Double Bed Bases

Beds in our bedroom have always been the focal point of the room and, after wardrobes, the largest piece of furniture in our room. But what if we want to combine the comfort of your bed with the functions of extra storage space? Here, double bed bases combine the function of your regular beds and storage units, offering aesthetic solutions as much as beds without storage space.

Double bed base models

First, you can look at the space you have for the bed base model you will place in your bedroom: For those who live alone and have a narrow bed space, single bed bases can become a saviour piece in the house. Double bed bases, on the other hand, are ideal for single adults or couples if you have space. If you have decided on double bases, you can start to examine different types of double bases according to the appearance and storage volume you want in your room.

Double bed bases come in different colours and textures. You can look at white double bases for a simple and harmonious look, black double bases that will be the visual focus of your room, or oak or wooden double bases for a natural and rustic look.

Base bases are divided into two according to how the storage area is accessed: Top opening chest bases and bases with drawers. You can choose from these two types according to your space or how you want to use the storage space. If you need a large space or if there is no free space next to your box spring, you can choose box springs; If there is enough space next to your bed to open drawers, you can choose drawer bases. Chest box bases are very easy to use, but this chest area is usually used to store items that are not needed much. You can reach the drawers of the chest of drawers as easily as a chest of drawers, but you may not have as much storage space as the chest of drawers.

How to complete double bed bases?

Double bed bases, just like double beds, primarily function as a place to sleep. For this reason, the first product you should choose according to your base and sleeping habits is a comfortable and easy-to-use mattress. You can choose double mattresses according to their texture, material or comfort.

After choosing your bed, you can start examining other bedroom furniture. After the bedsteads, you can choose the wardrobes, which are the other fixtures of the bedroom, in accordance with the appearance of your base or with a simple design that does not attract the focus of your base.

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