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We're all looking for durable, modular and practical storage solutions for our homes. Plastic boxes are one of the most basic solutions that come to mind when it comes to stacking and storage. You can review the products in this category for plastic boxes that will make your work easier in every area of the home, help you organise your home and prevent clutter.

Plastic box models

Plastic box types can be used for storage and organisation in almost every room of the house. The first example of this can be given as an example of the need for storage space in hallways. In rooms reserved only for storage, such as the hallways and pantries; all boxes, including plastic boxes, can make it easier to store and find items of different types and belonging to different areas. Transparent boxes in particular, when placed at the right viewing angles, allow you to see what is inside without picking up the box.

In working spaces and home offices, you can also use plastic boxes to stack easy-to-lose and hard-to-find items such as documents, stationery and cables. Practical and functional as well as aesthetic, some small plastic boxes can also be combined with furniture such as bookcases and sideboards to avoid distracting clutter in areas where you need to focus the most.

You can use plastic boxes to store the home textile products you use in the bedroom in a clean way. You can store your duvet cover sets, blankets and other bedding products with plastic storage boxes that you will place inside your wardrobes or under your beds.

When we talk about clutter in the house, we cannot forget to mention the piles of toys and clothes in the baby and children's room. You can find storage solutions in the toy storage category for children's toys, art and craft products, which are children's favourites and a headache for parents who want order. For example, you can use the storage units in the TROFAST Series with suitable plastic toy storage boxes. This way, you can both prevent clutter in the children's room and offer your children a cute and ergonomic solution that they can easily use.

Plastic storage boxes or any product made of plastic stand out with their practicality, compatibility and durability. Plastic storage solutions today are also designed to blend in with the look of any room and look aesthetically pleasing. You can use some minimal plastic boxes with lids with open shelving units in rooms such as the living room to create a clean look and keep your belongings organised at the same time.

Storage in plastic? It’s fantastic!

You can create practical and useful storage solutions in almost every area of the house with the PANSARTAX Series, which protects your belongings from dirt and dust thanks to its easily stackable and tightly closed lids. Made of at least 50% recycled plastic, PANSARTAX boxes are partially transparent, which helps you to see the contents of the boxes and easily find what you are looking for without removing all the boxes.

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