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While choosing a new TV unit for your home, how about finding the star of your living room at the same time? With TV cabinet combinations suitable for your living room, you can store your TV and other media devices with wall-mounted TV units or storage solutions that you can choose from a variety of white TV units, black TV units, TV units with bookcases. You can find many TV console models options at IKEA.

Complete your living room furniture with TV units

There are a few things to consider when preparing your living room. First of all, choose a comfortable and comfortable sofa and armchairs that match these sofas. Then complete part of your living room look by adding a coffee table. By adding a modern TV unit, you can get both extra storage space and a complete look. Choose the most suitable one for you among the TV unit models. For example, if you have a living room with dark tones, you can choose a white TV unit. Thus, you can make the focal point of your living room a TV unit. To complete your living room, all that remains is to buy your furniture, such as rugs, consoles or bookcases!

You can easily choose the most suitable one for you among the television unit models. If there is not enough space for bookcases in your home, you can choose a TV unit with a bookcase. Thus, you create both a television unit and a storage space for your books. If you want to create a more classic look in your room, you can achieve the retro and classic look you want to create by choosing a high TV console table that extends to the ceiling. You can take a look at small unit options so that it does not take up too much space. Thanks to the high legs on some TV console models, you can easily clean the bottom of your TV units, or you can choose a TV unit consisting only of drawers for a simple TV unit look. You can also prevent damage to your floor by adding floor protectors to the legs or bottom of your TV units. Many of the TV units have adjustable shelves, so you can adjust the shelf spacing as you wish.

What should be the features of the TV unit?

There are several features you should pay attention to when choosing a TV unit. The foremost of these is that it is suitable for the size of your room. When choosing the decoration and model of the TV unit, be sure to consider the size of the room. Another feature is that it harmonises with the furniture in your living room, for example, you can get a complete and decorative look by choosing a buffet that is compatible with your sideboards and TV consoles for your living room.

It will be useful to consider your needs and comfort when purchasing TV console models. Important dimensions such as the dimensions of the TV room, the width of the living space can be calculated in advance. Details such as the location of other fixed objects in the space can be decisive when deciding between wall-mounted TV units or other variants. All this initial feasibility is important in order to have a comfortable and relaxed time. At the next stage, the characteristics of the TV unit can be considered. When examining the furniture on which the television will stand, the primary feature to be considered is the raw material used. It can be useful in the long term to know the material from which the purchased item was made. Whether the chemicals such as paint and varnish applied on the material contain volatile or not can also be among the things that can be considered. Therefore, it can also be investigated whether the production materials comply with health standards.

It can also be useful if the TV units are ergonomic. When it comes to decorative TV units, large and flashy models as well as wall-mounted recessed TV units may also come to mind. Another factor you can pay attention to is the ease of use of the item. In this sense, in addition to ergonomics, the quality of the products is another detail to be considered. Combining quality raw materials and production with poor quality workmanship and assembly can shorten the life of the furniture. For example, if a solid wood high TV stand is not assembled correctly, flexing and expansion may occur over time. This can lead to a deformation that can affect the entire furniture.

The surface of the product, corner and edge bands or front patterns can easily give information about the production quality. It is important to check the foot part of all TV furniture with legs, including the TV unit with metal legs. After the arrival of the product at home, the feet can be checked during assembly. An uneven slope or a crack on the part in question can cause the item to become completely useless over time.

How to create storage space with IKEA TV unit models?

The way the TV unit is used can also vary according to the user's lifestyle. It can make it easier to make the decision easier to make life easier and more practical in the furniture where the television also stands. The television unit with cabinet is usually used by crowded and large families. Especially families who frequently receive guests or have small children may prefer a TV unit with a cabinet to collect the environment in a practical way. In modern units, units with shelves where many products such as televisions, console games, various accessories, cables and headphones can be collected can also be advantageous.

It may be important that the unit where the television stands is in harmony with the other decoration colours of the room in order to maintain the integrity of the design. Cream TV unit or white TV unit models can fit in areas decorated with minimalist and pastel colours. For a little more tone-on-tone, the TV unit can be selected in grey. If it is desired to increase the energy of the room by turning to completely contrasting colours, the TV unit can be black in white-dominant decoration. In this way, a hard image can also be achieved with sharper lines. In addition, a wooden TV unit can also create a warm ambience. These sharp contrasts may be needed especially in specially designed offices. Yellow TV unit or blue TV unit can be preferred for the youth room. For a darker design, the anthracite TV unit model can also create a very pleasant atmosphere. Depending on the predominant style of the space, metal TV unit or coloured TV unit types can also be remarkable.

