Highchairs, which you can use in the kitchen or dining room so that your child can be part of your table, keep the whole family together around the table. Just as we care about your comfort, we have thought about your child's comfort and safety for high chairs. Discover highchairs for your child and kitchen chairs for your adult family members.

Highchair models

Confidence and comfort are very important for baby as they learn to eat on their own. Not only do they need to feel comfortable, but they also need to have few distracting stimuli. Highchair models designed specifically for children to support them to eat in the most comfortable way at every meal, with a seating area and safe tray and protection components. What's more, the tray design prevents food from spilling all over the place, so you can enjoy your meal without worrying about spilled food. One of the significant advantages of gathering the whole family around the dining table with portable highchair is that your child is present in this environment where you socialize. This contributes to his or her social development and helps you to eat your meal with confidence and peace of mind. For your older child, you can also have children's chairs in your home that they can use both in their own room and in the kitchen. When he or she is a teenager, you may need to choose from a range of chairs that best suits his or her height and comfort. In a way, just like you, chairs will always accompany him on this journey.

When the dining tables that bring all members of the family together are ready to welcome the smallest member of the house, parents buy high chairs. Thus, the baby, who has completed his sixth month, is now ready to meet additional food. This period requires full implementation of important stages that largely determine the baby's eating habits, health, appetite and palate. High chairs can be used to make it comfortable and easy for babies to eat. High chairs in various models support the baby from the first food experience. The high chair, which keeps the baby who has started to sit and has started to supplementary food safe and introduces him to food, also provides great convenience to parents.

You should be careful about choosing a highchair for the comfort and safety of your sensitive little baby. Thanks to the criteria you need to pay attention to in order to decide on the models of baby high chairs, you can benefit from the high chair not only as a product that helps feeding, but also as a platform where your baby can spend a long time and sleep.

Highchairs with a wide base and a padded seat cover the child completely and allow the child to sit comfortably. When deciding on the size of the high chair, you should consider the condition of the baby's feeding area and how crowded the family is. If you have a crowded family or if the feeding area is narrow, you should choose models that can be easily opened and folded. Folding high chairs do not take up free space at home when not in use and offer great convenience for travelling.

Since it is possible for mobile little ones to overturn the chair, you should choose sturdy products with wide legs when choosing a high chair. Thanks to a highchair with rattles and toys, you can ensure that your baby spends time in the highchair without getting bored. Rocking high chairs are effective for calming your baby with the music playing feature.

It is possible that your baby's food will also get its share of the highchair. For this reason, when choosing between highchairs, you should pay attention to the fact that the cover can be removed and washed or wiped clean, and that the highchair tray is removable and dishwasher safe. Height-adjustable high chairs allow your baby to sit in the most comfortable position.

Just like prams, there are also baby high chairs produced on wheels. Thanks to the wheels that do not scratch the parquet in your home, you can easily change places in the house even when your baby is on it. It is very safe due to the brake system that can only be controlled by adults. Thus, your baby can spend longer time on it. You also do not have to fold it up and carry it from one room to another.

Highchairs with a brake system that can only be controlled by adults should be among your options. For your baby's safety and your peace of mind, it is as important that the highchair has a safety belt as it has a brake system. Thanks to the highchair produced on wheels, you can easily change places in the house while your baby is in the chair.

After deciding on the brand and model, you can compare the prices and choose a safe and comfortable model that fits your budget.

High chair models according to their features

Mama chair models give users a wide range of options. The options in highchairs vary according to the type of use, material type, adjustment mechanism and brand. These chairs are produced with different design features such as folding, fixed, removable tray, fixed tray, wheeled, backrest changeable. In addition, high chairs also have high quality plastic, metal or only wooden material options. Parents who buy highchairs generally prefer ergonomically designed models that give comfort to the baby.

Standard highchairs offer basic features such as a comfortable seat that makes it possible for the baby to eat and allows the baby to sit, a seat belt that secures the baby, a tray where food can be placed, strong legs that secure the chair to the floor and a folding mechanism that offers ease of storage afterwards. High chairs with seats are also designed with your baby's ergonomics as a priority.

Practical highchairs stand out as the easiest highchairs to use. These high chairs, which can be disassembled, can be easily stored and are generally preferred for small living spaces. These high chairs, which have portable features, have a seat belt, orthopaedic seat, removable table and disassembly feature.

