Glass jug models adapt to your kitchen decoration with various pattern and colour options. With their easy-to-cast designs and wide mouth openings, they facilitate cleaning and offer practicality when preparing your drinks. These jugs add a modern touch to your tables with their laser-cut glass surfaces and elegant shapes.

These dinner sets are made of different materials, which create a wonderful harmony with dinner sets. Glass material, which is an environmentally friendly option, offers a safe use in terms of health and stands out with its naturalness. Unlike plastic jugs, glass does not change the taste, smell or colour of your liquids and does not contain harmful BPA. Resistant to high temperatures, glass jugs can be used safely for your drinks that you want to put ice to keep your drinks cool on hot summer days.

These optically impressive products become a decorative element of kitchen moulds. The natural sparkle of the glass, combined with the effect of light, beautifully displays the colours and textures of the drinks. The glass jug collection is the perfect choice for a minimal or sophisticated addition to the decor.

Bedside jugs

The bedside jug, which will meet your water needs all night long with a simple design, is a candidate to be an indispensable part of the bedroom. Metal jugs and glass bottles keep your water fresh. The designs of these jugs have been carefully prepared to provide ease of use and to offer an aesthetic in harmony with the decoration of your bedroom. Ergonomic structures that can be easily reached when waking up at night or in the first hours of the morning are among the reasons why product groups such as carafes are also preferred.

Instead of looking for water with blurred glasses at night, you can comfortably consume water with a carafe positioned on your bedside table. In this respect, both stylish and practical water jug options stand out in order to offer comfort to their users even in dark environments. On the other hand, the light weight of the bedside jug also makes it easy to carry and practical to use when needed during the night.

Using a bedside jug to keep your drinks always at hand and fresh is hype. Our range includes a variety of bedside jug models designed to suit all needs and tastes. Some models are available with matt surfaces that hide the contents or transparent designs that emphasise aesthetics. You can use these products, which are made of healthy materials with your health in mind, with peace of mind.

Jugs with cork lid

For those looking for a natural touch, the jug with cork lid promises long-term use by preserving the freshness of the liquid inside. These models, which are in the category of stylish jugs, are also preferred as decorative. Cork lids slow down the oxidation of beverages by minimising contact with air, thus preserving the clear taste of your drink. Thanks to its excellent airtightness, it prevents spillages and leaks, thus providing safety when carrying the jug with you.

If you are looking for naturalness and warmth on your table, cork lidded jug models and stylish drinking glasses to accompany them will meet your expectations. These jugs harmonise with all kinds of kitchen decorations, from rustic style to modern minimalist designs. Attracting the attention of your guests during your beverage presentation, these jugs are designed to offer a perfect tasting experience.

Especially for consumers who prefer organic and environmentally friendly products, jugs with cork lids are also advantageous in terms of using sustainable materials. Since cork is a renewable resource, these jugs are ideal for those with a greener and eco-friendly lifestyle. This style of lid also helps to prevent wastage by keeping soft drinks fresher for longer.

Fridge jugs

With their compact and ergonomic designs, refrigerator jug models are the perfect storage solution for your cold drinks. Plastic jug options stand out with their easy transport and break-resistant structures. These products, which are indispensable parts of modern kitchens, are made of materials that comply with food safety standards, so you can use them without hesitation in terms of health. Our plastic jugs, which will allow you to keep drinks such as lemonade or cold tea cool on hot summer days, appeal to your eye taste with their colourful and decorative designs.

Ergonomic refrigerator jugs are designed to save space in the kitchen. Our glass jugs with lids are ideal for keeping the drink odourless and fresh, and their leak-proof lids prevent liquid spills. These jugs, which we have designed with a focus on usability, provide the advantage of comfortable pouring and easy use with their grip and pouring lips.

Designed to add freshness to your tables, our glass and plastic jugs are offered in sizes ranging from 1 litre to 2 litres capacity. In this way, you can choose the jug of the appropriate size for your needs, you can choose smaller sizes for single use or larger sizes for family size needs. With transparent glasses, you can easily see how much liquid is left, and with the clamshell designs, you can ensure that the spout is always clean.

Easy-to-use jugs with spout

Offering a comfortable use together with glasses in your parties and meetings, jug with fountain and jug with tap models take beverage service to the next level. Designed for easy filling and serving, these products stand out with their user-friendly features. Jugs with tap, which are often preferred in outdoor events and in environments with large crowds, are also frequently preferred because they provide a hygienic use.

Especially in situations where large-capacity beverages need to be served, jug solutions with tap help you save time. These models, which can also be used as drink dispensers, can also be a stylish accessory in home bars or living rooms. Thanks to the special labelling areas, you can easily identify the contents and offer a variety according to the needs of your guests.

Ideal for daily use, jugs with tap are preferred to keep your refreshing drinks cool and serve them easily, especially in summer. Detailed designed tap mechanisms ensure drip-free and spill-free beverage flow. These products are also compatible with options such as adding ice or fruit to refresh your drinks.

Jugs with spout designed with different materials such as bamboo, metal or plastic offer decorative richness. You can easily find colours and models to match your kitchen or dining room decoration. Transparent glass designs reveal the colour and freshness of your drinks, while quality materials guarantee long-term use.

What are carafes used for?

