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With pots that are as necessary for cooking as your kitchen, you can make delicious and practical dishes for small dinners, pots full of dishes for large invitations, or make jams and tomato paste for the winter. Large and small pots for every budget. With the right cooking accessories, you can spend more fun and productive time in the kitchen. You can find products with different materials, sizes and price ranges in our range of cookware.

How to use a cooking pot?

Cookware is one of the functional kitchen utensils required for cooking. These useful kitchen utensils with different models are produced with various features to make life easier. Different materials are preferred in the manufacturing process according to the intended use of the pot. The material in the production of this kitchen utensil also determines the cooking technique to be applied when using the product.

Pots with different features can be purchased individually or as a set. Determining the needs during the selection phase is important for a healthy shopping. If you do not need more than one saucepan, you can choose products sold individually. It is also possible to say that the products sold as a set have much more advantageous price options.

Cookware models consist of different parts. If you plan to use your preference in favour of these sets, you need to determine whether you need the parts contained in the set. Some sets include kitchen utensils such as pans as well as pots. If you need both products, a pot and pan set with various features may be the ideal choice for you.

Sets also include different kitchen utensils with Teflon features. Generally, sets with a high number of pieces include kitchen utensils such as teflon pans and oven moulds. If you also need such items, you can use your set preference in favour of products that stand out with their rich content. In this way, you can have multiple kitchen utensils at the same time and start preparing perfect meals immediately. It is also possible to take advantage of the price advantage offered by multi-packs.

Pot models and features

Pots, which are among the frequently used kitchen utensils, are produced in various models to meet the needs of users. One of the factors that differentiate the models is the material used in the manufacturing process. In addition, the designs of the products are also effective in creating differences. Each material used in the production of pots is suitable for a different cooking technique. For this reason, it is useful to determine your needs in advance when choosing.

Pot models can differ according to their structure. An example of this is the pressure cooker. Products in this model cook food much faster by keeping it under intense pressure. Shortly before the food is cooked, the product notifies the user with the help of its whistle to remove the pressure inside. It is this apparatus that gives the model its name. The whistle section is also used to release the vapour accumulated with intense pressure inside the product. These pots are one of the models specially produced to save time in the kitchen.

Pot models are produced from metal materials with different properties. Steel pots is one of the most preferred models worldwide. Steel is extremely functional as it is both a robust and stainless material. It also conducts heat evenly to every point. Models made of steel are one of the ideal options for cooking meals in full consistency.

Copper pot is another functional model made of metal. Copper, one of the easy-to-process metals, has been preferred for hundreds of years in the production of containers used for cooking. It is also known as a very good conductor. The metal, which heats up in a short time, also saves time. It is necessary to pay attention to heat control when using models made of copper.

Aluminium pot is one of the most preferred models by users. Aluminium is one of the metal raw materials that is easy to process. Products in this model, which are usually thin-layered, can be the ideal choice for those who want to cook in a short time. It is a very good choice especially for making soups and similar foods.

Titanium pot is one of the durable models made of metal material. This material increases the strength of the product. It also adds non-stick feature to the product. Models made of titanium material are also very resistant to scratches. Brands usually produce their robust models using this material. Titanium provides superior quality products.

Cast iron pot is one of the most common models. Casting is not a material; it is a metal processing technique. It is the name given to the process of pouring the liquidised metal material into a certain mould. It takes its name from the technique used in this process. It is one of the metal processing techniques used for many years. It is frequently used in kitchen materials. Products with casting properties are heavier. Products prepared with this technique make the dishes much more delicious.

Among the kitchen utensils used for cooking, there are also models produced with the help of advanced technology. Teflon pots are some of the most popular and preferred models worldwide with its non-stick feature. Although Teflon is mostly associated with pans, it is also used in the production of pots. Just like titanium, it gives non-stick properties to the products used. It also makes it possible to save time by allowing the pots to heat up much faster.

One of the prominent kitchen products produced with the help of advanced technology is the granite pot model. Granite products are not easily scratched. For this reason, they are among the models that offer healthy use. Thanks to their resistance to even very high temperatures, their usage areas are wide. They also have non-stick feature just like Teflon. In this way, granite products are also easy to clean.

Ceramic pot is one of the most common models. Products made of this material; It is highly resistant to high temperatures, abrasion and scratches. Ceramic ensures that the inner part of the products has a slippery base like oil. It contributes to the correct cooking of food. This material also ensures effortless cleaning of the product after cooking. Casserole pot models also include products made of ceramic material.

Glass pots are among the models with a stylish appearance. Glass material, which is generally preferred in cover designs, is also used in pot making. Glass, which is developed to be resistant to high temperatures, contributes to the healthy cooking of meals. It also makes it possible to control the food much more easily while cooking. Most of the kitchen utensils that can be used in the oven are made of glass.

Most preferred pot types

Pot models are produced from various materials considering the needs of users. Each material is preferred for a different cooking technique. For this reason, determining your needs before making a choice among the models is one of the main issues you should consider for a healthy shopping. Pot is produced using different materials such as aluminium, steel, glass, cast iron, enamel, granite, porcelain, ceramic, teflon, titanium and copper.

