JÄTTEBO chaise longue, samsala grey-beige, armless

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The modules in the comfortable JÄTTEBO series can be combined as you like, create a large or small sofa that suits you perfectly and add more parts when your needs change.

This chaise longue module is perfect when you want a sofa to really relax, feel comfy and stretch out on.

Combine this chaise longue module with more chaise longue and seat modules, armrests and headrests. Use the planning tool to put the modules together in various ways until the combination feels right.

The seat and chaise longue modules have soft comfort with high-resilience foam and pocket springs that follow the body and provide support – whether you’re sitting, lying down or relaxing on the sofa.

The deep and even seats make JÄTTEBO very comfortable to lie on when reading a good book or enjoying a nap.

In the generous storage space under the seat in the chaise longue and seat modules, you can store things like throws, games and boxes with small items.

Gas spring dampers ensure that the seat opens and closes softly and smoothly. It also automatically stays in the open position so you can easily pick out and put back what you store.

You can quickly and easily move your modules without tools. Just open the storage to remove the mounting brackets, rearrange the modules and then fix the brackets back in place.

The modules look equally nice from all sides so you can place your sofa along the wall or in the middle of the room.

You can add armrests to your sofa to give it a more embracing feel.

This cover is made from Samsala, an extra-wide-wale and strong corduroy fabric with soft comfort and an expression that adds character to the room.

The cover is easy to keep clean since it can be machine washed and is easy to take off and put on again.

10-year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.

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JATTEBO Chaise Longue, Samsala Grey-Beige Product Information

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JATTEBO Sofa Planner

With the JATTEBO Planner you can easily design a sofa combination for your living room. Use the 2-seat sofa, 3-seat sofa and chaise longue modules, you can add or change pieces according to your needs. You can also give the sofas a new look with different covers.

Plan your JATTEBO sofa

Designer thoughts

 Designer thoughts

"JÄTTEBO is a modular sofa with a place for everyone – and it suits all homes and formats, both big and small. It has a clean and simple shape, is super comfy and has storage in the modules. A sofa that becomes the centre of the home."

Designer Ola Wihlborg


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IKEA - JATTEBO, chaise longue, samsala grey-beige

JATTEBO Chaise Longue, Samsala Grey-Beige Product Information


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