Coffee Tables

Examining IKEA centre table types that can address the needs of every decoration style is an important step that will guide you to make the right choice for your home. Wheeled coffee table models that will adapt to the style of your home add a modern touch to your living room, while at the same time providing flexibility of use. Again, IKEA's wide range of products includes a variety of different sizes and shapes, such as lounge coffee tables or large coffee table alternatives. This rich variety means that you can easily choose the product that suits your needs without compromising your aesthetic preferences.

Especially preferred in modern and minimalist decoration, the coffee table complements your spaces by offering a simple but effective look. A small and stylish wooden coffee table or side table models can be an ideal choice for homes with minimal spaces, while a striking glass coffee table plays both a functional and decorative role in larger spaces. Durability, ease of use and a harmonious look with your general decoration are among the details that are important in IKEA centre table models.

The IKEA coffee table collection offers a wide range of materials to suit everyone's taste, including metal, glass or wood. For example, for those looking for a natural touch, wooden coffee tables add naturalness to interiors with their rich texture and warmth, while glass coffee tables stand out with their transparency and elegance for those who want a more modern and sophisticated look. Such material choices contribute to both the aesthetics and usefulness of coffee table models, bringing an ordinary piece of furniture to the centre of your focus.

IKEA coffee tables also appeal to different needs and tastes, with round, square and rectangular forms in a variety of styles. Elegant tones, such as white, give a bright and light look, while dark colours, such as black, create a sophisticated and strong character. While large coffee tables offer larger surfaces, round coffee table models can be an ideal choice for families with children as they do not have corners.

Colourful coffee and side table models that you can choose by considering the style and architectural features of your space can add a very personal and aesthetic touch to your home. IKEA coffee table collection is not only a piece of furniture, but also a design element that increases the functionality and aesthetics of your living space. You can examine our wide range of products to create a peaceful ambience, increase your comfort and add a stylish reflection to your home.

Coffee table models according to their designs

Reflecting a style suitable for every taste, coffee table models create an eye-catching centre point in your living spaces when they meet IKEA quality. From round coffee table options to black coffee table with modern lines, this product group embraces every style and also adapts to your space with different colour options such as white coffee table. Tray coffee table models that provide functionality in small spaces can be an ideal choice. Large coffee table types offer a comfortable and stylish use in large areas.

IKEA's coffee table collection includes designs to suit every decorating style; there are wooden coffee table models for those who want to add a sophisticated touch, and glass coffee table designs for those looking for a modern and minimalist effect. In addition to all these, centre tables on wheels, which will create a talking point in your living room, are the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics.

Designed in different sizes and shapes, centre table models offer solutions for every need and space size. Small and compact designs are ideal for rooms with limited space, while large and spacious coffee table models complement spacious living rooms. IKEA's dynamic design approach allows centre tables to be more than just functional pieces of furniture, they can become works of art that reflect the style of your space.

Whether for special occasions or everyday use, IKEA's centre tables are designed to suit every occasion. Sometimes used as an extra surface area at a dinner party, sometimes as a central place for everyday living room conversations. Inspired by classic lines, the coffee table models are timeless in their design, while contemporary models add sophistication to modern living spaces.

When aesthetics and function are considered together in the world of decoration, it becomes clear how important the place of centre tables is. IKEA coffee table models, which you can choose to be in harmony with other pieces of furniture in your homes or to create a certain contrast, contribute to the overall look of your home. These pieces of furniture give you the opportunity to display the harmony of different textures, colours and styles in your living spaces.

Offering versatile usage possibilities, centre tables add richness to the atmosphere of the rooms they are placed in. At IKEA, you can find different models of centre tables that not only appeal to the eye but also meet the practicality requirements of daily life. Made from quality materials, each centre table can become a cornerstone of your living spaces with a guarantee of long-term use.

Choosing the right coffee table model is an important detail that increases the functionality and aesthetic appearance of the room. You can create a stylish and useful corner in your home with the various coffee table models offered by IKEA. These models have been carefully designed to add convenience to your life in different usage scenarios, so you can choose from a wide range to have the centre table that best suits your lifestyle.

What are the usage areas of the coffee table?

Centre tables adapt to the needs of modern life by offering versatile functions in different parts of the home. Whether it represents a unifying element in living room furniture or is used as an elegant storage space for your personal belongings in bedrooms, each selected model can transform the way the space is used and its aesthetics. It responds to different styles and needs in every area, from the living rooms where you host your guests to the study rooms you use for your daily activities.

Small and minimalist designed coffee tables are perfect for narrow spaces; they take up little space and offer a functional surface. In young and dynamic spaces such as children's rooms or playgrounds, coffee tables in vibrant colours and interesting designs can be preferred. In entertainment and media-oriented spaces, centre tables on wheels can be easily moved and used in different positions, creating a flexible and adaptable living space.

Suitable for outdoor spaces such as terraces, balconies or gardens, coffee tables allow you to relax outdoors and spend quality time with your loved ones. Made of weather-resistant materials, these coffee tables not only increase outdoor comfort and functionality, but also add a stylish touch to the outdoor decor. Designed to serve a different purpose in every corner of your home, centre table models increase your quality of life with their designs that combine ergonomics and aesthetics.

You can also use these coffee tables as a convenient catering element; you can comfortably host your guests with treats and drinks positioned on them. They can also be used to create a functional backdrop under a console or at the head of a bed. Wheeled coffee table models offer easy manoeuvrability in events that require flexibility and in environments where decoration is frequently changed. These solutions, which provide ease of use at any time of the day, offer a practical advantage that increases domestic mobility.

