Complete your kitchen with table and chairs.

An extendable table and stackable chairs are the most practical way to turn your kitchen into a popular living space at home. By this way, you can not only cook but share happy moments around the kitchen table with your family.

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Make cooking and setting table fun with IKEA products!


Decorate your drawers with knobs and handles.

Be simple at tea and coffee service.

How about taking a break? Treat yourself with some tea or coffee that's brewed in teapot or the reusable steel filter set. You can make coffee by placing the filter on a glass, mug or carafe, then pour it in the vacuum flask to service whenever you want.

Small details that makes life beautiful.

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You can also install it yourself.

IKEA kitchens are designed to be installed by you.
Here are the steps to make it happen:

IKEA Kitchen Installation


It is not difficult to measure your kitchen. Planning is based on size, so it’s crucial to measure the size correctly. You can either contact our experienced specialists or purchase kitchen measurement service online to help you to know what and how to measure precisely.

IKEA Kitchen Installation


Your dreams and ideas will start to take shape once you start planning your kitchen. You’ll be faced with having to think about every detail you need, from where to place a fridge to how many drawers you need. We have tools for this very problem, to help you to choose the most suitable design for you. Also, when you need an expert opinion, you can contact the kitchen planning specialists in our stores.

IKEA Kitchen Installation


When you are satisfied with your plan, visit the nearest IKEA store. Our specialists will view your kitchen plan and help you on issues you are not certain about. When you’re ready, place your order. IKEA kitchens are designed to be installed by you. But we're ready to help provide as much convenience as possible during your kitchen project including delivery, installation and other issues.


It is easy to create the kitchen you want!

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We believe in the quality of our products, and offer various supplementary IKEA Guarantees to cover any faults with reference to the product in question, along side the statutory guarantee.

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Fonksiyonel ve Kullanışlı Yeni IKEA Mutfakları ile Stilinizi Yansıtın

Home Planner

Start designing your new kitchen with our home planner. You can save your design and then finalise it together with our kitchen specialists at one of our IKEA stores.

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Home essentials for the kitchen

With smart solutions such as pot lid organizer, cutlery stand, interior organizers, and a flexible chopping board, you can make wonders even in small kitchens. It's up to you to use a tablet stand to watch movies while working in the kitchen.