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Do you have too many shoes? Can't find a place to put them? If your answer is "yes", you can find suitable storage solutions for shoe collectors, colourful sportsmen and anyone looking for more space for their shoes in this category. You can browse different sizes and types of shoe boxes, shoe organisers made of different materials and shoe tray options as an alternative solution.

Shoe boxes models

Shoe boxes allow you to store your shoes in a clean and organised way. Thanks to shoe organisers, you can stack your shoes on top of each other and save space in the shoe cabinets in the foyer or in the wardrobe. You can store the shoes you wear daily and in good weather, such as sports shoes, high heels or ballet flats, in your wardrobes thanks to different shoe organiser models. We also have a shoe racks with 16 pockets, enough space for shoes and small items and can be easily hung on a hook or clothes rail, adjustable in length and made of recycled polyester. Large and dirty shoes such as boots, boots and boots can be organised by placing them in shoe trays in your training room or hallway and protect your home and floors from dirt, sand and stones with the shoe tray.

Some shoes are beautiful enough to be proudly displayed or valuable enough to remind us of a sweet memory. Thanks to the transparent shoe boxes, you can display these shoes in your dressing room, bedroom or anywhere in the house. For example, does your child have a valuable shoe from their childhood? With a minimally designed shoe box model, you can display this shoe in a clean and beautiful way and turn a beautiful memory into a decoration object.

At the same time, you can also save space by stacking the shoe boxes designed with transparent compartments so that you can easily find the shoes you are looking for. The lids of some of our shoe box models are not on the top, but on the front. In this way, you can take the shoes you choose only with your eyes without removing the other boxes. Another form of storage can be shoe organisers, whose top shelf can be adjusted to 3 different heights to fit everything from sandals to high trainers, so you can fit twice as many shoes in the same space.

As with organising solutions in all areas of the home, plastic can be a durable material that can be used in shoe boxes and organisers, allowing you to keep your shoes spotlessly clean and making sure that dust and dirt from your shoes do not spread throughout the house. For this reason, you can safely use plastic shoe boxes whether in wardrobes, dresser drawers or shelves in your bedroom; or in shoe cabinets in your vestibules and storage rooms. Metal shoe racks, on the other hand, can give an industrial and modern atmosphere to your space not only with their durability and usefulness, but also with their design.

You can choose to use the shoe tray under the shoe rack, in the cupboard or directly in the hallway. To clean it, all you have to do is lift and wipe it. Thanks to its high edge design, it ensures that dirt and water remain in the tray.

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