Wooden Chairs

Get ready to discover the IKEA wooden chair collection that captures the spirit of the times and offers quality and comfort together. IKEA offers elegant and durable wooden chair models that will fit into every corner of your home. Detailed designs and aesthetic lines are among the prominent features for chair models. Each of our wooden chairs is designed to prioritise durability, functionality and ease of use beyond mere appearance. We aim to add naturalness and elegance to your interiors with our wooden chair options in many different styles, from Scandinavian style dominated by minimalist lines to classic and rustic touches.

Our collection, which can adapt to many different living spaces, allows you to create comfortable seating areas in both home and office environments. As IKEA, we develop wooden chair models that will create integrity in your spaces and harmonise with each other. Our options include designs that emphasise the natural texture and warmth of the material, and wooden chair alternatives that stand out with their modern and innovative lines. Whether you prefer a traditional look or are looking for a suitable option for your rooms decorated with modern touches, IKEA's wooden chair models accompany you with a variety that appeals to different needs and aesthetic sensibilities.

Each model is not only long-lasting thanks to the quality and workmanship of the material used, but also makes a difference with its performance in daily use. You can find a suitable wooden chair for every environment from crowded dinners in your living room to morning breakfasts, from garden parties to office meetings. The comfort of use is also prioritised with wooden chair models that offer a perfect design line with their curved back designs, wide seating and arms.

While complementing your home decoration with an elegant and warm atmosphere, we offer ideal options for homeowners who care about their style thanks to IKEA's various and functional wooden chair models. Precisely treated wood structure, high quality lacquers and robust fasteners make each wooden chair an aesthetic and useful piece. You can find designs that will make your life easier with aesthetic and functional wooden chair options suitable for every lifestyle and space, whether for families with children or individuals living alone.

These chairs, which attract attention with their aesthetic stance, can be included in any interior design, either alone or as a wooden chair set. For those who want to achieve a sophisticated look, our original designs are aesthetic elements that will increase the ambience of your space. Our chairs will be complementary and prominent parts of your home decoration thanks to their wide colour palette, weaving options in different styles and structures that can be easily personalised with accessories. IKEA's wooden chair models allow you to add elegance, comfort and functionality to your living spaces while freeing your creativity to create your own home.

Wooden chair models

You can find the ideal wooden chair for your home or workplace with our variety suitable for every taste and space. From contemporary designs to traditional forms, our wide range includes white wooden chairs, options with wooden chair cushions and armrest chair designs that prioritise comfort. To complete the decoration of your home, we offer a wide range of wooden chair models from classic to modern, from rustic to minimalist designs. These models are ideal for creating both a functional and aesthetic ambience as they are designed to adapt to different dining table models, different lifestyles and seating arrangements.

These wooden chairs, which can become a complete part of the decoration, are offered in different colours and patterns to reflect the character of your space. For those who prefer authentic wood tones, there are dark wood colours such as walnut, oak and pine; for those who are after a lighter ambience, there are light colour options that reveal the natural texture of the wood. In addition, modern and minimalist designs include simple and timeless wooden chairs with clean lines. These are especially preferred in contemporary and minimalist interior designs, creating a sophisticated atmosphere.

This range of wooden chairs, which have been carefully handled in terms of comfort and durability, also includes options that are suitable for work areas that require long sitting thanks to their ergonomic structures. Especially wooden bar chairs or high bench models offer ideal solutions for creating a comfortable and stylish seating area. When reorganising your office or home office, these chairs, which combine functionality and aesthetics, will add a different perspective to your space.

These chairs, each of which is a separate example of craftsmanship, can also be considered as a reflection of superior craftsmanship. Handcrafted wooden chair models attract attention especially with carving details and unique finishes, while the high quality wood material used promises to maintain its durability for many years. A variety of chairs that will impress you not only with their appearance but also with their functional aspects, also have the feature of being personalised with various accessories.

