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Those who like to sleep on their backs, those who prefer to sleep sideways or those who sleep hugging their pillows... There is a pillow for everyone. Choose the product that suits you among feather-filled, memory foam or polyester, shaped pillows of different thicknesses and increase your sleep comfort. And don't forget the sheaths made from natural and renewable lyocell.

IKEA pillow models for a comfortable sleep

Designed to improve sleep quality pillow types has many different features and uses. There are models with various contents ranging from orthopaedic models to wool models, silicone models to cotton models. White fabric and white sewing are generally used in pillows where you can see all colour tones. The main purpose of this is that you can use colourful and patterned cases. Used in bedrooms, children's rooms or all other sleeping rooms duvet cover sets, you can also choose white models and colour them with covers in order to use sleeping sets in harmony with each other. The materials used in the design of the models may differ from each other. For healthy and quality sleep, it is absolutely necessary to choose the right models. Especially for those whose neck and spine health is in danger, models with a separate area in the neck section are also at the forefront. Thanks to pillow models , which are both comfortable and practical to use, you will also realise that your sleep is more restful and uninterrupted. At the same time, there are models that help a healthy sleep as well as the aesthetic appearance of the areas used. Colourful and patterned models, square and miniature models can also be used as a decorative product on beds or sofas. Models with neck support are very suitable for people with neck hernia or frequent pain in the neck area. There is a supportive hump on the neck. Silicone models are models filled with silicone inside. They are very soft and allow resting by enclosing the head area. Fibre and cotton models are models that are a little more full and relax both the head and neck area. The various designs also include seating cushions and travel cushions. You can choose these models to be comfortable during sleep and to avoid headaches while travelling. It allows you to fall asleep when you rest your head while sitting upright. They are models that make you feel like you are in your bed.

Quality sleep is an important part that everyone needs to be more active and successful in daily life. To have a quality sleep, the room you sleep in should be dark. You should not spend too much time in the room where you sleep, except for sleep. In order to fall asleep more comfortably, you need to choose the right pillow and quilt that you use outside the room you sleep. Choosing the right product for a sound and comfortable sleep will help you have a better sleep experience. For this, a few simple methods will help you. You can sleep more comfortably and soundly by using quality varieties. Each user has a different preference. While some users prefer low models, some users may prefer high models. If you want to prefer a high structure, your bed should have a hard structure. Since the body and head are less likely to be buried in the mattress in hard mattresses, it will be better for you to choose a large type according to your shoulder opening. Finding the right pillow for your spine health will positively affect your health. Orthopaedic products fill the gaps in your neck. It has an effect that reduces neck pain and calcification. However, it helps you to have a more comfortable sleep. It helps to solve neck pain as well as low back pain. These options, also known as medical, are also recommended by doctors. Eliminates your existing pain by supporting your neck and shoulder muscles. If you constantly have unwanted rotations while sleeping, it accelerates your blood circulation by eliminating these rotations. Visco ones are recommended for pregnant women and users with snoring problems. The position in which you sleep, whether your bed is high or low, the hardness and softness of the bed affect your sleep. Since most people sleep on their side, if you sleep on your side, it would be better to choose according to your shoulder opening. You can eliminate your sleep problems with the help of neck-supported varieties. Thanks to the neck support, you can fall asleep faster and feel refreshed when you wake up.

What should be considered when buying a pillow?

The first point to be considered when choosing a pillow is its compatibility and height to the neck area. The choice of pillow , which is the basis of a painless, light, sweat-free and comfortable sleep, is evaluated according to personal needs or health problems. Drawing attention with its comfortable and breathable structure, goose feather pillow supports both neck and spine health. plush cushion models, which have the feature of keeping warm in winter months, are ideal alternatives not to catch cold. You can improve sleep quality by choosing an orthopaedic pillow suitable for personal tastes, needs and neck structure.

All sleeping materials used for a healthy and extremely high quality sleep are of great importance. Especially the cushion models you use should be of high quality. You can choose the most physically suitable ones for you among the models with many different types. The type, quality and prices of the pillows you will use for a deep and restful sleep without waking up during the night are also very important. By choosing both affordable and high quality models, you will provide the most important part for your sleep. A healthy sleep that allows you to rest during the night is necessary for both physical development and mental development. After sleepless nights, you cannot get efficiency from your working life or daily life and you cannot show efficiency. For this reason, it is important that the pillows you will use are soft models that fully cover the neck, spine and head. White colour tones are generally preferred in models with various colours. In this way, you can put covers with the colours and patterns you want on your pillows. The use of wrong pillows is among the most important causes of neck pain, headaches and especially spinal disorders. The use of high models that are hard, do not fit the neck, and leave the head part above the head can cause sleep disturbance and progression of some diseases over time. In order not to encounter such problems, you can also choose models with high quality materials used in the interior, designed to improve sleep quality and especially models with the highest softness rate. There may be differences between all models in terms of sewing properties, filling properties, colour properties and hardness properties. You can also use special models for each age group by considering these differences.