Raising highchairs, which have all the features required in a standard baby dining chair, stand out with their elevating and portable features. Thanks to its feature that can be adjusted according to the child's development and the size of the table, it provides a comfortable usage experience. When evaluated in terms of price / performance, it is among the most preferred models by parents.

Portable high chairs; These models, which offer a very easy use when travelling to the guest, are fixed to any sofa or chair with the help of a strap. These models, which can generally be used after the 12th month, are preferred by parents who want their baby to eat comfortably outside. High chairs with portable features made of soft cotton fabric are designed with stain-resistant features and do not take up much space in the bag.

High chairs that allow babies to play stand out as portable models that offer toys and colouring experience to the baby outside of meals. It is used by parents who want to offer quality time to their baby outside of supplementary food times, equipped with toys suitable for the baby's developmental period. In addition, it also helps babies to use their fingers with food colouring. Portable models, whose seat belt and lock system are so strong that the baby cannot remove them, draw attention with their easy-to-wash features. While your baby is having a pleasant time on its own, you can do your unfinished work.

What should be considered when buying a high chair?

It is necessary to pay attention to some points when using a high chair, which is a product that teaches the baby to eat and introduces them to food. In order to create a correct nutritional perception in the child, it is of great importance to use the highchair only at mealtimes and at the dining table. The high chair used in front of the television gives the child a wrong eating habit and can also cause obesity. In addition, there should be no toys in the high chair during meals. Children who gain the habit of eating with toys and games can scatter food around afterwards. In addition, it is of great importance to ensure the safety of the baby by fastening the seat belt of the child highchair in every use and checking its strength. In folding high chairs, it is also important not to put the baby in the chair without making sure that the mechanism is fully opened. If a model with wheeled legs is used, it is also necessary to make sure that the wheels are fixed. Finally, the baby should not be left alone in the high chair.

You want the product you buy to be suitable for both your budget and your needs. For this reason, like many other products you will buy for your baby, you will be very careful when buying a high chair. If you are worried that it will take up a lot of space in your home, you should make sure that the product you buy for your baby is foldable and takes up very little space when folded. The thing that scares parents the most is the possibility that the moving little ones can overturn the chair. For this reason, when choosing the product, you should choose sturdy products with wide high chair legs. When the rascals eat, they will surely get dirty around them and of course the baby chair will also get its share of this. For this reason, it is very advantageous to buy products whose cover can be removed and washed or wiped. It is a great advantage that you can adjust the backrest and tray part of the seat according to your baby. Products whose tray can be removed and washed in the dishwasher are very useful.

It is useful to choose products that you can adjust the height according to where you sit. Thus, you can adjust your baby to the most comfortable position under all conditions. Make sure that the seating part is made of soft material and is of a quality that will not harm your baby's sensitive skin. Products that can take a reclining position on the back provide great comfort in case your baby sleeps in a chair. The fact that it can be easily folded and unfolded does not take up free space at home when not in use and allows you to easily take it with you when travelling. The best high chairs are designed to make life easier for both you and your baby.

A highchair is an important helper for parents who want to make the feeding process comfortable, enjoyable and safe by taking all kinds of precautions against any disruptions that may occur during baby feeding. A highchair is an important helper for parents who want to make the feeding process comfortable, enjoyable and safe by taking all kinds of precautions against any disruptions that may occur during baby feeding. For this reason, every parent who wants to raise their baby healthy; baby textiles, play sets, baby food types, baby bag models, such as baby products should show the sensitivity they show for high chairs.

Why it is important to choose the right highchair

Babies, who complete their physical and cerebral development rapidly, tend to imitate what they see around them and learn by imitation from the sixth month onwards. For this reason, experts recommend that babies sit in a special area and eat with their parents from this period onwards. In this respect, high chairs put the baby on an equal footing with their parents in terms of sitting and reaching the table, and allow the baby to observe every moment happening at the table. Babies who can easily observe the table and their parents gain the ability to hold forks and spoons that support fine motor development. During this process, high chairs that include the baby in the comfortable meal routine provide great convenience to the baby and parents. In addition, babies who are attached to their habits and love rituals need to eat in a comfortable area during the supplementary food period. The experience of eating calmly and with the same tools at every meal during the supplementary food period gives the baby positive characteristics. The high chair, plate, spoon and glass set is also of great importance in this respect. A high chair that gives the baby confidence and comfort allows the baby to associate the eating experience with positive emotions. Thus, the baby, who adapts to eating in a short time, gains the habit of self-feeding at a very early age. The baby who loves to eat becomes an individual with strong immunity as he gets enough of each food. The bond that the baby establishes between the high chair and the food also supports the baby to recognise all foods and to develop its palate in this direction.