In our wooden chair collection, where each model stands out with a unique charisma, there is a wide spectrum from industrial designs to vintage-inspired pieces. While these chairs are highly functional with their durability and quality, they manage to create a dominant effect in your decoration with their designs. So whether you use them in your relaxation area, study room or dining area, these wooden chairs have the power to add a unique personality to your space.

Thanks to the wooden chair cushion you will prefer, you can personalise your comfort, and you can have a supported seating experience with armrest chair options. Whether you have a modern or classic interior design, the wooden chair models offered by IKEA can be shaped according to your lifestyle and add originality to your space. Each elegant silhouette and quality construction is perfectly matched to meet the needs of any space.

Uses for wooden chairs

Our wooden chair options, which give a unique look to all kinds of spaces, also attract attention with their functionality. Reflect your style with our wooden chairs, whether for a stylish lounge that welcomes guests on special occasions or for a practical and comfortable study room for daily use. You can add dynamism by using wooden bar chairs in areas with a modern decoration or you can choose our rattan chair models with rattan details for an authentic atmosphere.

From game rooms to cafe corners, we have wooden chair models suitable for the purpose and aesthetics of every space. We help you create a fun and safe environment by offering colourful chair options especially for children's rooms. Long working hours become more enjoyable thanks to our chair designs with armrests that combine elegance and comfort for meeting rooms in offices.

Wooden chair models to be selected to offer a comfortable and pleasant environment to visitors in restaurants or cafes reflect the style and quality of the businesses. The chair preferences in the waiting areas or lobby appeal to customers looking for luxury and comfort, while at the same time promising durability. With our wooden chairs designed for outdoor use, you can create a stylish and comfortable space intertwined with nature in your garden and terrace areas.

With our cushioned chair models suitable for use anywhere in your home, you can create a comfortable resting area in your living room, bedroom or foyer and add a decorative touch. Each of our chairs is meticulously designed and manufactured to satisfy you in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Thanks to the flexible and versatile features in IKEA's wooden chair collection, you can find an ideal solution for every corner of your living space.

Wooden chairs for your kitchen table

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home, and the comfort and aesthetics of the time spent here are especially important. Whether you have a modern, classic or rustic kitchen design, the wooden chair options offered by IKEA adapt to the needs of this area. The seating arrangement around your kitchen table will function as the epicentre of pleasant and comfortable conversations for you and your guests. For this reason, each wooden chair model should not only be aesthetic, but also comply with ergonomics and comfort standards.

A good kitchen chair should be suitable for daily use, easy to clean, resistant to food stains and made of quality material. When choosing among the designs that reflect you and your family, you should also consider the harmony of the chairs with your kitchen table. You can bring the natural texture and warmth of wood to your kitchen table with IKEA's wooden chair models blended with elegance.

Chairs that integrate with the table should provide comfort for other activities in the kitchen as well as eating. There should be chairs that will give you a good start to the day during breakfast, support you while doing homework or managing your household chores. IKEA's extensive collection includes products in different shades, including the white wooden chair, each of which is made with detailed craftsmanship and available in a range of colours.

Think about how much space the chairs take up in the kitchen and how to organise them. IKEA offers a wide range of wooden chair designs, including space-saving models that can be easily stacked if necessary. So you can store your chairs in a practical way when not in use.

Our chair models suitable for the structure and dimensions of your kitchen table are meticulously designed to meet your expectations of practicality and aesthetics. Minimalist and functional designs are ideal for small kitchen tables, while larger and remarkable chairs are ideal for large kitchen tables. You can browse IKEA's wide range of products to find wooden chairs to match your kitchen table.

What to look for when buying a wooden chair?

When choosing a wooden chair, strength and durability are as important as aesthetics and functionality. Prioritising models with high-quality fasteners and reinforced joints that support the structural integrity of the chair will ensure that you make an investment that will require less maintenance in the long term and will accompany you for many years. The wooden chair models you use should be in aesthetic harmony and their suitability to the theme or decoration style you choose should not be ignored.

