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In the design of your home, rugs are not only functional floor coverings, but also exquisite works of art that can change the mood of a room, adding the warmth and cozy touch you are looking for. For centuries, rugs have been important artifacts woven into human history, reflecting various cultures, stories and craft techniques.

Rugs are not only a decoration product, perfectly blending practical use with aesthetic appeal; but also play a major role in every aspect of the home, contributing to the sound and heat insulation of living spaces. Modern manufacturing techniques have made carpets more accessible, with a variety of materials available, from natural fibers such as wool and silk to synthetic options such as polyester and nylon. This variety of materials offers different textures, durability levels and maintenance requirements, so you can choose carpets to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Rug models that complete your decoration

Rug making is an ancient tradition that spans the globe, with each culture contributing its own unique style and materials. Modern rugs, with their contemporary color palettes and geometric designs, allow this tradition to continue in homes that prefer a modern style. From hand woven rugs, each one-of-a-kind and unique, to tumbled rugs for those who want to give their homes a rustic feel, each rug tells the story of a home and a room.

Beyond being aesthetically one of the most important elements of the room, rugs offer us many practical benefits: They provide sound insulation, reducing noise and helping to maintain indoor temperature. They also protect the floor from wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas. Rugs placed in different areas can define spaces and create visual focal points, such as children’s rugs that add fun to a baby and children's room, dining room rugs for a sophisticated dining area look or bedroom rugs for a peaceful and relaxing bedroom.

The choice of rug can significantly influence the overall mood and style of a room. A light-colored, soft rug can give a space an intimate and cozy feel, whereas a bold, patterned rug can add a striking personality to a neutral room. Matching rugs with your existing furniture and home decoration items requires a keen eye for color coordination and design balancing so that the rug blends with its surroundings.

When choosing the textures of your rugs, you can choose them according to the textures of other furniture in your home. For example, you can play with the focal points in your room by choosing lounge rugs that match or contrast the fabric and colours of the sofas of your living room. When choosing a carpet for your living space, you can consider the aesthetics of the area, the size of the area where the carpet will be visible, how often you need to clean the carpet, and even the climate of your home. For example, for homes in warmer climates, jute rugs are easy to clean, can be used on all floors and can bring a natural and warm feel to your home. For colder homes, post rugs can add sophistication and elegance to your home, making it feel cozy and soft when you step or even sit on it, as well as keeping you warm.

How to choose IKEA rugs for your home?

It is no secret that rugs are extremely effective elements in decoration and can create a remarkable ambience when in harmony with furniture and curtains. The effects of rug models, which increase the comfort of living spaces, make a remarkable contribution to the elegance of the environment, and make it possible to achieve a holistic effect in decoration, can change the whole atmosphere of the room.

When the colour and shape selection is made correctly, the contributions of rugs in decoration can be experienced completely. A remarkable effect can be created in living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms with the advantages offered by rugs preferred in accordance with personal tastes, space and decoration style.

Light-coloured rugs preferred in small and narrow interiors contribute to making the spaces look wider and more spacious. Light coloured rugs facilitate the reflection of light. Light-coloured rugs that blend perfectly with light-coloured walls are often preferred in modern, classic and eclectic decoration styles. When choosing light-coloured rugs, it is recommended to pay attention to whether the products have the quality of washable rugs. Anthracite rugs add depth to the space. Rugs can have various patterns. The size of the patterns can shape the effect of the rugs on the ambience. While large patterned rugs are generally preferred in spaces with large areas, those with small patterns find a place in small and narrow rooms. At this point, it is important to evaluate the furniture styles in the rooms. In small rooms, furniture with minimal design and large patterned rugs will also provide a stylish look.

Rugs stand out with their functionality when you want to create different sections in the rooms. When it is desired to separate the seating area in a large room from the dining or resting area, rug models with multiple and different styles can be preferred instead of a single rug. Living room rugs that make it easier to change the perception of space can also become the representative of different styles in the same place. Rugs, which complement the decoration, are presented in various colours and forms. This diversity in their designs enables them to be used in different parts of interiors designed in different architectural features and styles. Rug models, which are produced to have suitable features for each room of the houses, add warmth to the atmosphere of the living spaces while creating a complementary effect to the decoration.

The availability of rug models suitable for different decoration styles makes it possible to make choices among different rugs according to tastes and needs. Stylish and remarkable rug types significantly affect the atmosphere of living spaces.