Eating in a highchair helps the baby to gain regular eating habits and to love food. In this respect, the process of choosing a high chair requires great care and attention. When evaluating the high chair options, it is necessary to check whether it is produced in accordance with the first European standards. When evaluated in terms of European standards; It is important that the high chair is stable, has a seat belt and is at the ideal height. Most of the highchairs use a 5-point seat belt system and some use a 3-point seat belt system. You can choose the one that suits you and your budget from these options. The adjustable height of the highchair also stands out among the important highchair features. You can have a pleasant experience with your baby with these chairs that can be easily adjusted according to the distance the baby will eat. The fact that the cushion that allows the baby to sit comfortably is removable and washable offers great convenience in terms of cleaning. In this respect, you can choose models that are stain-resistant, have easy-to-wipe fabric and can be easily attached and removed. It is also important that the high chair does not take up much space. It is of great importance that it can be easily carried and folded even with a single hand. The presence of back and foot support on the seat of the high chair is also considered an important feature. When choosing the high chair on which the baby eats and spills his/her food, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the dyes and other materials used in the production phase do not contain carcinogenic or allergenic substances. In this respect, high chairs produced by reliable brands are the right choice. Finally, it is also important that it is a model that supports multi-purpose use. High chairs that can be gradually brought to the reclining position offer options that make life easier for users in this respect. You can choose models that allow your baby to play safely and even sleep while you cook in the kitchen. Finally, if you want to use the high chair for many years, you need to choose models that can support your baby until the age of 3. With a carrying capacity of up to 15 kilos, as well as models that expand and lengthen with the development of the baby, you can safely choose models in this respect and use them for many years.

How should the ideal high chair look like?

Among the standard, portable and fixed baby highchair models, parents prefer highchairs with features that make life easier. The most preferred standard highchairs have a backrest with adjustable width in line with the baby's growth process. These models, which function like a mother's lap in the first months of the baby, expand afterwards and provide a comfortable space for the baby. They are generally produced in fun and colourful designs. These models with wheels can be easily transported to any part of the house. It has a backrest that supports the baby from the first day and can be used in four different positions, as well as a seat that can be adjusted to eight different heights. Thanks to this feature, you can adjust your baby according to the level of the table and make him/her eat with pleasure. All of the models offer users ease of transport and storage with their compact design features. In addition, the most preferred portable high chairs consist of a fixed high chair seating area and a removable tray. According to European standards, it has a width of 58 cm, a depth of 62 cm and a height of 90 cm. These models, which are easy to disassemble and transport, prevent the baby from dropping the food on the floor with their raised edge design. The most preferred fixed high chairs consist of a large removable tray and a wipeable soft seat. These models with fixed seats and legs are generally preferred in large living spaces.

An ideal highchair should have a wide base, be firmly on the ground and be unlikely to tip over. Since a baby who is ready to sit in a highchair in about the sixth month is mobile, it is important that the highchair has a heavy material quality that is firm to the ground. In this respect, you can choose models with plastic upper body and heavy metal legs. Plastic high chair models also stand out with their easy cleaning and easy disassembly and assembly features. In addition, there should also be a seat belt to keep the moving baby stable. It stands out as an important feature that the seat belt in the chair should have 5-point connection if possible and prevent the baby from sliding down. It is of great importance in this respect to make sure that the seat belt in the highchair you will buy is robust. Apart from all these, the highchair that offers an ideal use should have easily cleanable features. The table top of high chairs that offer ease of cleaning is generally designed with plug-in features. In addition, the high chair cushion is stain-resistant and wipeable, which provides ease of use. The fact that the stain-resistant and wipeable chair cover does not sweat the baby also stands out as a very important feature. In addition, the high chair used in all meals of the baby should promise to offer orthopedic comfort. The high chair equipped with special pads that support the spine health of the baby who will sit for a long time is recommended as the ideal model to be chosen in this respect. Finally, the highchair should be made of quality materials that provide a long-lasting usage experience. In this respect, it is very important that the plastic section that comes into contact with the baby's food is made of a healthy material free from carcinogenic and allergenic substances. The models with metal foot sections that do not rust both provide a long-lasting usage experience and are easily cleaned. You can benefit from many factors such as these to find the best high chair for your baby.

