Single Armchairs

Sit back and enjoy your own relaxing corner with our single armchairs. Whether in your bedroom, living room or nursery, you can find aesthetic and ergonomic single armchairs at IKEA to take a little break in every room of the house.

Single armchair models

Single armchairs can be an easy way to add character and aesthetics to any room in the house. Single armchairs can be a personal choice, often identified with a member of the household. You can examine single armchair models by considering many different elements: Style, colour, ergonomics and dimensions to name a few.

If we start from the room where they are most frequently used when choosing a single armchair, you can consider other seating elements in the room when choosing a single armchair for the living room. The style and colours of the sofas and armchairs in your living room can help you choose your single armchair. For example, a white sofa can create the opportunity for many different combinations: You can create a clean and spacious look by combining your white sofa with a white single armchair, create contrast by complementing it with a black single armchair, or create space for your single armchair to be the focal point with one of the vibrant coloured or patterned single armchair models. Grey and black sofas can also be combined with single armchairs in different colours and styles.

The material of your single armchair is as important an aesthetic and practical criterion as the colour of your armchair. Fabric single armchairs are available in many different textures and patterns, and are the category with the widest range of single armchairs. Some of the fabric armchairs also have removable covers, which makes them very easy to use in terms of cleaning and maintenance, and allows you to easily renew your fabric armchair. Fabric armchairs with changeable covers are therefore ideal for homes with children, pets and plenty of guests. Leather single armchair models make every room more sophisticated. Leather armchairs do not only look beautiful, contrary to popular belief, they are easy to use and durable. The materials used in the armrests and legs of single armchairs can also be an aesthetic area that you should examine when buying a single armchair. Wooden legs and armrests seen in Scandinavian designs, metal parts seen in modern and minimal designs, and fabric armrests that ensure the comfort of the armchair may vary according to the design and aesthetics of the single armchair.

If you are looking for two or more single armchairs for your living room, you can choose all of these armchairs as the same model, or you can create an eclectic look by combining different types of single armchairs and add more character to your living room. Single armchairs can also be objects that represent the characters and tastes of the members of the house: Single armchairs are designed not only in style but also to meet different ergonomic needs. You can choose a single armchair with sharp lines for those who like to sit upright, a single armchair with soft and thick foam for those who like to relax after a long day, or chaise longues for those who like to stretch their legs.

The shapes of the armchairs can also be an important criterion for your choice. If the decoration of your room overlaps with the single armchair you choose, you can achieve a more consistent and aesthetic appearance. Single armchairs with sharp lines and a geometric silhouette are ideal for rooms furnished in modern and industrial style. Single armchairs with curved lines and a tough look are perfect for living rooms designed with a traditional aesthetic in mind.

If you like to sway while sitting and want to add movement to your stillness, single rocking armchairs may be the right choice for you. You can use rocking chairs, which you can combine with robust structures, changing covers and foot extension stools, wherever you use single armchairs.

Things to consider when choosing a single armchair

When choosing a single armchair for your home and the space you want, you can consider the comfort of your single armchair before style, colour and form. The ergonomics of single armchairs may vary depending on the form, armrests, material and the type and thickness of the sponge used. In particular, design elements such as seat height, armrest height, backrest and angle of the seating area are very important for the comfort and even safety of a single armchair. If you want to try your single armchair before buying it, you can visit our stores.

In which room are single armchairs used?

When choosing a single armchair model for your room, you can start from any of the elements such as aesthetics and ergonomics. However, the first thing you need to think about is in which room of the house the single armchair will be in. Single armchairs and other seating elements are usually considered for the living room; however, single armchairs can create very useful solutions in bedrooms, baby and children's rooms, kitchens and even in vestibules and storage rooms.

For example, single armchairs are perfect for setting up your own reading or relaxation corner in your living room or study. For those who do not like to work at a desk for a long time, you can complement the single armchair you add to the study room with side tables, laptop tables and different lighting products, and create the ideal space for you to focus. You can also use single armchairs in the bedroom. If you are looking for a place to sit -and maybe put your clothes- in your bedroom, you can use single armchairs. Do you need a product to sit in the baby room? Our single armchair models can be ideal for spending time in the nursery and can even be used as a breastfeeding chair.

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Time to set up in your favourite corner

We are with you every time you need to rest. Single armchairs that will harmonise with your living room, bedroom, and even your working space will be waiting for you in the quietest corner of your home whenever you need to breathe and relax. You can find the most suitable one for you, from single armchairs where you can get your perfect sitting position thanks to adjustable headrests and armrests to armchairs that will add a modern atmosphere to your space.

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