The choice of quality material is one of the most important elements you should pay attention to when buying a wooden chair. Learning what type of wood the chair is made of can give you important information about the product's resistance to external factors such as moisture, heat and how it will perform in long-term use. In addition, the surface treatment and varnish quality of your chair also determines how it will provide protection against scratches, stains and water damage that you may encounter in daily use.

In terms of design features, great importance should be given to the ergonomics and comfort of the chair. When you sit for a long time, designs that support your body and will not cause back pain should be preferred. In addition, you should evaluate the chairs with or without wooden chair cushions according to your comfort preferences. Cushioned chairs provide extra comfort, especially for long sessions.

Another point to be considered is the style and colour options of the chair. Especially light tones such as white wooden chairs can make small spaces look more spacious, while dark coloured wooden chairs can create a more dramatic and stylish atmosphere. When choosing among different types of products such as armrest chairs or wooden bar chairs, it is advantageous to choose the one suitable for the needs of the area where it is located.

It will be useful to consider environmental factors when choosing a wooden chair. Chairs produced using wood obtained from sustainable forest management can be an important reason for preference for environmentally conscious consumers. Choosing the most suitable chair for your lifestyle by examining practical aspects such as ease of assembly and maintenance processes will guarantee your satisfaction.

Choosing a wooden chair made of quality material that suits your personal taste, the needs of the space and your style is important in terms of durability and longevity as well as aesthetics and comfort. IKEA helps you add value to your home by offering you all these features.

Which woods are used in the production of wooden chairs?

The choice of wood species used in the production of wooden chairs has a significant impact on the aesthetics, strength and durability of the product. Oak, oak wood, is preferred in many wooden chair models with its high degree of hardness and remarkable grain structure. Pin, i.e. pine wood, is frequently used especially in modern designs because it is light and easy to process. Beech wood, on the other hand, has a wide usage area among classic and contemporary wooden chair models thanks to its colour tone and workable structure.

Walnut, or walnut wood, is used in the creation of luxurious and elegant wooden chair products with its warm colour tones and unique texture. Walnut, which is a durable and heavy material, is an ideal choice especially for dining rooms and classic spaces. Maple, with its glossy and homogeneous structure, is especially preferred for light-coloured chairs, as this type of wood provides a smooth finish and a sophisticated look.

Teak, or teak, with its golden hues and resistance to water, is a particularly valuable species for making outdoor wooden chairs. An excellent option for long-term use, teak has a structure that shows superior resistance to humid and variable outdoor conditions. With its brown tones and unique patterns, it can add an extraordinary atmosphere to your outdoor spaces.

Environmentally friendly options include trees from FSC-certified forests. Thanks to sustainable forestry practices, these wood materials are the products of an ethical and responsible production process in harmony with nature. IKEA cares about offering wooden chair models made from this type of wood for environmentally conscious consumers.

The types of wood used also allow for different painting and polishing techniques. This means that wooden chairs can be presented in a wide range of colours, from dark and rich tones to natural and light colours. In addition to the choice of material, production techniques and surface treatments contribute to the aesthetic and functional properties of the products, making your chairs longer lasting and more functional.

Considering the characteristics of your preferred wood species before purchasing a wooden chair will help you choose a product that will serve you for many years and offer you quality and comfort together. IKEA has a large collection of wooden chairs made from different types of wood, so you can be sure that you can find a model in every type and style you are looking for.

With options for every budget and every taste, IKEA offers a wide range of wooden chairs from simple to luxurious, from sustainable materials to exotic wood species, offering designs that combine durability and aesthetics without compromising on quality. You can check IKEA's wide range of products for original and permanent wooden chair models and other home furniture.

Vintage vibes, modern comfort

Looking for a chair with a timeless and nostalgic charm? Look no further than the new SKOGSTA chair. The eye-catching spindle back adds a traditional touch, while the acacia brings quality and warmth to your dining space.

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