Safe high chairs

The high chair, which gives the baby the habit of eating, must have safe equipment and healthy materials. In a highchair that will keep the baby safe, there should be a strong seat belt that the baby cannot open, the chair legs should be fully pressed to the ground and the weight should not tip over, and the chair cover should be made of non-sweating material. In addition to these, it stands out as an important point that the materials used in the production of the high chair are of a quality that will not harm the baby's health.

Eating behaviours and development of each baby differ from each other in terms of developing abilities and mental states. On average, babies hold on and stand up between 9-12 months. During this period, high chair problems arise between babies and parents. The newly ambulant baby refuses to sit in the high chair in order to declare its independence and wants to be in the same conditions with its parents. In such cases, it is necessary to remove the table top of the high chair and bring the baby closer to the table. In addition, giving the baby a special plate, fork and spoon allows the baby to learn by imitating its parents.

When to use a highchair

When to use the highchair stands out as one of the issues wondered by parents. High chairs can be used from the sixth month and onwards, when babies start to sit and switch to supplementary food. There are also horizontal high chair models for babies who cannot sit yet. In addition, the high chair can generally be used until the child weighs 15 kg.

Experts recommend that the high chair, which has an important place in the child's life since the transition to supplementary food, should be used while the baby is sitting in an upright sitting position and food should be given in this way. Since it is dangerous to leave the child alone in the high chair, it must be used under the supervision of a parent. It is also of great importance that the seat belt is worn every time it is used. When you pay attention to all these safety precautions, you can use the high chair safely and have pleasant moments with your child. In addition, you can also use the high chair to make your child enjoy activities. Starting from the sixth month, you can teach your child to use their hands with food colouring and support the development of your baby's hand-eye coordination.

In what month is a high chair used?

When your baby reaches the 6th month of life, they need to be fed with additional foods other than breast milk or formula. In order to feed your baby in a more comfortable and safe way, you should definitely get a high chair. These chairs are one of the indispensable products for a family with a baby, such as a cradle, car seat or pram.

The high chair can be used from the sixth month of life until the baby is 3 years old. However, it is possible to use a high chair for babies who need to be spoon-fed at an earlier age for some special reasons. There are also highchairs with a special mechanism for such cases, which can be used from birth.

Up to what age is a high chair used?

Feeding chairs are a product that plays a major role in the feeding of babies from the sixth month to 4 years of age. You can easily manage your baby's feeding process, which can be challenging, with the help of a high chair while feeding your baby. The benefits of the highchair with its long usage time are not limited to preventing the food from getting around and helping the baby to be in the eating position. Thanks to the high chair, you can easily teach your baby the habit of feeding, help him to provide hand-eye-mouth coordination, and spend time with you at the table.

How to clean a highchair

In the supplementary food period, babies who are given things to meet food can dirty all the high chairs. For babies who have not yet developed the ability to use their hands, this situation is both enjoyable and instructive. Thanks to the design approach of brands that make life easier, high chairs are now equipped with easy-to-clean trays and stain-resistant fabric details. In this respect, you can let your baby experience the feeling of discovery freely without worrying about cleaning the highchair. However, it is of great importance to clean the high chair in detail immediately after your baby's meal without waiting for the food residues to dry in order to make your job easier. Immediately after the meal, you should vacuum the dry residues with a vacuum cleaner, then you can clean all other residues with a damp cloth. You can clean the removable tray with warm water with detergent. When cleaning the entire highchair, it is of great importance for your baby's health that you use natural detergents or vinegar instead of heavy chemicals if possible. You can also clean the thin spots on the highchair that you cannot reach with a toothpick. The highchair cover produced by some brands can be washed in the washing machine. In this respect, if you are looking for a cover with practical cleaning feature, you can pay attention to this feature during the purchase phase and then you can enjoy easy cleaning by washing the cover in the washing machine at any time.

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