Ideal rug types for every room of the house

There are many types of rugs that beautify living spaces and complement the decoration. Rug types may vary according to the yarn structure used in production, production technique, shape, style, usage area and pile structure. It is possible to talk about many different types of rugs such as ecological rugs, ethnic rugs, modern rugs, runner rugs, wool rugs, oval rugs.

One of the rug models preferred by users for narrow and medium areas is the runner. Small rugs and runner models are used in narrow areas such as corridors, vestibules and kitchens, as the name suggests. Runners produced in different widths and sizes are usually in long forms. Thus, it can be easily preferred between rooms or in entrance vestibules. Areas such as vestibules and hallways are frequently used during the day. For this reason, the products in these areas must have a non-slip base. Rug non-slip soles provide maximum holding power on the floor. Thus, it helps to eliminate the danger of slipping as a result of sudden or rapid steps. In addition, mats are among the preferred models for room fronts and door thresholds. Mat models are usually woven from hard fibre material. In general, it has been developed to provide cleaning on the sole of the foot before entering the house or rooms.

Balcony arrangement has an important place in home decoration as well as rooms. For this reason, the products to be used on balconies can also be subjected to a separate examination. Balcony rugs are designed to withstand fading and weather conditions. These large rugs made of durable fabric can be used in terraces and gardens as well as balconies. Fade-resistant balcony rugs have a special protection system against harmful rays from the sun. In this way, the fabric of the product can maintain its colour for a long time. One of the models that should be carefully selected in home decoration is children's rugs. Unlike other types, children's room rugs are produced with protection against stains. In addition, the rug has a special technology to trap dust and germs accumulated in the young room in a short time. Thus, it can help protect the health of children and young people in the long term.

One of the categories that require attention according to their usage areas is bathroom rugs. It is important that these slip rug models specially designed for the bathroom are resistant to moisture and water. Washable and lightweight models can be preferred for bathrooms. In addition, it is recommended to use non-slip base rugs in bathrooms that are in constant contact with water. Thus, you can get maximum performance from the product you will use in this area. Rug selection is also very important for people who spend most of the day in the kitchen. Households can spend most of the time in the kitchen. In addition, the possibility of stains is quite high in these areas where delicious meals are prepared. For this reason, the first feature of the equipment to be used in this area where the tempo is constantly high may be stain resistance. Subsequently, these items in the areas used for cooking are produced with washable and non-slip properties. In this way, it offers the user a comfortable use and facilitates cleaning routines. You can use rug fleece to stay away from dirt and stains.

The choice of rugs, like every product in the bedrooms, which are the centre of comfort, is also very important. These items specially designed for the bedroom should promise comfort at every step. For this reason, you can choose cotton rug models for your bedrooms. Cotton fabric rugs with a soft texture aim to offer a comfortable use at any time. In addition, the anti-allergic properties of these bedroom items can be beneficial for your health. Models that do not contain stains and dust can prevent damage to the respiratory system during sleep. Thus, it offers a qualified and comfortable sleep time.

Tumbled rugs with different models

Hand-woven rug models produced by hand labour, not machine workmanship, are a timeless trend. Hand-woven rug models, which are woven on their own special looms and have an impressive beauty in their final form, offer a prestigious experience while meeting aesthetic expectations. Hand-woven rug types, which have different patterns in line with classic, modern and retro styles, continue to be one of the popular choices of those in search of living room rugs.

Hand-woven rugs, which are among the primary choices of those who are considering buying a living room rug, can be produced from wool, silk or a mixture of both materials. Hand-woven rug prices are higher compared to the prices of machine-made rugs because they are completed with handcrafted knots. Considering the naturalness of the materials, this high price of handmade rugs is considered to be extremely normal.

With the advancement of technology, many innovations have entered our lives. Rugs produced by hand in the past can now be manufactured in machines without touching hands. Technologies that disable manual labour have a reducing effect on rug prices and enable the emergence of different rug models. In recent years, machine woven rug models are becoming increasingly popular. It is easy to find options suitable for tastes and needs among woven rug models offered for sale in different sizes, patterns, shapes and styles.

With machine-made rugs, which are among the popular rug models used as living room rugs with their affordable costs and model diversity, it is possible to support the dominant decoration in the halls and to give the rooms a remarkable atmosphere. At this point, while the accuracy of the preferences to be made gains importance, it is necessary to determine the needs completely during the selection.

