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At New Year's Eve and other celebrations, we always think of the big tables we set with our loved ones, delicious food and fun conversations accompanied by beautiful desserts. In this category, you can find New Year's themed tableware and cooking accessories that will accompany you in your meals and bring joy and pleasure to your tables.

New Year’s tableware and cooking products

Think about preparing for your New Year's celebration: The sweet rush in the kitchen, the pleasure you get while decorating the New Year's table, and finally the happiness you experience when your guests arrive and the pleasant times you spend. Especially making delicious and memorable New Year’s desserts can be a source of stress for some of us. However, with functional and practical cooking accessories, you can make this sweet rush a little easier. For example, spatulas with easy-to-clean and flexible tips, mixing bowls in different sizes and hand towels that will immediately control small accidents, you can keep your kitchen clean and you can easily remove more than one dish. You can also use Christmas-themed muffin papers, cake and cookie moulds to make your desserts fit the New Year’s theme.

How to decorate the New Year’s Eve table?

When setting the New Year’s Eve table, you can start with Christmas-themed tablecloths that will frame the aesthetics you want to create. After that, the napkins you choose can be in harmony with your tablecloth and dinnerware, or you can achieve an eclectic look by using different Christmas textile products such as runners and place mats in different colours and patterns to provide contrast. Then the real heroes of your table, the plates, bowls, glasses, goblets, forks, knives and spoons come into play. For those who use the classic harmony of red, green and gold, classic tableware accessories with porcelain or crystal appearance; for tables dominated by silver and white, modern tableware products with glass and metal appearance may be ideal. If you have finished this part of designing your table, you can move on to the decoration of the New Year's table.

The indispensable decoration objects of the New Year's table are of course candles and candle holders. The soft light emitted by candles adds a warm and cosy atmosphere to your home on cold winter nights. For a more sophisticated look, you can use candlesticks to give your table a stylish look, while keeping the light source away from your meals and creating a light source that makes your meals the focal point.

With the decoration products that will be the protagonist of your table, you can prepare a table that your guests will remember for years. You can use Christmas artificial plants and wreaths to create a rustic look, trinkets and vases for a traditional style, and lighting chains for a modern but sparkling look, and harmonise your table with your own taste and other decoration accessories you use at home.

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