TV unit types with cabinets and showcases are produced in varieties that can appeal to all tastes with modern and minimalist designs as well as traditional designs. When the room is narrow, TV units with shelves can be useful to create small slots that can evoke depth. In addition, shelved systems are frequently used in large spaces. These furniture, which are also preferred for displaying various items such as books and photographs, attract attention with both rustic and modern designs. Wall-mounted wooden shelves attached to the side of the mini TV unit can create a stylish combination.

What size should the TV unit be?

The dimensions of the product to be preferred when choosing a TV unit may vary depending on many different factors. First of all, the dimensions of the shelf on which the TV will be placed should match the size of the device. Only the dimensions of the shelf where the TV will be located may not be sufficient to determine the size of the TV unit. On the other hand, the size of the room where it will be positioned is among the features that closely concern the dimensions of the product to be selected. TV units that will remain short and small in a very large living room will not contribute to the ambience of the environment and may cause a pleasant image to get further and further away from the capture. Likewise, large models in the furniture to be selected for a small room will not be a comfortable choice as it will limit your mobility. The characteristics of the room should be taken into consideration in the size of the TV unit, which will be selected according to the place to be used, the size of the television and the taste of the person.

You can determine whether the size of the TV unit is suitable for your room by first determining where you will place the TV unit. TV units are usually placed in front of walls that can be seen from all over the room, or between the two areas in rooms where the living room and dining room are shared. If your TV unit is in front of a wall, you can choose TV units with high and abundant storage space and use the vertical space of your room efficiently. However, before choosing a TV unit model with cabinets on the sides, you should consider the size of your TV. The surface of the TV unit on which you place your TV should always be slightly wider than your TV. In this way, you can ensure that your television is safer in case of minor shocks.

Another detail to consider is how high you want to position your TV. Usually large televisions are positioned on a low and wide surface, so that the image is spread over the entire room.

High TV unit models can ensure that the screens of smaller televisions can be seen comfortably from all areas of the room. It also improves the viewing angles of people sitting on sofas at a greater distance.

The width of the TV units can be decided according to the dimensions of the space. Depending on the width of the televisions or due to the use of ancillary products such as entertainment consoles, large units can be used to keep them all together. In addition, space dimensions are also one of the determining criteria in the dimensions of the TV unit. in addition to 120 cm TV unit, 140, 160, 180 cm TV unit types can also be used by choosing according to the width of the area and ceiling height. Apart from the known models, special design TV unit models can also be preferred. These niche TV unit types are usually designed with ease of use and practical solutions in mind. In addition, instead of purchasing products suitable for the decorative concept of the room, custom-made units such as a part of the concept can also be preferred as they will fill the eye.

All these design and special production TV units have their own widths. The most important detail to be considered at this point is that the material of the shelf or similar section where the television is placed is supported to be durable. Especially the large screens of new generation televisions may cause the centre of balance to shift by adding extra weight to the unit on which it is mounted. This may cause the product to wear out in a shorter time.

For durable and long-lasting TV unit use, it may be useful to purchase according to the correct size and width. When deciding on a suitable width of furniture, the dimensions of the television should be taken clearly. It may be useful to know the width, height, thickness and diagonal dimensions as well as the weight. The television should be small in proportion to the unit in which it will be placed. An equal opening on all sides ensures that the TV is symmetrical. If there are extra entertainment devices such as cables and consoles, the width of the product can be increased accordingly. Thus, the cable does not need to be folded and compressed to hide the cable, it can be easily hidden in the unit with a small hiding apparatus.

There are many factors to consider when buying a TV unit. Especially the harmony with the room where it will be positioned is among the first things to be considered during your shopping. TV units, whose design should be in harmony with the texture used in the rest of the room, are usually located at a prominent point in the living rooms. In this sense, the choice to be made is important enough to change the ambience of the whole room in an instant. Although the elegance of its design is one of the factors you should pay attention to during the selection, you should also make sure that you buy a quality product. If you buy a poor quality product by liking its design, it may cause you to lose money in the long term as its service life will not be long. If you have no doubts about the quality and design of the models, we recommend that you decide by looking at the functionality. In this way, a single product can also be used as a cupboard where you can put your belongings or even as a library with its shelves.

Things to consider when buying a TV unit

The TV unit is perhaps one of the furniture that provides the most storage space in your living room. Therefore, if you are looking for a complete storage unit for your living room, high and cabinet TV units can be an ideal solution. Wall-mounted TV units with shelves save space by utilising the vertical space in your room.