Machine made rugs that add movement to your home

Machine made rugs are divided into many different types. Machine made rugs with varying pile heights, different sizes and colours to appeal to different tastes are not only used as living room rugs. Thanks to the customisation made in their features, machine made rugs can be easily used in kitchens, corridors and bathrooms. Among the machine made rugs, varieties such as double-sided rugs, washable rugs, non-slip base rugs and antiallergic rugs stand out. Machine made rugs, whose base materials and yarn materials can vary, respond to both eye taste and comfort expectations with their design differences. The presence of different forms of machine made rugs such as antiallergic, washable and non-slip base has features that expand their usage areas. Machine made rugs can be preferred in areas such as children's rooms and baby rooms where hygiene expectations are high. Likewise, there is a significant density of machine made rugs in the runner rug models produced for corridors. The yarn types preferred in machine-made rug production are also extremely diverse. It can be produced from raw materials such as acrylic, polyester, micro polyester and cotton. Machine-made rugs, whose decorative features can differ in line with the material used, play an important role in the appearance of interior spaces. Machine made rugs have a variety of sizes that allow them to be used in different areas. They can be used both in the narrowest and the widest areas. The fact that the size ranges can be filtered makes it easier to choose the ones with the most suitable dimensions among the products.

The runner rug models, which are preferred for filling the gaps between the rooms in the houses and improving the corridor decoration, attract attention with their stylish patterns and interesting designs. Usually produced as rectangular, narrow and long pieces, runner rug models can be non-slip based and washable. The runner rugs, which can perfect the decoration of the houses when their dimensions are determined correctly, are offered in a variety that can appeal to all tastes. With the prominence of minimalism in recent years, runners with Scandinavian rug patterns have become as popular as rugs. The runner rug models with highly aesthetic designs make it possible to complete the corridors with an aesthetic decoration. The richness in patterns and colours ensures that there is a runner model suitable for every taste, regardless of the preferred decorative style. One of the important features of the runner rugs laid in the corridors, which is a route between the rooms, is that they are washable. The increase in the number of models that can be washed in the washing machine fully responds to expectations.

Jute, which has a unique texture and natural colours, is basically a fibre. It has an extremely robust structure and is recyclable. Jute rug models, which create an aesthetic effect in the areas where they are used, turn into comfort for people with allergy problems. Although jute rug models that provide an authentic touch in decoration are mostly presented in beige and brown tones, they can also have different colour options. Jute rug types that require professional cleaning can be presented as square, rectangular and round rugs. It can be monochrome or have more than one colour in its design. It is also possible to come across rug types without tassels and with tassels. Its width is one of the factors that increase the use of jute rugs.

You can choose among jute rug models to make choices that reveal your fine taste in your living spaces, to achieve a natural space transition in your rooms, and discover the ones that appeal to your taste the most.

Post rug models, which are frequently preferred as bedroom rugs, are appreciated by those who are looking for remarkable comfort and eye-catching elegance. Plush rug models, which are increasingly finding a place in interior spaces such as halls and living rooms with their soft textures and different designs, are among the prominent trends of recent years. These rug models, which provide a high level of comfort when stepped on, can be used alone in small areas and together with rugs and rugs in large areas.

One of the rug models that offer both a stylish and comfortable experience is shaggy rugs. Shaggy rug models, which can vary in pile heights, vary in colours and create a sophisticated effect in interior spaces, differ from other rug models with their long yarn structures. Although it is more frequently preferred in interiors where modern decoration style is adopted, it also stands out in vintage styles with its colour variety. Shaggy rug models, which offer a warm and comfortable experience as they can prevent cold air flow, are also used in bedrooms. Shaggy rug types offered in vibrant colours and remarkable designs can be easily used in both narrow and wide spaces since they have variable sizes.

Rug models that offer a comfortable experience while completing the decoration of living spaces can have many colours and patterns. Rug models selected according to the area of use enliven the ambiance with their remarkable patterns. It is possible to evaluate many different pattern alternatives in kitchen rug, children's rug, living room rug and bedroom rug models. Geometric patterns, Scandinavian rug patterns, floral patterns and traditional patterns in hand-woven rug models can play a decisive role during rug selection.

What should be considered when buying a rug?

The diversity in rug models makes it easier to make stylish, decoration-supporting and comfortable choices in every home. There are many factors that diversify the models of rugs, from production techniques to pile heights, various variables bring differentiation in rug models. When it comes to rug models and types, it is possible to talk about many different classifications. Since rugs are produced with many different features, pile structure and techniques, a standard model classification cannot be mentioned. Rugs can be classified according to their shapes, production techniques, materials and usage areas. The important thing is to determine which type of rug will be used in which interior space in the most accurate way.

