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Do you want to spend time with friends, family and loved ones or just relax on your own? Whether you're reading a book, having a party or taking a nap, you'll probably spend a lot of time on your sofa. So choosing a new sofa is an important decision. And if you're considering a fabric sofa, you've come to the right place!

What should be considered when choosing a fabric sofa model?

Fabric sofas are indispensable iron heads for many living rooms. Much more preferred than rattan or leather seating elements, fabric sofas can be chosen for living rooms of all styles and budgets, whether modern or classic; minimal or elegant; with their colour and model diversity as well as their ease of use, cleaning and maintenance.

There are many different elements to consider when choosing a fabric sofa for your living room. When choosing your fabric sofa, you can evaluate different criteria such as seating area, model, style, style, colour, size. You should first make sure that your fabric sofa is comfortable and durable. Fabric sofas are much more durable and easier to use compared to leather sofas. Fabric sofas are also designed with different cushion and cushion stiffnesses, different skeletons and different heights, so you can choose your sofa among dozens of IKEA fabric sofa models according to the ambience of your living room and your sitting comfort.

The cushion sponges of fabric sofas vary in different elements according to different sitting heights, comfort preferences and sitting angles. For example, sofas with thin sponges are preferred for lower and modern sofas, while sofas with thick sponges provide a comfortable and soft seating surface and look just as embracing and friendly in appearance. Sponges also determine your seating comfort. Fabric sofa sponges that you can sit completely comfortably are usually thicker and softer. These fabric sofa models are more suitable for cosy and warm living rooms. Fabric sofas with thin or hard cushions are furniture that encourages sitting more upright and is suitable for more stylish living rooms and lounges. Hard sponge cushions also have sharper lines than soft sponges, so they offer a more elaborate and sophisticated appearance. You can learn the filling material information of the fabric sofa model you will buy from the product description page in detail, and if you want to try our fabric sofas, you can visit our stores.

Fabric sofa models

Fabric sofas are of course not only ergonomic furniture, but also visual furniture. Therefore, before choosing the colour and pattern of your fabric sofa, you should decide how your sofa will look from the outside. Fabric sofas can be produced in many different silhouettes and structures because of their versatility and because they are made of fabrics with different fabric stiffness and structures and have various skeletons. If you have decided on the level of comfort you want for your sofa, you can continue to evaluate our fabric sofas with this in mind.

Our fabric sofa families are produced in several different models, with different numbers of seating areas. For example, double sofas are ideal for narrow living rooms or rooms with many different seating elements. Triple sofas, on the other hand, are among the most preferred fabric sofa models, because they are neither as small as double sofas, nor as wide as quad, L or U sofas, so they can adapt to most living rooms and halls. Triple sofas are also more ideal for lying down than double sofas, they can even serve as a single bed when needed. If you prefer your fabric sofas to be used as a bed for guests, you can also check out our sofa beds. Sofa bed models are highly functional furniture and can be considered as a saviour piece of furniture in homes where many different functions are sought.

L-shaped seats and U-shaped seats are also highly preferred models among fabric sofas. L-shaped seats, which are especially selected for large halls and living rooms, are usually formed by combining double or triple sofas with recliners. You can choose which side the reclining armchair of the L sofas will be on, according to the space you have. If you have a living room combined with a kitchen and dining room, you can use the armrests and reclining section of your fabric sofas with chaise longue to separate the room and create a circular seating area. If you have a narrow space, you can save space by positioning the reclining section on the wall side and provide extra seating in your living room, all in one product.

When checking out the shape of fabric sofa models, you can also evaluate whether your sofa will have storage space. Some of our fabric sofa options are designed with a chest and provide you with the storage space you need in the living room in an invisible way. This storage space can be used to store spare bed linen sets, blankets, pillows and even the toys your children play with in the living room.

You can also choose your fabric sofa with or without legs. The legs of some of our fabric sofas with legs are designed to be interchangeable, so you can choose the legs for your fabric sofa that will suit the look of your own living room. For example, metal legs are suitable for furniture with modern and sharp lines, while wooden sofa legs can be used for more classic or even rustic sofas.

