Recliners are furniture accessories that are extremely versatile for living space and contribute to the success of an interior design project with their compact shapes and colourful details. The typical small dimensions of recliners make them also suitable for smaller environments, because they are upholstered without being bulky. The recliner can transform an empty corner of the room with colours, patterns and patterns to match the surrounding style. A modern recliner adds to the aesthetic effect of a contemporary furniture project with its thin metal structures, intense contrasts and strong colours. The material is at the centre of the choice of recliner: from leather to velvet, from fabric to wicker, the recliner models available are designed to meet all kinds of style needs.

Recliner sofa models

From classic to modern style, recliners are versatile complements with a versatile design. For example, a wooden armchair fits perfectly into a rustic-style furniture project, while leather armchairs contribute to creating the right atmosphere in a classic setting. Metal armchairs with minimal lines and high-tech shells add value to a modern living space. The metal is then softened by the coating, which ranges from the typical velvet consistency to the volumes of fabric-covered recliners.

The most basic feature of recliners is that the mechanism works easily to give you a place to lie down when you need a nap. If you need a single armchair that you can lie down next to your sofa in your living room, recliner models may be ideal for you.

How to combine recliners?

In the choice of furniture and/or in the completion of any living space, whether it is an armchair or a small armchair, the single armchair, although it takes up less space than a sofa, proves to be a very important choice in determining the style of a room. To complete a private lounge or a public lounge area, the most suitable seat for a coffee table is the recliner, given its small size compared to a regular armchair. In the lobby of a hotel or in the waiting room of a private person, it is very common to find recliners for lounge areas with side tables full of magazines or accessories, useful for making the most of the waiting time. Of course, in the absence of a table, recliners with magazine racks are the only recliners that can solve both needs in a single piece of furniture, but in any case, whether they are combined or separated, the combination of two pieces of furniture is always a winning choice.

How and why choose a recliner?

How many times have we entered the bedroom, made the gesture of getting rid of everything, almost with a sense of liberation, and then put them on the easy chair in a confused way, as if it were a coat rack or an open-air closet? Although not considered a primary use, the fact that it is seen as a temporary support for throwing sweaters rather than a shirt or bag is perhaps one of the reasons why this furniture is found in bedrooms.

In its rocking recliner version, it is the ideal refuge for a mum or dad putting their child to sleep who doesn't want to know anything about falling asleep. Beyond its use, one thing is certain: having an armchair in the bedroom is also a strong and clear choice of furniture and, together with the chest of drawers, wardrobe and bed, it completes an environment that is intended to be intimate and private and that should give a feeling of calm, well-being and comfort, like any hotel suite, even the most famous.

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