Children’s Mattresses

Has that big day when your child will move from a crib to a bed arrived? Then by choosing a children's mattress that your child will sleep soundly on, you can guarantee a comfortable sleep at night until the time your child moves to an adult bed.

Child Bed Models

To buy a mattress for your child, you can start by choosing a bed that your child will like. You can choose between a single bed, a bunk bed or an extendable bed. If you choose an extendable bed, you can also find extendable children's mattresses in this category. These mattresses grow with the bed you buy and grow with your child. So you won't need to change your bed and mattress, at least until your child reaches teenagehood.

You can consider the storage space of the children's beds. With drawer units and storage boxes, you can eliminate the natural clutter in a child's room. Some single beds have an extra bed built in as a drawer. So when your child's friends have a sleepover, you can easily open it and make sure they both get a good night's sleep.

Care of Children's Beds

Children's mattress covers are easy to remove, so you don't have to worry about your child's happy little accidents. You can easily remove the mattress cover and machine wash it. Children's mattresses are easy for you to unzip, but it's not easy for your child. The child-safe zipper prevents your child from opening the cover.

You can store the extra parts of the extendable children's beds in the included storage bags. So you can be sure it's always clean and ready to use when you need it.

How to complete children's beds?

You can enhance the comfort of your children's bed by first choosing a soft and easy-to-wash children's duvet cover set and a children's sleep set. Next, you can reflect your child's personality by placing soft toys on the bed for your child to cuddle up with. You can also place a bed canopy on your child's bed to make it fun for bedtime stories.

Once you have completed the children’s bed and the children's mattress, you can design the children's room by looking at other children's furniture. If you need extra storage space, children's chests of drawers may be the solution you're looking for. Children's armchairs are ideal for creating a space for your child to relax, read a book or look out the window. Some children's armchairs are miniature versions of armchairs, so you can also put them side by side with your own armchair for a cute look.

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