Upholstered chairs

Upholstered chair models, one of the indispensable elements of every dining room and workspace, offer comfort and elegance together. The rich collection of upholstered chair models includes alternatives to suit every style and budget. Thanks to IKEA's specially designed wooden upholstered chairs and leather upholstered chairs, you can find models that appeal to different needs and tastes. Fabric upholstered chairs and cross upholstered chairs are also available. While these products offer ideal comfort and support for daily use, they also add an aesthetic touch to your living spaces visually.

While ergonomics and comfort are prioritised in work areas, wooden upholstered chair options stand out with their durability and durability. Designed for intensive use, these chairs provide comfort in long-term sessions and complement your office decoration with a stylish appearance. You can bring the warmth and naturalness of wood to your spaces with colour and texture options.

Leather upholstered chair models are an ideal choice for an elegant touch. Leather chairs, which are easy to clean and have a timeless appearance, meet high quality and design standards. Leather gains character by undergoing a natural wear process called patina during the period of use, which allows each chair to become unique over time.

Focusing on comfort and ergonomics, our team aims to offer products that users can use for a long time and with satisfaction by using chair upholstery materials that stand out with their uncompromising quality. The use of environmentally friendly materials and materials from sustainable sources also reflects the importance given to environmental awareness.

In order to appeal to the personal tastes of users, there are also fabric upholstered chair alternatives customised with more than one fabric type. The products offered with various fabric and pattern options are designed with practical features such as durability and easy cleaning. In this way, users can easily integrate the style and comfort they want into their living spaces.

The collections, which attract attention with innovative and functional designs, also gain the appreciation of their users with original designs such as cross upholstered chairs. Such original furniture stands out as both a functional and decorative element for modern living spaces. Stylish stitching details and diagonal forms give your chairs a characteristic look and enrich the atmosphere of your home.

ÖSTANÖ upholstered chair model reflects a different design approach. ÖSTANÖ collection has ideal qualities to adapt to modern living spaces with its stylish and minimalist designs. This model stands out as one of the products that combines functionality, comfort and aesthetics in the best way.

Upholstered chair models

When choosing among modern and aesthetic upholstered chair models, you can browse different categories such as chairs with armrests, leather chairs and chair sets. These chairs are designed to suit a variety of lifestyles, both functionally and aesthetically.

Each upholstered chair design is carefully crafted for maximum comfort and durability. The Scandinavian style chair collection includes a wide range of products, from modern pieces with elegant lines to classic designs. These models can add originality and individuality to any corner of your home or office.

Offering flexibility of use, fabric upholstered chair options offer a warm touch to your space with their colour and texture. Leather upholstered chair models attract attention with their easy cleanability and stylish appearance. For those looking for a more rustic style, wood upholstered chair alternatives offer the warmth and durability of natural wood.

Especially models with different patterns and weaving techniques, such as cross upholstered chairs and ÖSTANÖ upholstered chairs, emphasise the design with remarkable details. These chairs aesthetically complement your commercial spaces such as offices, cafes or restaurants.

Your choice of chairs that give identity and add a special atmosphere to the space is made easier thanks to the collection presented using carefully selected colours and various chair upholstery materials.

In the upholstered chair collection, which offers options suitable for varying lifestyles, there are unique models and designs that appeal to every taste, from minimalist to luxury, from traditional styles to avant-garde. These models, which provide both personalised comfort and contribute to the overall aesthetics of the space, are developed by our expert design team with every detail in mind. The choice you make about these chairs becomes an investment that improves your quality of life.

With different price points and various style alternatives, IKEA aims to offer an upholstered chair model suitable for every budget and every home while working on this collection. These options range from affordable products to luxury and special edition pieces.

Whether you have a modern or classic decor, the upholstered chair collection offers a wide range of products to offer you the features and elegance you are looking for.

