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white frame, white 179 Add to Basket


throw, yellow-beige 899 Add to Basket


lace pillow cover, grey-green 199 Add to Basket

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mug set, glass 259 Add to Basket


armchair, samsala grey-beige 11,800 Add to Basket
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Have a comfort zone at the ready

Integrate a lounging area (or several) as an active part of the working day. For relaxing and socialising, naturally, but also as an alternative workspace. Don’t be shy. Pile up on textiles, colours, soft materials. Decorate and arrange for variable lighting.

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Hang these lookers on your wall

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wall lamp, white 1,899 Add to Basket


poster hanger, bamboo 349 Add to Basket


white frame, white 899 Add to Basket

Furnish with art and sound

Designate areas, like this wall, where creative expression is the norm. The more, the better. If you have many pieces, use placement to create visual harmony. Done right, a TV screen and a WiFi speaker (if it’s already decorated, even better) become one with the soothing motifs.

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decoration, cactus 699 Add to Basket


glass vase, green 749 Add to Basket


Open Shelving Unit, white stained oak effect 5,499 Add to Basket


glass vase set, glass 549 Add to Basket


decorative bowl, brass colour 749 649 Add to Basket


basket, rattan 849 Add to Basket

Add functional mood setters

Beautify your office furniture! Most pieces can be decorated and still perform other tasks. This double-working room divider is a pleasing view in all directions. The office-facing side slightly more work-oriented, the other hinting at more relaxed activities. Can you feel the calm spreading?

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Go green

This is an easy one, but oh-so effective. Fill your office with showstopping bouquets, beautiful vases and plant pots aplenty. For spaces with limited daylight or if you want to minimise maintenance – create a garden of artificial plants. Greenery in all its forms promotes well-being, so let it sprout freely.

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room divider, rattan 6,399 Add to Basket
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mug, white 59.99 Add to Basket


coffee table, oak veneer 3,399 Add to Basket
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table lamp, beige 599 Add to Basket


bamboo plant pot, bamboo 349 Add to Basket


decorative lighting, white 1,699 Add to Basket

Place your oases here


corner bookcase, white 12,786 Add to Basket


basket, rattan 1,299 Add to Basket


blackout curtain, beige 3,799 Add to Basket
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floor lamp, white 3,299 Add to Basket


side table, light grey-green 1,399 Add to Basket

Read the room

Provide a space devoted to deep thought, concentrated calm or just a few moments of seclusion. Whether it's furnished with bookcases, draping textiles or other, it can do wonders for the overall harmony of a workplace.

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hanging planter, white 469 Add to Basket


basket, rattan 849 Add to Basket


lace pillow cover, grey-green 359 Add to Basket
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bar table, birch 9,399 Add to Basket

Delay going home

Aim to create an atmosphere where co-workers arrive with a genuine smile. One where the same people willingly stay after hours every now and then. Not for extra work, but for quality of life. Which is a win-win all-round. After all, what’s good for people tends to also be good for business.

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6 ideas for optimising a hybrid workplace

The office as we know it is changing. New commuting patterns, remote work, and different time and space requirements call for a more flexible approach. Here, we list our top tips for how you set up workspaces that adapt to anything and everything in these work-where-you-are times.

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