Since the effects and functions of rugs in decoration may vary, it is recommended to consider many factors during rug selection. Variables such as colour, pattern, yarn structure, production material and pattern should be taken into consideration to ensure that the rugs are compatible with the decoration style. In order to obtain maximum efficiency from the functions of the rugs, antiallergic, washable and non-slip base features should be questioned in line with the area of use. It is recommended to prioritise quality for long-lasting use and size criteria to achieve the best effect indoors. Thin rug models are easy to carry and fit into machines, making cleaning easier.

How should rug colour selection be?

Rugs can be laid in different parts of the rooms and areas connecting the rooms. Rugs produced in different styles can be placed in all rooms, or rugs with similar styles can be preferred when integrity is desired in home decoration. Rugs, which stand out with their decorative features, are among the basic elements of decoration with their functional features. Designed as non-slip base and washable rugs according to their usage areas, these complements offer advantages such as preventing possible accidents and reducing hygiene concerns. Runner rug, kitchen rug and bathroom rug are examples of rug models that can have additional features.

In addition to classic shapes such as square, round and rectangular, access to products manufactured with special designs makes it easier to make perfect choices for spaces. Round rug models have recently increased their popularity with their harmony with both modern, classic and industrial styles. Since rug models are produced in different sizes, it is possible to make appropriate choices for the area of the rooms. It can be used as single or double in line with the decoration effect desired to be created in the rooms. Rug use can be preferred alone or can be laid together with rug models. Rug and rugs or different rugs can be preferred to create different areas in the same room. Different rug sizes also add visual difference to the area.

Rug models according to the dimensions of your room

When determining the rug size, the area of the room where it will be positioned should be taken into account. A gap of approximately 30 cm between the rug and the wall is considered ideal. Positioning the seats in the room on the rugs will improve the result obtained. At this point, the intended use of the rugs should also be considered. If it is preferred to use rugs for separate parts of the same room, it is also possible to choose small-sized rugs to stand in the middle in line with the area to be separated.

It may be useful to make an accurate measurement to decide the rug position in a room. You can take the measurements of the room you want to place before purchasing. At this point, it is recommended to precisely determine the area where you will place the rug. Subsequently, you can measure the size of the area you have determined in width and length format. At this point, one of the issues to be considered is the position of the product in the room. Firstly, you can take into account the basic dimensions of the room and how much space the product in question will occupy. At this point, the location in the room can be taken as a priority. If you are choosing a rug for under the dining table, it may be useful to take care that it ends in a position where the chair legs will not damage it. In addition, the dimensions that will touch the feet of the guests sitting at the dining table may also be ideal. In a living room with a coffee table, having the rug in a position centred with the coffee table can create a pleasant image. Otherwise, a messy and disorganised image may occur in the hall. In halls where most of the day is spent, large rugs of 140 x 200 cm, 160 x 230 cm or 200 x 300 cm are generally preferred.

In addition to the living room in living spaces, a region that confuses users is the bedroom. In the rooms in question, you can use two rugs to the right and left of the bed. At this point, you can get a single rug on both sides and head end of the bed to provide an organised look in the bedroom. The pieces that are specially adjusted according to the shape of the room are usually used in 80 x 150 cm and 70 x 130 cm sizes.

How should rugs be cared for?

Caring for rugs is an art in itself. Regular cleaning, vacuuming and stain treatment are essential to keep rugs looking their best and prolong their life. Some materials may require professional cleaning, especially to ensure durability and vibrancy. In order to use carpets more comfortably in your home, you can ensure the safety of the floors and prevent small accidents at home by purchasing an anti-slip underlay under your carpets.

How to clean the rug differs according to the type of rug. Washable rug models can be washed comfortably in the washing machine in certain periods. Some rug models require professional cleaning service, carpet cleaning at home may cause deterioration in the form of these rugs with special yarn structure. Although the cleaning and washing instructions for rugs may vary depending on the model, some generalisations can be made regarding rug cleaning. Rugs can be vacuumed regularly with a vacuum cleaner, attention should be paid to the weaving direction during vacuuming. Chemical bleaches should not be preferred during cleaning, if specific stains need to be removed, regional cleaning should be done with specially formulated rug shampoos. The lifetime of rugs can be extended by getting professional cleaning service for all carpet models except washable rugs.

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