Models suitable for use throughout the four seasons should be preferred. You can obtain various models such as silicone, cotton, fibre, micro fibre and orthopedic in the most suitable way for your budget. All models are suitable for children, teenagers and adults. You can choose summer and winter varieties according to the season.

Orthopedic pillow models

Among the most used models orthopedic pillow models are included. Channeled tissues are included in orthopaedic models, which have a very important use for both children and adults. It allows you to have a restful sleep by restraining both the neck area and the head area. It has the feature of massaging especially the neck area. While you sleep, the cells in the head and neck area accelerate their regeneration thanks to these pillows. It allows you to sleep by taking the most correct position in your sleep. It prevents you from making a wrong movement or turning your neck quickly. Fibre, micro fibre, cotton and viscose fabrics are used as fabrics. However, it is suitable for everyone. You can choose cotton fabrics in summer and models with thicker fabrics such as micro fibre and fibre in winter. The service life of pillows with orthopaedic structure is also very long. Thanks to its ducted texture, it helps to prevent sweating in summer and cold in winter. Extremely suitable for both supine and side sleeping. In general, bleaching does not occur. also suitable for machine washing at 40 degrees. It is also known that orthopaedic pillows designed using open cell technology provide air flow throughout the night. It has various dimensions. It does not contain any harmful carbon substances.

Pillow models and materials

Silicone models, whose softness is very sensitive, also help you to have a healthy sleep with its inner filling. Various types of fabrics such as velvet, cotton, visco and plush are also used in the outer fabrics of silicone pillows with various sizes such as 40x50, 50x70 and 70x100. The pillows with 100% silicone inner filling can be washed up to 40 degrees. These are the models that use white fabrics so that you do not need to use bleach. They are suitable models for lying on the back, lying on the face and lying on the side. It does not cause neck and headache in any way. They are models that do not disturb your sleep no matter which way you turn during the night. Moreover, the service life of silicone pillows, which are also very affordable, is also long.

A healthy sleep is the most important stage for healthy development. The selected pillows should also be correct. Are you ready for your sleep to be much better quality thanks to cotton pillow models that come into play here? The cushions, which use 100% cotton in the inner filling and 100% cotton fabrics on the outer surfaces, are suitable for four-season use. It allows you to have a comfortable sleep without sweating in summer. In the winter months, it allows you to sleep a warm sleep without getting cold. There are also sizes suitable for all holster models. You can wash these models, which keep their form for a long time, in the machine at 30-40 degrees. They are also suitable for hand washing. In your general cleaning, you can take them out in the sun, ventilate their cotton and make them plump again. the life of cotton pillows that everyone from 7 to 70 can use with peace of mind is also very long. These are the models that have been used for the first time since ancient times. For a good sleep, models containing 100% cotton should be among your preferences.

Bamboo designs are among the models that have left their mark on recent periods and that everyone who uses them continues to use them fondly. It is known that pillows with bamboo fibres in every angle and every channel, from the inner filling to the fabric, provide a strong immune system. Bamboo models, which are often recommended by doctors, contain natural bamboo fibres. Moreover, thanks to its ultra-light structure, you can carry it anywhere you want. You can also use them as travel pillows. They are models that prevent sweating and allow the deepest sleep. Bamboo models, which are also extremely practical to clean, have a high moisture absorption feature. It keeps its form for a long time and the filling does not melt easily. It allows sleep in a balanced position, uninterrupted and comfortable sleep. the air flow of the pillows designed using 100% bamboo fibres is also quite high. Thanks to its natural channels, it allows the head and neck area to breathe throughout the night. It also has various patterns thanks to its soft surfaces. You can also use colourful and patterned models as decorative products on the beds. Some models also contain 20% bamboo and 80% silicone. You can say hello to healthy sleep by choosing the most suitable ones for your budget.

