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A functional and stylish kitchenette

A smaller version of a full-size kitchen, this solution has all the basic functions you need for food preparation, cooking and washing-up. It has a shelf for storing a portable hob when not in use, a rail with hooks for utensils you want close at hand and recycling bins conveniently placed under the sink.

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soap dispenser, black
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waste sorting solution, white/light grey
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interior organiser, white
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drawer organizer, white
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Different activities – one look

Let the kitchen area blend into the part of your home used for recreation. The colour palette, with a nod to traditional Swedish handicraft, ties it all together and creates a unified and playful look. Shelves and hooks free up floor space and keep your things within easy reach.


rack with hooks, oak
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wooden stool, pine
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Small-space living with a crafted appearance

Re-think the room that you have at your disposal – straightforward and creative storage solutions that use every nook and cranny help you maintain order and a calm impression even when things get busy. This crafted kitchenette blends into your one-room home with its traditional Scandinavian-inspired look and a focus on simplicity, craftsmanship and functionality.

Recreate the look – piece by piece

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