Wooden Bookcases

Wooden bookcase models, which are considered as the soul of home decoration, are also preferred to create an aesthetic living space. The wooden bookcase models offered by IKEA stand out with their functionality and durability while offering solutions for every taste and need. You can find the model that reflects your style among the rich options that complement the designs with bookcases and shelves and reflect IKEA quality. These models include design wonders that will also serve as a decorative element of your room. The warmth of wood will make your room more peaceful and inviting, while the design of your bookcase will be a way to reflect your personal taste.

Wood attracts attention with the warmth, naturalness and aesthetics of its material, and for this reason, choosing a wooden bookcase with the right tone and pattern is one of the keys to completing a holistic decoration style. The bookcase models offered by IKEA with different colour and coating options can easily adapt to any room decoration. With no compromise on robustness and durability, wooden bookcase models can be quality furniture that will be passed down from generation to generation. IKEA's quality workmanship will create an investment object for you, not just a bookcase.

When choosing a wooden bookcase, another important point you should pay attention to is the functionality of your bookcase. It should provide easy access to all the items you need in daily use and contribute to an organised storage space. For example, adjustable shelves allow you to personalise your bookcase for different sizes of books and objects. Bookcases designed with IKEA's innovative thinking offer user-friendly solutions in this sense. Models that integrate with additional desks or shelving units to organise your workspace can also be an example of functional design.

Quality and useful wooden bookcase models

Our wooden bookshelves, each of which is carefully designed and produced with quality materials, also offer ideal spaces for displaying and organising your decorative objects. Enriched with features that will provide practicality in daily use, our wooden bookshelf shelving systems are ready to raise the atmosphere of your home. Combining style and quality, we offer an aesthetic solution to your storage needs by designing these models with gentle touches and minimalist lines.

In our collection of wooden bookcase models, doors and complementary products in various sizes and shapes have been developed with the needs of every home in mind. From large wooden bookcases ideal for large book collections to wall-mounted bookcases designed for more compact and narrow spaces, there are many variations to suit every purpose. Our modular systems, with add-on parts, can be customised to suit your individual needs and can easily adapt to the décor of your space.

There are also compartmentalised wooden bookcase designs for home offices and workspaces. Such models offer separate storage areas for your books and stationery, while the surfaces can be used as additional work areas, so you can have a multifunctional piece of furniture. We aim to create an atmosphere that enriches your living spaces by combining the principles of classic and modern design.

With different coating options, our wooden bookcases can be positioned in harmony with different interior colour palettes. Surface treatments and finishes are specially selected and processed to emphasise the natural beauty of wood. Thanks to their robust and stable construction, they are designed to safely transport books and belongings.

What wood are wooden bookcases made of?

With their high durability and aesthetic beauty, wooden bookcases are produced using different types of wood. Species such as Scandinavian pine, Acacia and Birch are often preferred in the production of wooden bookcase models that add warmth and elegance to your spaces. The unique texture and colour of each wood species used in the production of desks with bookcases give your bookcase a unique character, while its durability and load-bearing capacity are evaluated to meet different needs.

Prioritising quality and sustainability, IKEA prefers long-lasting and robust materials, especially for solid wood bookcases. Solid wood means monolithic wood sections obtained from a single tree, which makes the furniture much more durable. Natural wood bookcase options offer a simple elegance that has not been chemically treated, preserving the natural structure and beauty of the tree.

The wood used by IKEA in the production of wooden bookcases comes from sources with sustainable forest management certificates such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). This approach is an indicator of environmental awareness, as well as a statement that our production processes support the ecological balance and use resources responsibly.

Wooden bookcase decoration ideas

One of the ways to create an eye-catching and functional living space is to apply the right decoration ideas with your wooden bookcase preferences. While creating an impressive atmosphere in your home decoration, bookcases with glass doors and wooden bookcase models, which stand out with their organising features, can function to display not only your books but also your vases, photo frames and other decorative elements with their various designs and functionality.