The use of coffee tables as home organisation and storage solutions should not be overlooked. When combined with decorative boxes or baskets, it is possible to create storage areas on centre tables. In this way, you can make an important contribution to both aesthetics and order in your living space. Such coffee tables are also frequently preferred in offices; it can provide great convenience as a stylish storage and display area for documents, magazines or office supplies.

How to decorate a coffee table?

You can add a personal touch to your room by decorating the centre tables, which are one of the cornerstones of home decoration like table models, with stylish objects. Modern or classically designed lampshades, photo frames and special collection pieces are perfect for displaying on centre tables. Especially artworks or designer objects arranged on the living room coffee table increase the character of the space. 

Glass coffee table models, which require a different aesthetic understanding for each environment, can be decorated with flamboyant vases or minimalist designed candle holders. The transparent structure of the glass increases the visibility of the objects to be placed, while allowing the light to circulate freely in the room, making the space more spacious. At the same time, special design elements such as coloured glass or embroidered edge details support the aesthetics of the decoration of the coffee tables.

Standing out with their practical aspects, wheeled coffee table models allow different decorative arrangements thanks to their mobility. On special occasions such as parties or meetings in your home, you can easily move your furniture with a wheeled centre table and instantly change every corner needed. Decorations made with mobile furniture ensure that various corners of your home always look fresh and impressive.

White coffee table models are ideal for modern and minimalist interiors with their light colour tones and elegant lines. Thanks to the purity of white and its perfect harmony with light-coloured floors, you can create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in the room. For bright and spacious spaces, the white coffee table can create a perfect contrast with live flowers or decorative objects with glossy surfaces.

Large coffee table models are generally preferred for large living rooms. These options are ideal for displaying decorative objects, coffee books or tea service sets by offering plenty of usage space. Thanks to their very large surfaces, large centre tables can also be used to present your treats for your guests at invitations. In addition, the large areas of such coffee tables provide a large display area for artistic objects.

Various round coffee table models are a wise choice, especially for small spaces. With their angleless designs, they do not restrict the movement space and add a soft touch to the space. Round forms create a more fluid movement space in the environment and also offer a modern aesthetic to the space. Decorative plates placed on round coffee tables or a central flower arrangement add richness to the look.

Black coffee table options can add depth to the space by creating contrast. The nobility of black has a flexibility that can be suitable for all kinds of decoration styles. Black coffee tables, which easily harmonise with modern, industrial or transitional styles, offer a striking appearance with metallic accessories or shiny objects placed on it. The combination of black coffee tables with different materials such as metal or wood also provides an extraordinary harmony.

Wooden coffee table models are the perfect choice for those looking for warmth and naturalness. The natural texture and warm tones of wood add a natural atmosphere to the space, while increasing the feeling of comfort and intimacy. A rug with ethnic motifs or handmade ceramic objects placed on a wooden coffee table creates an authentic effect. In addition, fabric or leather details in harmony with wooden surfaces offer a sophisticated look.

What should be considered when buying a coffee table?

The most important issue to consider when choosing a coffee table is to choose the size and style suitable for your space. If you have a large and spacious space, you can choose large coffee table models. The choice of colour and material should be determined according to the general decoration of your room; for example, if minimalism is at the forefront, a white coffee table can be an ideal option. Among IKEA's wide range of furniture, you can find a quality coffee table suitable for any style.

The centre table you choose in accordance with the size of your space can also affect the flow of movement in the room. If you have a narrow living space, you can consider glass coffee table models that will not take up much space and make the environment look wider. Also, the height of the coffee table should be proportional to your seating group. Very low or high models can create disharmony both in terms of usefulness and aesthetics.

Functionality is also an important factor in choosing a coffee table. If you are looking for an intuitive and practical use, wheeled coffee table options will provide you with convenience. In addition to wheeled models, models with extra storage areas such as drawers or shelves also offer extra usefulness. These features make the coffee table a multifunctional furniture and help prevent clutter.
In addition, the durability of the coffee table should not be overlooked. The high-quality coffee table models you can find at IKEA can be used safely for many years. Being selective about the material and surface workmanship when choosing a coffee table to match your existing accessories will give you advantages in the long run.

The size and shape of the coffee table is another detail to consider. A long and narrow coffee table may be more appropriate in a wide and short living room, while a square or round coffee table may look better in more compact spaces. Choosing a coffee table that is suitable for the dimensions of your room and the configuration of your seating group ensures that the spatial integrity is maintained.
In order to complete the decoration of your living space, it will be useful to consider the general theme of the room you are in when choosing a coffee table. IKEA offers products that can adapt to all kinds of decoration styles with its range of coffee tables for different styles and needs. Therefore, you can achieve a visual integrity by ensuring that your new centre tables are in harmony with the other elements of your home.

These coffee table models, which strike a perfect balance between elegance and functionality, play a critical role in completing the living room furniture. Wheeled coffee table options offer ideal solutions for those who want to increase mobility and usefulness. Living room coffee table models to be matched with living room furniture are shaped according to the lifestyles and preferences of the users, while colour options such as white coffee table and black coffee table allow you to make a modern intervention to the existing style.

Wooden coffee table options that will add warmth to your spaces remain the favourite of every period, while glass coffee table models designed for a minimalist and stylish look help the room feel spacious by taking up less space. Large coffee tables for large spaces and round coffee tables for small spaces offer functionality and elegance together, making them the most practical complement to your living spaces. You can renew your decoration with the coffee table models you will find among IKEA collections.

Decorate your coffee table with accessories

You can use the empty space in your living room efficiently by using coffee tables. With the extra compartments in some of the coffee tables, you can store items that you do not want to be seen in the middle, such as remote control or charger. In addition, you can display your accessories with a simple-style coffee table. Whichever you choose, you will find the one that suits your living room best.

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