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A planting station to encourage green fingers

One of the secrets to enjoying a hobby is ease of access. In a corner of this home, that looks like a dedicated yet discreet planting and repotting station. Centred around a basin, shelves, rails, hooks and trolleys all do their bit to make gardening an enjoyable, everyday practice.

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Starting from seed

A way to cut back on food costs is to grow what we can. Seeds are collected from vegetables, dried and stored in envelopes in clear boxes – easy to identify and pot in plant pots during the ideal planting season.

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Growing plants from cuttings

Many of this home’s plants have been grown from cuttings propagated in glass vases and vessels. When they become saplings, they’re potted and placed in a spot with ideal lighting. For the plants that need extra warmth, a portable mini greenhouse becomes their home, helping them grow and flourish.

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Bring your child together with the soil

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Gardening outside

In the compact outdoor area, plants with different soil, light and watering requirements live in flower pots and planters which are easy to size up when they outgrow their containers. For herbs and other small, edible plants, tiered storage effectively doubles the floor print, making room for so much more delicious greenery.

Your very own gardening starter kit

Ready to try growing some home-grown goodness? Then get your green-fingered hands on a few key items.

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