Especially for small spaces, wooden bookcase wall-mounted options both save space and allow you to add an aesthetic touch to your walls. 3-fold bookcase models offer a rich appearance with their folded structure while sorting your books, magazines or albums, while their large internal volume allows you to comfortably organise your objects of different sizes.

Another decoration idea is to use a wooden book stand designed according to the characteristics of the space to create a thematic corner of your room. These stands are ideal for organising your favourite books and reading accessories in your reading corner or study. You can add a personal touch to the space by placing plants or small works of art on them.

Large and clamshell wooden bookshelves for living rooms offer ample storage space and help protect your books against dust while adding elegance with glass doors. Full-length wooden bookcases, on the other hand, can create an impressive focal point in your living room while offering the opportunity to create a magnificent backdrop for your library by completely covering your walls.

How to paint a wooden bookcase?

You can use special wood paints to give a different colour to the surface of bookcase models produced for customisation and personal touches or to refresh the existing surface. If you prefer water-based varnishes and paints in terms of ease of use and finish quality, you can give a new life to wooden bookcases without damaging their natural texture.

It is important to choose paints with low VOC content, considering environmentally friendly and your health. By increasing the quality of the interior, it can offer a healthy use for a long time. You can reach a result that appeals to your personal taste with paints offered in a wide range of colour palette as well as different finish options such as matt, glossy and semi-gloss.

Before painting, the surface of the wooden bookcase should be cleaned of stains, dirt or old paint residues. Wiping the surface with a damp cloth after smoothing it with a delicate sanding will ensure better adhesion of the paint. This preparation process is important for a professional result.

The choice of brush and roller you will use during painting is also important. Synthetic brushes are generally more suitable for water-based paints, while natural bristle brushes work better with oil-based paints. Using appropriate tools for even application prevents problems such as unwanted brush marks and dripping.

What are the wooden bookcase models?

Wooden bookcase models offered to our customers range from minimalist designs to modern and functional solutions. Whether you prefer a low-profile, simple bookcase or the more complex organisational units you can discover on our bookcase models homepage, IKEA's quality is sure to please. From traditional-style bookcases with handcrafted details to contemporary, clean lines, we can cater for every need. Designed with different layers, wooden bookshelf shelving systems add depth and provide practical solutions in small, medium, and large sizes, in wide or narrow spaces.

Wooden bookshelves suitable for both home and office use serve as a stylish and elegant frame to display your book collections. Wooden bookcase models, especially made of solid woods, combine durability and aesthetic appearance, while you can shape the number of shelves according to your personal needs and create a flexible usage area. Modular and expandable systems can adapt to your ever-growing collection of books and accessories, so you can have a furniture that you can use for many years with just one purchase.

Undoubtedly, solid wood bookcase options are superior not only visually but also in terms of structural integrity. Solid and dense wood can maintain its form even after years of use and does not lose its durability. A stylish and timeless wooden bookcase can be an investment that can be transferred from past to future, from generation to generation. Moreover, while natural wood bookshelf options bring the warmth and peaceful tones of nature to your living spaces, models produced with modern and industrial design approach harmonise with the latest trend decoration styles.

Wooden bookcase models in different sizes and shapes can also be personalised with the choice of colour. While dark tones create a serious and sophisticated atmosphere, light colours can offer a more spacious and wide perception. Wall-mounted or free-standing, rectangular or corner options maximise any space and save space. Designed to meet the many needs of users, wooden bookcase wall-mounted models are perfect for adding depth and dimension, especially in small spaces.

By adding a wooden book stand to your living room, study area or bedroom, you can support your reading habits and share your reading pleasure with everyone. The simple and functional designs of the stands ensure that your favourite books or magazines are always close at hand. Tiered designs, such as 3-fold bookcases, offer more storage space and aesthetic appeal, with each tier offering irresistible organisation and sorting.

