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Let your child's imagination grow. Our children's desks are designed to help organise your kid's space and keep their room clutter-free by creating a designated play area, or by simply giving them a place to draw, study and play. Have fun exploring our range of sizes, shapes, materials and colours. You can start creating this space in the children's room by checking out our children's desk models.

Child study desk models

Did you like studying or doing homework as a child? If the answer is no, it is probably true for your child too. A suitable workspace is necessary for children to focus and for their class hours to be productive.

When choosing a children's desk that is suitable for your child's routine and space, you can first consider its compatibility with other children's furniture in the room. A desk that matches the other furniture gives the room a coherent and organized look. Secondly, you can consider the storage space of the desk. By choosing your desk with drawers, cabinets or shelves, you can store your child's writing and drawing materials separately from toys and clothes in an area where they can reach them immediately. You can create extra space for your child's books and stationery by adding a children's bookcase next to your children's desk.

Are you looking for a more modular solution? By discovering the PAHL Series products, you can create a children's desk piece by piece to suit the needs of your child and the children’s room, and renew it according to your needs.

As the last main piece, you can choose a children's desk chair that is suitable for the way your child sits. By choosing a chair with adjustable seat height, you can ensure that your child sits as comfortably as possible at the desk.

In addition to a child's desk chair, a footrest under the desk can provide ergonomic support for your child. Footrests prevent children from distorting their posture and distracting them while sitting at the desk. Footrests are also mobile, encouraging your child to shake and move their feet instead of standing still while studying. This promotes proper posture and blood circulation, which in turn positively affects your child's comfort and focus.

How to decorate a child's desk?

First of all, you can choose a nice desk lamp for the children's desk. Finding the right light for your child can help them focus while studying, drawing or even playing. Pencil cases on the desk will keep pencils and other stationery out of sight but will help your child to grab and use them when they need them. This will prevent clutter on the desk from becoming a distraction.

By placing a easel or a board next to your child's desk, you can make studying and focusing more fun. Having children use a different writing instrument than the notebook in front of them can prevent them from getting bored quickly and help them learn more easily. It can also bring your family members back to their childhood during family drawing time.

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