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shelving unit, light grey-blue
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magazine file, rattan
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Let’s start with your desk

Transforming your desk into a vanity table for guests is easy. Just take your laptop off the monitor stand and tidy it away underneath. And then take that little mirror – the one you use to check you’re looking great before video meetings – and pop it on top.

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Cut the clutter in style

You can create calm on your desk and around it with small storage accessories that look good, too.

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A big welcome in an easy-change room

What could make your guests feel more appreciated than a little welcome kit on the sofa-bed? Towels, shampoo, some chocolate... And storing duvet cover sets, duvets and pillows in boxes nearby makes it super easy to transform the comfy sofa into a comfy bed and back.

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poster hanger, bamboo
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2-seat sofa, gransel natural
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lace pillow, grey/multicolour
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basket, natural
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background curtain, 1 pair, beige-white
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stepladder, beech
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Soft, fresh bed linen that you and your guests will love

Check out the wide choice of patterns, colours and materials in our range and find your favourites.

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They didn’t pack a charger?

This wireless charger is handy for keeping your work phone charged and great for guests who’ve forgotten their own. It’s easy to place where you need it and the soft textile finish adds to the warm, inviting atmosphere. With the WiFi password in a frame beside it, you have a complete tech support station!

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Easy storage for everyone

Simple ideas like hooks or a bench with storage are easy and affordable ways to take care of guests’ clothes and accessories. And they’re very handy for you as extra storage at other times, too.

Flexible furniture for a room that adapts

Furniture that you can move easily or fold up and put out of the way is great in a multifunctional room. When your guests are tired, you can just wheel away this side table on castors and fold the laptop desk to create more space for opening out the sofa-bed.

Always where you need them

Light and easy to carry or on castors, you can move these flexible pieces of furniture to wherever you want them.

Set the scene for a good night’s sleep

It’s time to open out the sofa into a comfy bed and pull down the blockout blinds so your guests’ can sleep undisturbed by streetlights or early morning sun. And with IKEA smart light bulbs and a remote control, they can dim the lighting to a cosy level and even switch it off without getting out of bed.

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work lamp, dark grey
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single duvet cover sets, white black-check
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single duvet cover sets, light green
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Get inspired by the ideas!

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How to create a homey feeling in the office?

A working environment where people feel at ease is often a productive one. So, how do you optimise co-worker comfort? One answer is to engage and please as many senses as possible. For more hands-on tips, lean back and keep reading.

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