Among the models used both for sleep and as a decorative product plush pillow models are included. You can colour both your beds and armchairs and sofas with plush models that are very cute and soft to use. You can also see cute animal characters in plush models with various colours and patterns. There are thousands of designs suitable for use in children's rooms, adult rooms and youth rooms. You can use it in a long-lasting way by choosing the size you want in various sizes. washable up to 30 degrees in delicate programmes, plush models do not wrinkle or deteriorate as a result of washing. The fabrics used are carefully selected. Pillows have a separate fabric on the inside. The outer parts are completely plush fabrics. You can find all kinds of plush models from floral patterns to animal patterns, from rectangular patterns to square patterns. While using classic designs in bedrooms, you can use animal designs in children's rooms. You can use floral and character designs in living rooms in various ways, just like cushion models. You can also find hard and soft plush pillows with different filling materials according to preference.

How to use the pillow?

Pillow models of different hardness and materials should be preferred for those sleeping on their backs, faces and sides. It should be used by placing it under the head to avoid neck and headaches, to increase the depth of sleep and to protect the health of the spine. Care should also be taken to regularly clean the pillows that should be placed in the head and neck area in the correct proportion. In this way, you can continue to use your pillows in a long-lasting way. You should know that all pillows, whether silicone, orthopaedic or cotton, are suitable for all age groups from seven to seventy. However, in order to buy the most suitable models for the age group, you should pay attention to the dimensions of models such as square and rectangular. When you want to buy lumbar and sitting cushions, you should consider the degree of hardness. When you consider all these tips, the use of pillows becomes much more practical. Thus, you will not have any problems both during use and cleaning stages.

When sleeping, it is important to have a comfortable and deep sleep as well as a clean but also quality sleep set. The duvets, duvet covers and pillowcases you use while sleeping get dirty over time. They should be replaced every fortnight at most. With antibacterial models, you can sleep comfortably while sleeping and protect yourself from bacteria with a cleaner variety. Pillows that you will use for at least two years in a normal order are the types that you can use for two years. You can safely use antibacterial pillow models for a long time. You may need to use specially produced antibacterial products due to some health problems. Some of them are produced for neck hernia, especially for users with neck hernia. It provides maximum comfort with high density elasticity and flexibility. It is designed to be sensitive to body temperature and human weight. It reduces the possibility of pain by supporting your neck muscles. Pillow types that minimise the pressure on the neck during lying down are pleasing in every sense. It is an orthopaedic product that helps to improve blood circulation. Pillow for neck flattening such as cervical hernia is specially produced for users with flattening in the neck area. With this product, it fills the empty area in your neck and accelerates the blood flow in that area. It helps to reduce your pain. You can easily wash it whenever you want with its zip opening cover. For a comfortable and sound sleep, you need to have environmental factors that will help you sleep. You can use those with a soft structure such as goose feather pillow . The outer covering is produced with one hundred per cent cotton. So it's lint-proof. after washing at 30 degrees, you can dry it with the help of a tumble dryer. Goose feather prices may vary according to the set and dimensions. You can choose the most suitable model for your needs among large and small sizes. It is a product that you can call a comfortable pillow. Moisture and oil repellent. Long life, light weight and high heat preservation power. It balances your body temperature by absorbing excess moisture. Does not harbour dust and bacteria. It has an odourless feature. When buying a product, the pillow is one of the most recommended options for users who want advice. It is an opportunity you can use for a comfortable and sound sleep.

What are the non-sweating pillow models?

Non-sweating pillow models can be used in a healthy way for four seasons. After choosing a pillow model compatible with the neck area, the right choice should be made in the sheath area of the product. Cases made of wool knitted fabric, combined with internal materials that provide air circulation, create healthy products that do not sweat. Knitted sheaths can be used comfortably in all seasons when the models manufactured with a large proportion of wool come together. Visco designs, which promise suitable temperature in winter months, are products that support the neck by taking the appropriate shape with head weight. Silk-filled products specially produced for those who are comfortable with soft pillows have a very low sweating rate. Down and cotton-filled products are also notable for their low level of perspiration. Visco pillows with gel are special models that are evaluated in case of excessive sweating. Gel products, which are popular in hot regions and those who face the problem of sweating, are pleasing with the coolness they offer. You can have a pleasant experience by having orthopedic pillow models produced with heat and moisture balancing materials.