Browse our range of wooden bookcase models where we use the highest quality materials and the most meticulous workmanship to protect your investment and achieve long-term satisfaction. Remember that each piece of furniture will add taste and character to your home decor. From minimalist and clean lines for modern homes to classic and traditional styles, create your ideal living space with IKEA's selection of wooden bookcases for every taste.

What should be considered when buying a wooden bookcase?

The type of material and workmanship are the most important factors when choosing a wooden bookcase to ensure high quality and aesthetic appearance. Solid wood bookcase options serve faithfully for many years with their durability and natural appearance, while natural wood bookcase models create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Another important point to be considered is the functionality of the bookcase. If you intend to use it to store various items, a model with multiple compartments and adjustable wooden bookcase shelf systems can better meet your needs. It is also important to check whether the legs of the bookcase you choose are sturdy and whether level adjustment is possible for a balanced and safe use.

In terms of design, wooden bookcase models have the capacity to adapt to different decoration styles. Regardless of whether you have a rustic, modern or minimalist home, you can have a wooden bookcase that will adapt to the environment. Choosing a bookcase that is compatible with the aesthetics and colour scheme of the area to be used is effective in bringing the whole room together and providing integrity.

If you have children or interact with the bookcase frequently, making sure that the corners are rounded and the surface is properly treated also reduces the risk of injury. For situations where the bookcase needs to be fixed, consider wall-mountability, especially wooden bookcases. In order to increase safety in the home, it is important to remember that the bookcase should also have the ability to be fixed to the wall against the risk of tipping over.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the ease of use of the bookcase levels in terms of comfort and accessibility. The height of the shelves of the wooden bookcase you will buy should be suitable for placing and removing books and other objects comfortably. Adjustable shelves according to the size of the books and objects to be placed will allow you to create a flexible usage area.

What are the dimensions of wooden bookcases?

Dimensions may vary according to your needs. IKEA has wooden bookcase alternatives suitable for all kinds of spaces and needs. From compact designs for small spaces to large wall units, wooden bookcases are available in different sizes. Depending on the size of your book collection or other items you want to display, you can choose a simple design with a few shelves or modular systems that you can expand as your collection grows.

Consider a low and wide wooden bookcase to create efficient storage space in a small room. In large and spacious spaces, you can consider high and narrow models that will add height and stand like a work of art in the centre of the room. When making these choices, it is useful to consider what size bookcase you need and how it will fit in with the rest of the furniture in your room.

Some wooden bookcase options include adjustable footrests in addition to detachable and portable shelves. These features mean you can easily customise your bookcase space and adjust it to your changing needs over time. So you can organise the layout of the bookcase according to your existing furniture arrangement or newly purchased books.

The size of your bookcase is not just a criterion that should be suitable for your books or other items, it should also fit the room. When choosing your bookcase dimensions, take into account the width of the area, the height of the ceiling and the movement area in the room.

When deciding between wooden bookcase models, IKEA offers you detailed measurements of each model, so you can imagine how the bookcase will look in your home before you buy it. These measurements include every detail, from the superficial measurements on the top of the bookcase to the dimensions and depth of the shelves. Thus, you can easily make the most suitable choice.

Whether you have a classic style or are interested in modern lines, you can discover wooden bookcases in different styles and sizes at IKEA. Elegant and sturdy bookcases for displaying your books and favourite objects appeal to any interior layout and style preference. For the perfect wooden bookcase models you are looking for, you can start browsing IKEA's variety right from where you are. You can browse the IKEA wooden bookcase collection for different options that will add elegance to your home, examine the products you like with all the details and make your purchase both easily and safely.

Prepare for the magic of wooden bookcases

We have great ideas for bookworms. You can complement your sofas, and coffee and side table with a wooden bookcase to create extra storage area in the living room. Thanks to the adjustable shelves in most of the bookcases, you can determine the shelf spacing according to your needs. You can also benefit the planet and the environment by choosing bookcases made of solid wood with sustainable properties.

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