Chaise Longues

Maybe it's a corner in your living room that belongs only to you and your book, maybe it's a focal point in your kitchen where you can chat with your loved ones over coffee, or maybe it's a relaxation area in your study that will offer you a quiet break. If you are looking for recliners that you can use to relax almost anywhere in the house, you are at the right address.

Chaise longue models

Modern, classic or natural... No matter what style your room is, you can decorate lounging chairs that can adapt to your space with our different types of pillow and cushions and give your room a warm and inviting look. At the same time, you can be as comfortable as if you were in your bed at night when you sleep in front of the TV. You can also combine recliners with other furniture in your room. For example, you can choose a single chaise longue in the same colour and texture as your sofas to create harmony in your room, or you can play with the focal points in your room by choosing the colour of your recliner differently.

Do you have a large family or many friends that you often invite to your home? You can combine some of our chaise longue models with other armchairs from their family to create your unique seating group according to your space.

You can choose a product from the side tables category and place it next to your lounging chair to place your drink or book. Floor lamps, which you can position according to your viewing angle, not only allow you to better see the book you are reading or the note you are taking, but also add a warm atmosphere to the space you have created.

Rocking armchairs or single armchairs can be placed next to your chaise longue for relaxing hours with your loved ones. You can create a harmonious look for your space by choosing similar accessories for the single armchairs you will use next to your recliner.

In which area of the house are chaise longues used?

You can use recliners in almost every room, from the bedroom to the living room, from working spaces to the kitchen. In the baby and children’s room, a single chaise longue can provide you with a more comfortable space to curl up in the corner of children’s beds at a sleepover with your child or used in front of a large window in your living room, it can be the solution you've been looking for to read a captivating book from your bookcases, focus on a good movie or just enjoy the view.

Chaise longue models can be used to design a corner of your own in many areas of the house. Imagine a corner in the living room where you can relax and read a book comfortably. Chaise longue models are perfect for this corner. You can complete your chaise longues in your living room with products such as a side table, soft blankets, throw pillows and cushions. A carpet that you will place under your chaise longue will also help you separate this area from the whole room. Round carpets or asymmetric carpets make the area where your chaise longue is located more distinctive, while jute carpets give your room a more natural summer atmosphere. You can also complement your chaise longue with a lighting product. You can use a lampshade on your side table or a floor lamp behind your chaise longue that will provide you with reading light.

Thanks to the storage space in some of our recliner models, you can keep the items you need in your room out of sight, but always within reach. You can place your cushions, blankets for cooler days and clean duvet cover sets for your guests in this area and easily remove them when you need them.

How to clean chaise longues?

We want every piece of furniture we buy for our home to last a long time. One of the most important ways to ensure this is cleaning. Many of our recliner models have removable covers. So, you can rest assured that your recliner will be safe from any accidents during your coffee break or art homework with your children.

A sweet corner for your rest

We know the furniture you need after tired office days or when you just want to take your book in your hand and lie down, a chaise longue! You can add a new atmosphere to your home with chaise longues that you can use in your bedroom, living room, or study room. Stretch your feet and enjoy the film you are watching, the book you are reading, or the conversation you are having with your friend.

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