Fabric sofa designs can have different lines in shape. These lines are designed in harmony with the skeletons of fabric sofas. While more minimal skeletons are used in modern sofas with sharp lines, the skeletons in sofas with soft lines and a fuller appearance are much more fragmented and detailed. This directly affects the weight of your fabric sofa. If you like to change your furniture frequently or if you prefer to do detailed house cleaning regularly, choosing your fabric sofa with this factor in mind can also make your life at home easier.

If your living room has a classic and elegant look, you can choose your fabric sofa in a majestic style with softer lines. If you have a modern and simple living room decoration, you can choose your fabric sofa with a design designed with sharp and simple lines and visually more minimal forms.

How to choose the colours of fabric sofas?

Once you have chosen the comfort and shape of your fabric sofa, you can start examining one of the most visually important features of your sofa: Colour and pattern. Our fabric sofa models are produced in many different colours and patterns and offer different advantages not only visually but also in terms of use, cleaning and maintenance.

Grey, which is preferred in many homes and considered to be the most suitable colour for daily use, is presented in different fabric types in different fabric sofa models. Grey fabric sofa models adapt to many living rooms with their stain-resistant properties and softly carrying the sharp colour contrast of white and black. Grey fabric sofas can be easily combined with other furniture in modern, classic or even rustic decorated houses, and they fit in with furniture with many different wood patterns. White fabric sofa models add a spacious atmosphere to the room and make the cushions and cushions placed on it visually stand out. Black fabric sofas create a focal point, especially in large living rooms, and are a very bold choice. You can also choose your fabric sofa models as colourful or patterned. For example, red sofas can be used in the summer to give a lively atmosphere to the house, while in winter they can be used to support the New Year decoration. Patterned sofa models add character to your living room, and can be used to hide many stains and dirt according to the structure of the pattern.

Sofa covers and cleaning

Are you tired of the colour of your existing fabric sofa? If you want to change the colour of your IKEA fabric sofa, you can check if there is a cover suitable for your model. Fabric sofa covers can be used both to renew your old sofa and to change the look of your fabric sofa as you wish. Fabric sofa covers also help you to easily wash and care for your sofa. Many of our removable sofa covers are suitable for washing in your washing machine at home, so they can also be easily used in homes with children and pets.

How to complete fabric sofas?

If you have started to decorate your living room completely, you can start examining other living room furniture after your sofas. You can first combine your seating area with other seating elements. You can choose a suitable model from single armchairs next to your fabric sofa. When choosing the colour of the single armchair model, you can choose a colour that matches your sofa, or you can play with the focal points of your living room by choosing a single armchair in a contrasting colour.

If you need surfaces to put your coffee and computer in front of and next to your sofa, you can evaluate different coffee table models. By adding a side table next to your sofa, you can both create this surface and decorate this area with different lampshades and decoration objects. Coffee tables, on the other hand, complement the look of the seating area and provide you with the ideal space to put snacks, drinks, books and computers. You can also decorate the coffee tables with different decorative bowls and plates.

You can create an aesthetic composition by combining different home textile products to complement fabric sofas. You can complete the bottom of your sofa with different living room carpets. You can choose living room carpets in patterned or plain colours, and you can add a natural atmosphere to your living room by using materials such as jute and wicker. You can complete the top of your sofa with blankets, cushions and cushions. Cushion and cushion models also allow you to easily change the appearance of your sofa throughout the year.

In which areas of the house are fabric sofas used?

You can use fabric sofas not only in your living room but also in many rooms of your home. By placing a fabric sofa on one wall of the bedroom, you can both put your clothes on it and create a sitting area where you can put your feet up and relax. You can also choose the most suitable fabric sofa models with different sizes according to the width of your room. You can also add a sofa to the children's room. Thus, when it is time to read a book, you will also create a reading area for your child. One of the places where you need sofas or armchairs the most can be the room you prepare for your newborn baby. By adding a single armchair next to the baby cots, you can breastfeed your baby and meet your baby's other needs.

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Discover our new products for your home. With our new products that you can choose from home furnishing and accessories, you can renovate your home as well as make it more functional with furniture.

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Spend every moment in comfort

It is ready to have the comfort you are looking for in your living room. In addition to their designs, you can recreate your space with fabric sofas that will make you comfortable while sitting. Thanks to the adjustable back support in some fabric sofa models, you can find the most comfortable sitting position for you. You can also use your sofas with sofa covers to keep your sofas as new as the first day. This situation provides both cleaner and longer-lasting sofa use.


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