Double Beds

The best start to the day is a good night's sleep. Our robust double beds are available in different styles to offer you maximum comfort and quality. Our double bed bases also provide a convenient storage solution for all your extra clothes, duvets and pillows. For a completely comfortable sleep, take a look at our double mattresses, available in a range of firmness levels.

Double bed models

Furniture is an important element in designing homes and living spaces. Furniture made of different materials combines functionality and design. The minimalism of metal textures or the authenticity of wood texture becomes an integral part of the beds. When it comes to the bedroom, bedstead double models stand out. These products, which open the doors of a comfortable sleep and are used as a base, also include double bedstead options. Durable models that are produced using the latest technologies, different from each other with parts such as headboard and plinth, and have been tested; appeals to every budget. In addition to sleeping, the double bed frame 140 x 200 cm and wide models, which are also used for storing clothes and bed linen with their large volumes, receive full marks from customers. You can view dozens of models produced using different materials such as metal, chipboard, wood. When renovating your home, replacing your existing bed or getting married and setting up a new home, you can buy the small double bed cot you need through secure channels. Some rooms are designed long and narrow. In this case, narrow double bed frame types are the products you are looking for. You can easily find a model with a length of 140 x 190 cm. When looking for a model in a colour suitable for your existing furniture, you can evaluate different tones such as black, coffee, white together. No spillage and rusting thanks to durable paints. You can use the product for many years without any wear and tear problems. Products reach customers after passing durability tests. Options with mosquito nets are also appreciated by customers. You can also save time and make tasteful choices among the products that reflect your style.

When it comes to double bed models, many options come to mind. Floor-high products made of white metal, wooden joinery with drawers, polite models with the minimalism of black metal are among the options. Those who want to carry the breeze of Scandinavian style to the home, you can buy at an affordable price by examining stylish and useful double bed frame models and prices. Models made of thin and durable metal materials that accommodate several curves can also be used with wooden furniture. Therefore, instead of changing the whole room set, you can get a fresh design look by changing only your bed. White double bed options are ideal especially in young rooms. They make the room dynamic when combined with accessories or covers in pink, purple, green, blue tones. For example; you can place a white product on multi-coloured carpets. These models, which are generally designed with a high bottom, also provide convenience in terms of cleaning. Under the bed is the part where dust is dense. Dust, which affects the quality of sleep at night and reduces the general hygiene of the room, can also cause allergies. Even if you constantly ventilate the room, dust and dirt accumulated in inaccessible corners cause breathing problems. When you prefer high bedsteads, you can easily move the vacuum cleaner or broomstick under the bed. You will also achieve simplicity in terms of appearance. The choice of model also reflects your personal tastes. For example; If you like flashy woods, you can turn to this style when designing your home. Embroidered or carved armrests, high headboards, chest of drawers with plenty of drawers accompany the style you want to create. Double bed frame options with drawers turn into ideal products for you to store pillowcases and bed linen. You both save space and enjoy comfort. When choosing among the models, you can pay attention to the height of the parts. Today, low product models are very popular. Low wooden double bedsteads are frequently used especially in rooms designed with few items. With these models, you can use high headboards if you wish. In iron double bed frame options, the shape of the bed and the headboard, the thickness of the iron, the colour tone as well as the product legs are also important. The feet finished with soft materials do not damage the carpet or parquet. In this way, it is easy to change its place. Designs made in accordance with world standards leave behind harmful materials in terms of health. The 150 x 200 cm bed frame made of original wood joinery is appreciated for its smooth textures. Metal bedstead double models are designed without sharp corners and possible accidents are prevented. Especially in the headboards, the weight of oval designs is encountered. With a carrying capacity of up to 250 kilos, the thin metal wrought iron double bed frame has a durable form thanks to the bed protector plywood. Those who examine the wrought iron style options should know that the beds are electrostatic painted and have a fitting system.