Upholstered chair features

Our upholstered chair products with superior qualities bring a new breath to your conventional chair understanding. Each of them is produced using carefully selected chair upholstery materials within the framework of quality and aesthetic standards meticulously determined by expert designers. Designed to ensure your comfort even during all-day use, these models attract attention with their ergonomic structures. High backrests that support you, soft but durable upholstery materials and designs that adapt to your body curves ensure your comfort even during long sessions.

When you prefer a fabric upholstered chair, you can benefit from fabrics that give a feeling of warmth with their touch. Our fabric options are equipped with stain-resistant and easy-to-clean properties, so they easily meet active lifestyles. Alternatively, our leather upholstered chair models, which create a strong and sophisticated impression, offer luxury and durability at the same time. Wooden upholstered chair options bring the warmth and solid structure of natural wood tones to your living spaces.

For those who do not want to compromise on style in chair selection, there are also cross upholstered chair models among our varieties adorned with minimalist and modern lines. These chairs prioritise aesthetics with their geometric forms and stylish designs. ÖSTANÖ upholstered chair, one of our special series, offers a unique seating experience designed with every detail in mind.

For our users who care about both aesthetics and functionality, our chairs are equipped with features such as adjustable height, comfort and orthopaedic support. Thanks to their structures that can be adjusted according to different needs and body types, they respond to your personalisation needs. Various frame structures such as plastic, metal or wood cover our chairs, which have a high capacity to adapt to different weights and usage conditions. Each upholstered chair model has been successfully tested for durability and robustness and is designed for long-lasting use.

A good, upholstered chair is not only responsible for comfort and functionality, but also for contributing to the aesthetics of the space in which it is used. For this reason, modern chair collections allow you to personalise your spaces by adapting to the decoration of your living spaces with their timeless designs. Our colour and pattern options reflect current trends while easily integrating into the overall design language of your space.

Upholstered chair usage areas

You can find decorative and practical solutions where design meets functionality with options such as ÖSTANÖ upholstered chairs that complement the aesthetics of home and office spaces. Not just for traditional dining rooms, upholstered chairs can be used for a stylish and cosy reading corner or to welcome guests in an impressive lobby. IKEA's upholstered chairs can be found in residential and public spaces, and even in outdoor areas. The choice of materials and colours available to you also adapts to any environment. Fabric chair models that appeal to every taste and prioritise quality and comfort for both modern and classic style spaces, offer you a wide perspective in your furniture choices.

The most important factor determining the usage area of an upholstered chair is its functionality. Robust, useful and aesthetic chairs with armrests can combine comfort and elegance in different areas such as dining room, study room, lobby area for waiting or cafe. Among the upholstered chair options, there is a model suitable for everyone's personal preference and usage needs. A wide range is offered, from light and portable options for outdoor activities to heavy and luxuriously designed models for a more formal environment.

Upholstered chairs, which are both durable and decorative, are produced with an innovative design approach, always taking into account high comfort and aesthetic concerns. In this way, whether you have a modern workspace or want to update your dining room, you can find upholstered chairs in the quality and style you are looking for. Child-friendly and easy-to-clean materials allow you to use your chairs in family-friendly spaces, especially as high chairs, without any problems.

Upholstered chairs, which offer a combination of functionality and style in your furniture choices, are among the best choices for the comfort and comfort of your employees in your office areas as well as for the health and happiness of your family at home. These chairs, which stand out with their rich colour and pattern options, ease of use and ergonomic designs, are ideal for providing the aesthetics and comfort you need in all kinds of usage areas.

How to clean upholstered chairs?

The cleaning process of the chairs varies according to the upholstery material used. Leather upholstered chair options attract attention with their stain-resistant properties and easy-to-wipe structure, while fabric upholstered chair models may require special cleaning products depending on the type of fabric. If you have quality chair upholstery, applying cleaning with the right methods will extend the life of the product and preserve its beauty.

Before starting the cleaning process, make sure you have the products and equipment suitable for cleaning upholstery. Cleaners used for leather may not be suitable for fabric and cleaning solutions developed for fabrics may damage leather. Therefore, products specific to the surface type should be preferred.