TV units can be used not only for your TV, but also for displaying and storing everything else in the living room. For example, TV units can also be used for your items such as books, CDs, different decoration objects and frames. When choosing your TV units, you can evaluate different shelf and cabinet areas and create a unique storage unit for your room with TV unit models. You can also create a beautiful composition in your room by placing the items you want to protect from dust and dirt in closed cabinets and the items you want to display on open shelves.

You can complement the open shelves, cabinet areas or surfaces of our TV unit models with different storage and organisation products. For example, baskets and boxes suitable for shelves allow you to neatly stack many groups of items that you need in the living room, but do not want to be in the middle. You can also combine your TV unit with different storage furniture such as open shelves, cabinets, display cabinets and consoles.

TV unit models according to their materials

The choice of TV unit usually depends on where it will be used. In colour and design preferences, the harmony with the decoration is generally taken into consideration. Another feature expected from the product is that it is easy to assemble and its parts are light. They are usually made of MDF or chipboard. MDF means fibreboard with medium density. The remains of wood are chopped up and turned into fibre. It is combined with glue produced with resin and wax under high heat and pressure and designed in the form of a sheet. Chipboard materials are formed by mixing and combining wood chips with various chemicals. It is made into sheets by pressing. As it is fully fabricated, it can be produced in various thicknesses and sizes. These materials are both cheap and functional. However, they are not very resistant to external factors such as water and heat. Production qualities are graded according to impact resistance.

In addition to items produced with MDF and chipboard materials, wood is used in models such as iron TV unit or log TV unit. The most commonly used woods are oak, maple, cedar, beech, purple coloured or wood, alder and cherry. Oak wood furniture stands out with its durability. The maple ones are self-patterned transversely. Cedar wood is a species that is more resistant to hot weather. Articles made of beech are suitable for carving and embroidery. Some wooden furniture has a reddish colour. Alder can be varnished very easily and highly glossy surfaces can be obtained. Therefore, it is preferred quite often. Cherry wood items are lighter in colour than others. It can also easily adapt to changes in humidity and temperature.

Different models can be obtained with various coatings on trees. With veneers, varieties such as marble patterned TV unit or tumbled TV unit can also be produced. Coating is preferred to obtain models such as tumbled TV unit by undergoing various physical and chemical processes for a more nostalgic appearance. Although MDF or chipboard is generally used as raw material for the designs of such veneer units, wood preference in special designs can also be among the options.

TV unit models suitable for the decoration of your home

Watching a series and a film with the family is among the important social activities in terms of sharing and enjoyable time. The effect of a quality film and programme on the audience is closely related to watching it from the right distance. Televisions are usually positioned as if they are a different object from the general decor of the room. The new generation of smart TVs has variable coloured frames to match the colour of the place where it will be placed, indicating that these devices can also be part of the overall interior decoration. The LED lights on the sides of the device illuminate the environment in accordance with the programme being watched, which is the same decorative complementary feature. Television unit models are also designed according to various tastes to ensure this design continuity.

Modern TV unit models are also designed to easily hide cables or other connection devices hanging from the television. TV unit models are both complementary in terms of decoration and functionally useful as they save extra space in the space where they are located. They are available in various lengths and sizes depending on the indoor application, enabling the cables and loudspeaker system to be kept together. You can easily choose the ones that suit your taste among the television units produced with different models and colours. For example, grey TV unit models can add the depth of black and the simplicity of white to the room.

Comfort can be taken to the forefront in the selection of the unit, which is as important as the choice of television, and the choices to be made by considering all living things living in the house can be more advantageous. In a house with small children, a TV unit made of wood so delicate that it can be spoilt by water will be much less durable. Just like this, in homes with pets, it is generally recommended not to choose television units in tissues where traces such as nails and teeth marks may remain.

If you have calculated the size and storage spaces of your TV unit and created a certain form in your head, you can start choosing the next step, which is the colour and aesthetics. The colours of the TV unit models can be compatible with any element of your common living space, from sofas to centre and side tables, from dining tables to chairs, or you can make your TV unit the focal point of the room by choosing it in a different colour.