Jugs are used to serve your drinks with varieties such as water jugs and whiskey jugs, and they also add an aesthetic look to your table. Durable options such as steel jugs are ideal for hot drinks. Jugs are also an excellent choice for storing your water in a stylish and hygienic way in your home or office. Nostalgic designs such as enamelled jugs increase the pleasure you get during use and keep your water fresh.

Jugs used when serving drinks for your guests can win the favour of your guests with their ease of use and elegance. A cow jug inspired by an oak barrel at an elegant dinner can add a rustic atmosphere to your table with its appearance. Jug options with a tap, which allow creative beverage presentations, provide a practical use for your lemonades and cold drinks, especially on hot summer days. This type of jug is also ideal for home parties where guests can easily get their own drinks.

How should the jug be used?

Enamelled jugs and similar models that offer ease of use can maintain their form for many years when used correctly. Water jug options are indispensable for keeping the drinks that accompany your meals fresh and delicious. To serve your drinks in style, elegant jugs are preferred for safari dinners, while plastic jugs or cow jug models, which are more practical in daily use, also offer you convenience.

On special occasions, you can give your guests unforgettable moments with whiskey decanter or metal decanter designs that you will use in cocktail or wine service. Choosing the right decanter will ensure that every sip you and your guests sip will feel more meaningful and special.

The use of a cleverly designed jug with tap facilitates beverage service, especially in crowded invitations, and allows everyone to fill their own drink comfortably. In terms of cleanliness, you can choose glass material and manage your time in a practical way with glass jug models with tap.

Options such as steel jugs or porcelain jugs, which will be in harmony with dinnerware and tableware, complement the general decoration of the space and offer an aesthetic visuality. However, for daily use, plastic jug models, which are sometimes lighter and more resistant to breakage, can be a good choice. Especially in the summer months, refrigerator carafe selections are skilfully used to keep your cold drinks always fresh and cool. Transparent structures easily show how much beverage is left inside, while models with lids provide protection against spillages.

What should be considered when using a jug?

There are various types of jugs for different usage needs, such as steel jug models designed for hot drinks or water jugs and glass jugs ideal for cold drinks. In order to avoid spilling extra liquid during use, carafe models with a wide mouth and ergonomic design should be preferred. Especially for drinks that require mixing, jugs with a wide interior are ideal. 

In terms of user safety, jugs made of break-resistant, safe materials should be prioritised. For homes with children, more break-resistant models such as plastic jugs or acrylic jugs will be suitable. Designs such as cow jugs increase both visuality and ease of use.

If we examine it in terms of design, choosing jugs in tones suitable for the style and colour scheme of your decoration can integrate your kitchen and dining areas. If you have a minimalist decoration, you can choose a glass jug with a simple and modern lid or a jug with a cork lid among the stylish jugs.

If hot drinks will be served, it is important to use models that allow steam to escape or products such as enamelled jugs made of heat-resistant materials. Specially designed options for hot drinks play a key role in preserving flavour and health.

How to clean the jug?

Jug cleaning is of great importance in terms of maintaining the aesthetic appearance and hygienic conditions of your products. Especially products such as lorry jugs or glass jugs with lids, which are used to keep drinks fresh, need to be cleaned regularly to ensure food safety. When washing the lids of your jugs with cork lids, it is necessary to prefer gentle processes to preserve the natural structure of the cork.

Models using materials such as plastic jugs and enamelled jugs are generally more suitable for hand washing. When cleaning such jugs, it is important to avoid detergents containing harsh chemicals to avoid scratching the surface of the material or causing abrasions that can shorten the life of the material. Especially your products with fun designs such as cow jugs can remain like new with gentle washing processes.

Jug models with taps, on the other hand, require special attention to clean the residues accumulated on the inside of the taps. It is important to wash your products with taps thoroughly before and after use in order to maintain the quality of the beverage that will flow through it. Since glass jug models with faucet are generally disassembled, it is possible to clean their parts separately and thus offer a healthier use.

Durable jugs such as metal jugs and steel jugs usually require a less delicate cleaning process. However, regular maintenance with soft cloths and polishers is still recommended to keep them shining. When washing your jugs made of these materials, remember to dry them with a dry cloth against water stains.

What are the dimensions of the jug? How many litres of liquid does it hold?

Starting from 1 litre, which is ideal for personal use, to 5 litres and above for large groups, jugs are designed to meet every requirement. Compact jug designs are available especially for those who want to save space in small kitchens. These designs offer a practical storage solution in your refrigerator by taking up little space. With these stylish jug models in different sizes, you can both store your drinks in style and preserve their freshness.

For party and event organisations, oversized jugs are indispensable when hosting more than one person. Oversized jugs, such as the jug with tap, serve as the perfect beverage station thanks to their practicality and eliminate the need for frequent refills. When determining your kitchen's jug needs, it's important to strike a balance between aesthetics and capacity. You can easily find many options such as thin-waisted glass jug models among IKEA's special collections, and you can buy them for your own home or as a gift.

Fill with water. Overflow with charm.

Nostalgia in a jug. Whether it’s water for the guests or flowers from the garden, the new VARDAGEN jug serves with an old-world charm. Beautiful, versatile, and timeless, it’s more than just glass – it’s a journey back in time.

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IKEA 365+ Series

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In the IKEA 365+ series, you can find everything you need for your table. This jug with a practical cork lid is made of heat-resistant toughened glass. Suitable for both cold and hot drinks. So stylish and so practical, it can be used 365 days a year!

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