Ergonomic pillow models

Pillow brands produce ergonomic pillows that are especially recommended for users suffering from neck and back pain. These types are divided into two as visco and latex pillows. It has a shape and structure that is sensitive to heat and fills the gaps between your neck and your mattress. Filled pillows provide direct support by taking the shape of your head and neck with its memory foam feature. It is one of the most recommended types recommended by doctors to users with complaints such as neck and back pain. In addition to their heat-sensitive structure, these varieties also have antibacterial properties. It does not harbour moisture. It traps dirt, bacteria and germs by capturing them. This product, which we can also call as non-sweating pillow , is a knitted fabric product that does not sweat and does not catch cold. It prevents sweating and keeps cool in summer and warm in winter. With its natural wool fabric, it offers you comfort with orthopedic visco pillow inner comfort while you sleep. Filling models, which are softer and similar to orthopedic varieties, remove sweat from your body. with the help of 300-threaded tightly woven cotton fabric and the organic cotton filling inside, it helps you sleep cool and comfortable throughout the night. Combining softness with lasting comfort, this variety is specially designed. You can buy the most suitable type for yourself among many product options such as single and double models. It allows you to sleep anywhere at any time with its round different sizes that you can use for a short sleep in the office. You can use it not only in the office but also in camping without overloading with this option.

What is the importance of using a pillow with neck support?

The use of a pillow with neck support helps to eliminate problems such as headache, neck hernia and pain, spinal pain. Orthopedic neck pillow models are specially designed to be used comfortably with different muscles and joints of your neck. It ensures that the neck area is placed in the ideal position. It prevents the neck from being high or low. Thus, it allows you to take a position exactly in accordance with your physique. The neck pillow also prevents neck injuries by preventing the movement of your neck during sleep if you have to sleep in a place other than a bed, for example on a plane or in a car. Thus, such mobile pillows, also referred to as cervical hernia pillows, not only help during the disease, but also work to prevent the disease and injuries.

What is the importance of using a lumbar support pillow?

In addition to sitting and sleeping pillows, lumbar pillow models are also available. These models, which are very important for protecting waist health, are also known as therapy pillows. It has a structure that supports the waist area. The lumbar support cushion offers perfect support to the body. It is also known that waist pillows, which are generally designed using velour fabrics, are suitable for use everywhere. They are models that you can use whether you are travelling, driving or working. It has a support section that fits well in the waist area. Thanks to its removable cover feature, it allows you to attach covers in the colours and patterns you wish. washable at 30 degrees, these models are also ideal in size. it is suitable for everyone from 7 to 70. Moreover, it accelerates blood circulation thanks to its natural and environmentally friendly sponges. Thanks to the heat adjustment, it also prevents cold in the waist area. It accelerates blood circulation in the veins located in the waist.

There are many options that help you have a comfortable sleep, as well as those produced for orthopaedic and neck. The bamboo pillow , which you can use for a long time with its easy and washable structure, helps you to have a comfortable sleep thanks to its visco sponge blended inner filling. It is very suitable for users who like to sleep face down with its soft structure. When sleeping face down, it is important to use soft-structured varieties. It is ideal for a quality sleep by keeping your shoulder straight without lifting your head too much. Prices of bamboo productions may vary as 2-pack and single pack. However, you can choose the most suitable model for yourself among the product options suitable for every budget. You can help your guests sleep comfortably with silicone pillow, which can be easily washed. You can wash it whenever you want thanks to its washing machine washable feature. Thanks to its soft structure, it provides a sound sleep experience. It has a light structure. Similar to silicone pillow models, fiber pillows are easy to wash and are soft. Suitable for special use for your guests. Wool models, another type of pillow, have a harder structure than other products. If you like to sleep on your back, soft structured products will not be right for you. At the same time, high models are also not suitable for you. When lying on your back, using high-built ones brings your chin closer to your chest and distorts the shape of your spine. In order to prevent this, you can choose hard varieties with a woolly structure. It has a structure that is both suitable for the structure of your bed and directly proportional to the rate of embedding in your bed. Pillow sizes It will be more beneficial to make a careful choice about pillow sizes and buy a suitable size according to your shoulder width. Wool models are a type that was widely used in ancient times and is still in use. It offers you a sound sleep experience with its healthy structure. Wool pillow prices may vary as sets and single models.

How to clean the pillow?

You can clean the cushions that are suitable for machine washing by washing them in the machine at 30 degrees. You can wash the models suitable for hand washing by hand brushing or you can choose dry cleaning. the models obtained by using 100% cotton or silicone are also easy to clean. They are machine washable. In anti-allergic pillow models, micro fibre and anti-allergic fabrics are used on the outer surfaces of the models that do not compromise on quality. These fabrics prevent you from sweating in your sleep and do not retain dirt and stains for a long time.

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