To remove light stains and dust, it is sufficient to wipe the surface of the chairs regularly using a soft cloth or brush. Water-based stain removers and mild detergent solutions provide a suitable cleaning for most fabric upholstered chairs, while pH-balanced, specially formulated leather cleaners should be used for leather surfaces.

During stain removal, it is important to squeeze the cleaning solution onto a clean cloth and gently touch it to the chair surface and scrape it off without rubbing, rather than applying it directly to the stain. Abrasive cleaners and very hard brushes damage the surface of the upholstery, so this type of material should be avoided.

When vacuum cleaning, it is recommended to use a low power setting and to move gently over the upholstery. This is particularly effective in removing dust and small particles. After cleaning, make sure that the chair is thoroughly dry to ensure that no moisture remains in the upholstery, especially in humid climates or with fabric upholstery.

It is helpful to review the cleaning instructions for your chair before starting any cleaning process. Specific care and cleaning instructions are usually provided for each product. This information contains all the necessary details for you to take the most appropriate care for the material properties of your chair.

Things to consider when buying an upholstered chair

In order to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of your homes and offices, you should choose your upholstered chair carefully. Within the wide range of products, alternatives suitable for body ergonomics are offered. Upholstered chair models, which offer unique designs and comfort together, have a structure that will support you even during your long-term sessions.

First of all, make sure that your chair is compatible with the general decoration style of the place where it will be used. While chair models with simpler and modern lines are preferred for a minimalist environment, more flashy and detailed products will be suitable for a classic or avant-garde room layout. Wooden upholstered chair, leather upholstered chair and fabric upholstered chair options have the power to transform even an ordinary room.

It is important that the product you choose serves your intended use. For example, dining room chairs for a dining room should prioritise features such as comfort and easy cleaning, while models that offer ergonomics and correct posture support for a workspace should be prioritised.

A high quality upholstered chair can maintain its first-day aesthetics and comfort for many years. For this reason, in your purchase, you should prefer products with durable chair upholstery materials that comply with quality standards. With high quality materials, you can safely use chair models that will both meet the needs of your home and guarantee long-lasting use.

Ease of maintenance and cleaning of chairs is also an important issue. It would be logical to choose leather upholstered chairs or fabric upholstered chairs that can be easily cleaned especially in frequently used areas and whose maintenance will extend the life of the product. The quality of the product should offer practical solutions that make your life easier by combining with covers and surfaces designed for easy cleaning of your chairs.

Choosing chairs in sizes suitable for the width of your space and your intended use helps you create more organised and functional spaces. For a minimalist living space, models that do not take up much space but do not compromise on comfort can be found in the innovative cross upholstered chair and ÖSTANÖ upholstered chair product groups.

The comfort level of a chair is one of the most important factors that will contribute to the length of sitting time. With this in mind, our designers carefully design and develop upholstered chair models that enable adjustments in important measurements such as chair height and depth, suitable for various body types and providing long-term comfort.

Acting with sensitivity to the economy and the environment, IKEA offers an environmentally friendly choice and guarantees long-lasting product use with upholstered chair models produced with materials obtained from sustainable sources.

IKEA, where you can find the most suitable upholstered chair options for your needs at a single address, offers you everything you need to create comfortable and stylish spaces with products that combine ergonomics and design without sacrificing quality. Choosing the right chair means permanent comfort and satisfaction.

In addition to the chair model you choose to harmonise with the general aesthetics of your space, it is also important that it is suitable for your general lifestyle and budget. A choice made by considering the balance of quality and price will provide you with a sustainable quality understanding in the long term.

Drawing attention with its wide product offerings, IKEA's chair sets category includes upholstered chair models that appeal to every taste and budget. Offering a user-friendly shopping experience as well as comfort, durability and aesthetics, IKEA will not leave you alone in your choice of upholstered chairs. While browsing the collections, you can discover quality and stylish upholstered chair models suitable for all your needs and turn your living spaces into comfort centres.

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