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A welcoming, flexible living area

A welcoming, flexible living area In a shared home, common areas need to be welcoming, collaborative spaces. Cosy cushions, throws and a communal library create a shared ownership, and by choosing one-seat sofas and wheelable coffee tables, the living area can be flexibly reconfigured for different group and solo activities.

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Lightweight, eye-catching lounge chairs

Like the sofa modules and coffee tables, red stained oak veneer easy chairs are a breeze to move around for any social affair or activity, with the added benefit of introducing a cheeky pop of colour and pleasing design to this cheerful space.

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A distraction-free workspace

Creating a space for focused work in a shared home can be tricky. By placing a sit stand desk facing the wall, distractions are limited, and a cabinet above means surfaces won’t get overcrowded.

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A kitchen for home-grown cooking

A sizable household means a lot of food preparation and storage to match! Two large kitchen islands with seating on one side and storage on the other provide more than enough room to prepare meals and share out tasks (whether that be sous-cheffing or storytelling).

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The creative hub of the home

From reading, to crafting, to playing games – all it took were four lightweight, sizable tables to create the ideal and adaptable communal space, and on a budget too! Surrounded by an eclectic array of chairs, there is always a comfortable seat to settle into to join the fun.

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Make room for pottery at home

While some projects can be done at the table, others need more established spaces, such as this home’s pottery. Storage makes it all possible, from open shelves for drying bowls to the plastic bins for wet clay.

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The cleaning stations

A large household requires smart cleaning stations. Both the bathroom and the laundry have been set up to deal with high demands and with a big washer and dryer and an abundance of laundry storage, clothes are clean and dry in a jiffy

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A main bedroom with space to oneself

Sharing a home doesn’t mean one needs to share everything. This bedroom is totally private with an double mattresses and an armchair providing cosy spaces for relaxing. Thanks to ample clothing storage in the wardrobes and under the bed, the space also looks orderly at all times.

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The flourishing garden

The terrace has been designed to take advantage of long spring afternoons with a generous table, comfy seating, and burgeoning greenery. It has all been placed on an attractive, easy to install floor, keeping the ground level and the space clean.

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