ÄRTBUSKE vase-watering can, high-gloss green, 24 cm

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Colour high-gloss green
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ÄRTBUSKE vase/watering can has a playful shape inspired by cactuses.

The bold expression is enhanced by the happy green colour.

You can use ÄRTBUSKE to water your plants, use it as a vase and put some flowers in it or just enjoy it as a decorative object in the home.

Article Number 605.376.54

ARTBUSKE Vase-Watering Can, High-Gloss Green Product Information

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Designer Thoughts

"The cactus is a natural water reservoir, so I thought it was fun to play around with this shape when designing ÄRTBUSKE. The idea is that it can be used either as a watering can or a vase – and be a playful element with a bold and different expression and a happy green colour. I like the dual function that makes the vase/watering can really useful. Hopefully it also adds a nice touch of positive energy to your home."

Designer Bruno Adrien Aguirre

IKEA - ARTBUSKE, vase-watering can, high-gloss green, 24 cm

ARTBUSKE Vase-Watering Can, High-Gloss Green Product Information


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