one of our interior designers: optimise empty spaces and fill gaps when storing things. But make sure to also have some air in between items so it doesn’t look cluttered.

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5. Use flexible storage with wheels

A round of applause for the ever-reliable trolley! It can store almost anything and go wherever it’s needed – including your makeshift art studio in the dining room. A MÅLA drawing paper roll is a perfect fit, and dirty palettes go into a basket and straight to sink for easy clean up. When drawing time is done, simply roll the trolley away to make room for other activities.

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