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The meeting point for newlyweds or home renovators: IKEA

Whether you are building a new home or renovating your house or cottage with IKEA's functional solutions... Enjoy the convenience of meeting all your needs from the living room to the bathroom in one go!

Prepare your kitchen according to your dreams

In this new life, you have established with your spouse, we have great ideas on how you can complete your kitchen. You can complete your kitchen with dinner sets for breakfasts and dinners, tea and coffee products for tea times, preparation products for your delicious meals, and enjoy new beginnings.

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IKEA 365+

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It's time to start the day regularly

Get ready for the day! Are you ready for a new day and ready to start? It's time to take a look at the make-up tables that will help you get ready before going to work. You can be sure that make-up tables with drawers will adapt to your room. In addition, you can place your jewelry that you don't want to be seen around or creams that you haven't started using yet in the drawers, and you can store your make-up materials in an organised way with boxes. Whether you choose a make-up table with a mirror or add the mirror later, the decision is yours.

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It is now very easy to have a comfortable sleep!

After choosing your beds for your bedroom and your mattress suitable for your beds, the only thing left to do is to decorate them. Among the double duvet cover sets, you can choose either a plain colour or a patterned one. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that your duvet cover set will fit your bedroom. We also have a small suggestion for you, instead of choosing one duvet cover set, choosing more than one duvet cover set always gives you an advantage.

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New home, new decoration

During the marriage period, one of the most exciting parts of preparing your home may be decorating your home. You can decorate your living room in accordance with your style by adding candles and vases on your coffee table in your living room, or you can decorate your bedroom with decorative accessories. Don't forget to display your favourite photos with frames!

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Wedding gift ideas that will provide a new beginning for your loved ones

Choosing the right wedding gift for your newly married friends or relatives just got easier. You can choose sturdy and practical cookware sets so that your newlywed friends will always have something to use.

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Use wedding flowers to your advantage

You may want to keep your wedding flower as a memory and use it as a decoration for your home. Choose a vase and place your flower in it, then display it in your favourite corner of your living room.

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Functional cleaning supplies and tools

The cleaning supplies and tools and dish cloths you choose should be of high quality and can be used for a long time. The microfibre cloths in the PEPPRIG series are just for you! The green cloth among the microfibre cloths with 3 colours has 2 different sides, the soft side is used as a dishcloth and the hard side is used for stains that require stronger cleaning without abrading the surface. The microfibre structure of the cloth makes it absorbent and dries quickly. Thanks to the fabric cover of the scouring cloth, the sponge does not break into pieces.

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Keep your home always clean and tidy with laundry and cleaning products

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