Cleaning products to keep your home clean

Although cleaning the house is a troublesome thing, there are many cleaning products that will make your job easier. From cleaning gloves to dish sponges and cleaning supplies and tools, you can take a look at the PEPPRIG series to help you.

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Clean and care

Clean more sustainably with PEPPRIG series – a coordinated set of tools, dish sponges and dish cloths for all your cleaning needs across the home, with or without detergent. All tool heads are interchangeable and fit a telescopic aluminium handle that is perfect for cleaning areas that are hard to reach.

Functional cleaning supplies and tools

The cleaning supplies and tools and dish cloths you choose should be of high quality and can be used for a long time. The microfibre cloths in the PEPPRIG series are just for you! The green cloth among the microfibre cloths with 3 colours has 2 different sides, the soft side is used as a dishcloth and the hard side is used for stains that require stronger cleaning without abrading the surface. The microfibre structure of the cloth makes it absorbent and dries quickly. Thanks to the fabric cover of the scouring cloth, the sponge does not break into pieces.

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