Discover IKEA colours in TV unit models

TV units are among the products that attract attention with their designs, especially since they are located at the head corner of the living rooms. In this sense, the visuality of the selected product, which will reflect the taste of the person such as colour, design and size, is almost as important as its functionality. If you cannot decide what the colour should be when choosing a TV unit, you can make an inference from the colours in the room where it will be positioned. Especially the colour of the wall behind the area where it will be positioned is among the factors that will be very effective in deciding which tone the TV unit will be. It is very important to choose a TV unit colour that will not be completely opposite to the wall colour in order to capture a modern image. In addition, by choosing light colours in the products to be preferred for small rooms, the area can be provided to have a much more spacious appearance. If you wish, you can create a design integrity in the environment by choosing a TV unit in similar tones, especially for halls with wooden parquet.

Different colour TV units have different visual advantages in the living room: White TV unit models, for example, not only fit into rooms of many styles and shapes, but also provide a clean and simple look. Black TV unit or anthracite TV unit models attract all the attention and add depth and a thoughtful atmosphere to the room. In this category you can also find TV unit models in different vibrant colours, TV unit models with bold colours and details are ideal for revitalising your living room and adding character to your space.

If you really want to create a TV corner that will be a focal point for your room, you can also examine natural-looking wooden TV unit models. Wooden TV units add a natural character to your living room with their unique patterns and various colours. It is also ideal for creating the most visible corner in your room, such as colourful TV unit models.

Some of our TV unit models are combined with glazed cabinet doors and shelves. Glass adds a sophisticated, delicate and clean look to TV units and sideboards, but it is not as delicate and fragile as they appear. Many of our glass TV unit models are designed with tempered glass for maximum durability, so you can be sure that the glass parts of your TV unit are as safe and durable as possible.

You can choose the living room TV unit with or without legs or wall-mounted. You can also choose the legs of the free-standing TV unit models at the height and size you want. The legs with softer lines are ideal for classic-looking TV units; legs with minimal lines also look good in modern and simple TV unit models. However, the legs of TV units not only look good, but can also make your job easier in terms of cleaning. High legs can make sweeping under your TV unit even easier.

In wall-mounted TV unit models, you can get a footless and cleaner appearance, and at the same time you can make your job easier when cleaning. However, whether you prefer a TV unit without legs or with legs, it is very important for the safety of both you and your children to mount your TV unit on the wall. The wall-mounted TV unit prevents it from tipping over on you or your family in case of an accident and keeps you safe. The TV unit with storage space is one of the saviour parts of your home and if you want, you can create an extra storage space by combining it with the TV cabinet.

What should be the distance between the TV unit and the seat?

When choosing among the living room TV unit types, the dimensions and decoration of the living room can be taken into consideration. To find the right television unit, you can first draw a bird's eye view of the room and take wall measurements. These measurements can be useful for viewing the television at the correct angle and distance. In this way, you can make a more comfortable decision about the screen size and TV unit. The ideal distance of the TV should be 2 or 2.5 times the screen size. If this distance is available in the room, deciding between free-standing or wall-mounted units can be purely arbitrary and a matter of taste.

If the room is rectangular and the seating group is lined up in front of the long walls, a plasterboard TV unit can be built on the short wall. Such practical solutions can decoratively change the mood of the space. A wider view can be created by giving depth with special LED lighting. Plasterboard TV unit can be quite advantageous in terms of price and use. You can also choose a TV unit with special LEDs instead of LED lighting. In small and relatively dark spaces, extra lighting can always increase the perception of depth. Among the models that will increase the perception of depth in narrow and small rooms, there are also mirrored television unit types. You can complete other designs like this with living room living room furniture options.

Since the movement area is quite large in large rooms, TV units that protrude forward can be easily preferred. More daring designs can be preferred for TV units to be used in large living rooms with a larger living space. Oval TV unit or fireplace TV unit models are both interesting and very aesthetic. The television unit with showcase is often preferred because it creates areas where aesthetic objects that need to be protected and stored behind glazed partitions can be easily displayed. Likewise, TV unit models with drawers are of the type that the clutter in the room can be easily collected.

It is recommended that large furniture or living room plants, which are among the indispensables of large living rooms, should not be close to the television unit. This is because the product must be placed in a stable environment in terms of humidity and temperature balance. Especially TV units with additional accessories are impressive decoration pieces both visually and aesthetically. In-wall lighting installed around the television in custom-made units can be lost in the width of the hall. For this reason, it can be completed by supporting it with downlights and sound system lighting. TV units with fireplaces or similar details can create effects that create movement even when the TV is switched off. For this reason, they are among the frequently preferred products.

How high should the TV unit be from the floor?

The height at which the TV unit models will be hung can also be considered according to people's point of view and safety. The TV unit should not always be hung too high or too low considering the neck angle.

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