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With open bookcases, which are the most aesthetic and accessible way to display your books, memories and life; the most functional backgrounds of tasteful and intellectual homes, you can turn your accumulated books and belongings into a home decoration unit. Modern or classic, simple or decorative open bookcases can complement your living rooms, work areas or bedrooms. No matter in which room you evaluate; you are in the right place to choose a bookcase that is compatible with other furniture in your area, or even to create bookcase combinations that will be the most beautiful of the organisation solutions in your room.

Open bookcase models

Open bookcase models that will allow you to turn your books, notebooks, trinkets and frames into a visual composition are designed in different colours, styles and sizes to suit many homes. While examining the bookcases you will buy for your home and space, you can also consider different elements such as material, modularity or whether it will be clamshell or not. If you want to prefer your bookcase with a clamshell, you can check out the bookcases with doors and bookcases with glass doors. Especially the bookcase models with glass doors protect the books and objects that you do not use much but still want to display from dirt and dust and make them visible.

If you have decided on open bookcases, you can browse wooden bookcases and metal bookcases according to their materials. Wooden bookcase models are available in different colours, wood patterns and finishes, so no matter what style your home is, you can find a wooden bookcase to suit your room. Metal bookcase models, on the other hand, fit perfectly in industrial and modern style homes. If you want your bookcase to stand out in your home, decorative bookcases can also be suitable for your home.

Many of the open bookcases are designed so that they fit perfectly when placed side by side and added later and can sometimes be assembled together. Therefore, after buying open bookcases according to the needs of your home, you can add bookcases as you wish; You can also remove the unit you do not need and evaluate it elsewhere or disassemble and store it.

If you have children who are learning to read and love books, you can consider special children's bookcases for them in the baby and children's room. Children's bookcases are designed with other children's furniture and according to the height and ergonomics that your child can reach, so you can get a consistent look in the children's room and choose a bookcase suitable for your child's use.

Where to use an open bookcase?

Open bookcases can be used in any part of your home that you reserve for reading, working or socialising. For example, in large socialising areas such as the living room and dining room, you can use bookcases not only functionally, but also as an aesthetic and personalised decor and background, in addition to sideboards. You can use trinkets, glass domes and other decorative accessories to complete this look.

When it comes to the usage areas of bookcases at home, the working spaces are usually thought of, which is the area where bookcases will be used most functionally. Bookcases in your workspace and home office are perfect for storing books, storage boxes, documents, pencil cases or file folders in this area. Moreover, by harmonising with other workspace storage furniture such as drawer units and filing cabinets, it prevents clutter in the room and allows you to create a peaceful space to focus. If you want to use your desks and bookcases in the same unit, you can also take a look at the desks with bookcases supported by open shelving units.

If you want to design a reading and relaxation corner in the living room or bedroom where your open bookshelves will be in the spotlight, you can combine your bookshelves with different sofas and armchairs. For example, imagine that you will use open corner bookcases: Single armchairs where you can sit comfortably or chaise longues where you can relax by lying down, comfortable pillow and cushions that you can lean back, floor lamps that will make it easier for you to focus and provide a soft light at night or on days when the weather is bad, stylish side tables where you can put your coffee or tea, and stylish rugs that will complement this beautiful image and create a composition as you wish. It is that easy to create an aesthetic and cosy corner in your home!

Your open bookshelves can also be used as a multifunctional storage and organisation unit in the room you use. By choosing different boxes and baskets according to the depth of your bookcase and the height of your shelves and combining them with your books, plants and decoration objects, you can achieve a unique, eclectic look; at the same time, you can visually eliminate small clutter in your room. You can also support open bookcases with open storage systems in this way, using plastic boxes and wicker baskets to combine different materials and create your own look and storage solution.

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BILLY bookcase offers lots of storage space. But the real benefit? Its simple design means that it’s happiest in the background, sharing the story of your life.

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