This furniture is one of the products you will carefully choose when designing your home. When wooden double bed options are examined, rich options are encountered in terms of colour. From dark tones to beige, woods and coatings vary. If you like wall colours and papers in dark tones such as burgundy, navy blue, anthracite, you can put a beige wood furniture in your room. Thus, you will achieve a balance in colour. If you wish, you can open your eyes to a bright morning by placing a solid double bed in light brown tones in front of the window. The shape of the room and wall width are important when placing the furniture in the room. However, small interventions and practical design ideas are enough to make your dream room a reality. For example; placing small lampshades on both sides of a two-seater model, illuminating your bed if you put it in front of the window, or placing a bookcase and wooden shelves on the headboard is a different decoration suggestion. Making a choice by taking into account the interventions you will make makes your job much easier. In products where the headboard is high and wide, the shelves to be placed on the bed may look rough. In this case, you can consider a model consisting of only one piece of wood as a bookcase. If you like bright white furniture, you can turn to this colour in double bed frame 180 x 200 cm products. The options produced from 18mm thick chipboard are ideal with a height of 60 cm. There are also many options for those who love the combination of quilting and glittering buttons. Designs produced from environmentally friendly, non-carcinogenic materials also include drawer options. Double bed headboard models designed in the form of a bookcase and shelf system are also frequently preferred. You can easily put your light objects, phone or hand cream on these shelves.

Double beds that fit the bedroom

The effects of bed selection on sleep quality and health are a known fact. Products that are not made of first-class materials and do not pass the necessary controls cannot grasp correctly. Metal models create a hard and balanced floor thanks to the metal construction. When you place the mattress on the pulleys, you get a comfortable sleep. Artificial leather coverings draw attention on the headboards of some models. The soft surface created in this way prevents possible accidents in head impacts. At the same time, you can read a book comfortably by leaning on the headboard. The use of 36 mm thick pulleys to extend the life of the models also reveals the quality of the products. One of the useful two-person models is products with mosquito net. Especially in the summer months, flies can enter when you sleep with the window open. Flies and dust-like foreign objects that interrupt sleep at night are prevented thanks to the double bed frame with mosquito net. With the mosquito net surrounding the bed, you can sleep comfortably with your door and windows open. You include a cool sleep in your life on hot summer days. The products also look aesthetic and the tulle enriches the decoration of the environment. The feet of the models, which do not encounter problems such as rusting and spillage, are specially baked and made durable. In this way, hard feet products are strengthened. In some products, the legs are also designed from wood, while in others, oval or angular legs made of metal are finished with rubber bases. If you are looking for a brand new design suitable for your existing bed, you should consider the dimensions of your bed. A bed that is too small will cause gaps to form on the sides of the bed frame. Large ones do not fit into the furniture and risk tipping over. The resulting pot holes prevent sleep quality. In addition to these products, you can also examine double folding bedstead models. The realistic photos of the products make your job easier when choosing.

140 x 200 cm bed frame has a wide range in terms of price. Factors such as design, aesthetics, details and materials are effective in this. For example; The price of a product designed with completely organic materials using raw wood and a model made of artificial leather will be different. Models produced using different materials vary in taste, colour and price. In a house designed in light tones; beige carpet, cream-coloured wallpaper and lampshades combine perfectly with wooden furniture. If you wish, you can complete the wall where you place the bed with wallpaper alone. The fact that they are elements that often occupy space in the bedroom increases the importance of the beds. A bed alone becomes the determinant of the style of the room. In Japanese-style minimal houses, which are widely preferred today, low beds gain value. If you do not have a large room, you can examine narrow and small double bed frame models for the headboard. Thus, you will gain space even if it is 3 cm. Furniture in colours that contrast with the bedspread and decorative cushions are often preferred. If you live in a large house, it is possible to catch a simple image with models that are not base, high from the floor. Metal designs in black and anthracite colours are in perfect harmony with blue cold lights. When you turn to wooden products, yellow coloured warm lighting makes your room calm in an instant. Therefore, you should also pay attention to the details in your choices. For example; dim bedside lamps force you to read a book. Self-illuminated headboards eliminate the lighting problem.

What are the types of double beds selected according to?

Bedsteads are not only products used for sleeping or storage. It should also be taken into account that they are saviours that extend the life of the bed placed on them. Instead of using a poor quality furniture with a quality bed, durability can be preferred in both products. Their advantageous prices gain the appreciation of customers. Double options produced with new technologies support body weight. Since the construction is durable, the mattress to be placed in or on it is not damaged and deformed. In this way, you will have furniture that you can use for many years. Some models have fabric coating, stony and silvery details on the headboard. Quilted pattern is preferred in some of the models with shiny velvet fabric around it. Those who love sparkle in the bedroom can combine the products with satin and shiny bed linen. Even flamboyant curtains and large-sized tasselled pillows complement this style. In addition to solid products, you can also examine organic oak cots together.

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