The factor that causes the difference between pot models is the material used in production. This situation is also effective on the durability of the products. If durability is the primary criterion for you, you should choose a model produced from materials that offer long-lasting use. In this case, you can take a look at the models produced using metal materials.

Products produced using steel can be described as domestic. This material is one of the known robust metal alloys. It is frequently preferred in the production of kitchen equipment. It ensures long life of the products. Since it is stainless, its use does not pose any health problems. A quality processed steel product is robust enough to be used for a lifetime.

Another material that is as strong as steel is titanium. Products made of this material are suitable for cooking at high temperatures. Titanium coated pots are also highly resistant to scratching and abrasion. Quality models prepared by brands are usually produced from titanium.

Granite is one of the prominent cookware production materials of recent times. Products made with this material are extremely durable. Granite is known as a useful material in terms of health because it is not scratched. It is a known fact that products with scratched cooking area produce carcinogenic substances. Products made with this material can be used in a long-term and healthy way.

Copper is a metal that has been used in pot making since the time when people settled down. This material is still used today in the production of kitchen utensils such as pots and pans. Copper is one of the metals that are easy to process. For this reason, it is found in the structure of many products we use in our daily lives. It is also very good at heat conduction. Pots made of copper ensure that the dishes are cooked very quickly and have excellent flavour. When using products made of this material, it may be necessary to pay more attention to heat control.

Models made of materials such as enamel, glass and ceramic are very aesthetic and useful. However, unfortunately, they cannot compete with metal models in terms of durability. For this reason, if durability is at the top of your expectations, it would be a much better decision to prefer metal models.

What are the ideal pot sizes according to the number of people?

Large families should prefer products with much larger dimensions when choosing among the models. Large pot models allow users to cook for many more people at one time. For this reason, users with crowded families should prefer large-sized products. Small cookware models are more ideal for nuclear families. Small models can also be preferred for processes such as heating food.

In the homes of crowded families, multiple meals are usually cooked at the same time. For this reason, cookware sets are a much more functional choice for large families. In this way, you can have kitchen utensils that will meet all the needs at once. When choosing a set, the dimensions of the parts should be checked. There are sets with large size pots. You should make sure that each of the parts is a product suitable for your use. In this way, you can buy a product that you can use easily.

If you are going to buy the pot as a single piece, you should also take care to choose among durable products. Large steel cookware is one of the options that can be preferred at this point. Using this product, you can cook for your whole family in one go. Crowded families can also have products such as mini pots in their kitchens. These models make cooking much easier for children. These products can also be preferred for heating pre-prepared meals for one person. Small pressure cooker models can also be used as an assistant in the kitchen to quickly cook the other product to be cooked next to the main dish.

How to clean the pots?

The factor that ensures the long life of the pots is the material used in the manufacturing process. For this reason, the choice you make also determines the life of the pot. Since these products used for cooking are constantly exposed to heat, it is important that they are durable. Not every material used in the production of cookware aims to make the product primarily durable. Various production materials can be used for different cooking techniques. The important thing here is your choice. If the long life of the product is important for you, it is recommended to choose among the models made of metal material.

It is also extremely important to lubricate the pots for long-lasting use. Regardless of the preferred model, lubricating the product in the first use contributes to the protection of the surfaces. If you are using a non-stick model, the apparatus you use to mix the food should be soft. Mixing utensils made of wood, plastic or silicone material will not scratch your pot. This contributes to increasing the service life.

It is not recommended to wash pots and pans immediately after they are finished. Sudden temperature changes can cause damage, especially to products with non-stick properties. Cooking your food at high temperatures shortens the life of your kitchen utensils. High heat can also have a negative impact on your health as it damages the food. Washing products in the dishwasher is another important factor that reduces their lifespan. It is possible to extend the usage time by hand washing the pots.

Pot set models

Pot set models; 2-piece, 3-piece, 4-piece, 5-piece, 6-piece, 7-piece, 8-piece and 10-piece can be in different sizes. When choosing your cookware sets, you should pay attention to the material properties as well as the number of pieces. Granite cookware is the right choice for healthy use. Steel cookware is the right choice for those who want to buy a long-lasting product. The pressure cooker set contributes to saving time by ensuring that all operations are fast. Cast iron cookware can be an excellent choice that will double the flavour of food. The part you should pay attention to when choosing is whether each of the parts is useful for you.

When choosing among the models, it is also necessary to pay attention to their sizes. Although the mini cookware set is small in size, it helps to do very practical work in the kitchen. Small cookware models are also very functional sets for preparing meals quickly. Considering your needs will help you easily buy the appropriate set.

What does the hole in the pot lid do?

The pots used in cooking are produced in different models. It is known that the holes in the pot lid, which is a remarkable phenomenon in the use of pots, have two functions. When the pot is not in use, you can hang the lid in a suitable place with the help of this hole during placement in the kitchen cabinet. Thanks to this hole, the cover is preserved when it is not in use. Another function of this hole in the pot lid is that the spoon used during cooking is placed on the lid, allowing the cooking water in this spoon to flow into the pot. Pots in a wide range of products are divided into groups according to the materials they are produced. Teflon pots, which have recently been shown to be harmful to health, have been replaced by pots made of healthier materials. When buying a saucepan, personal needs as well as the material from which the saucepan is produced should be taken into consideration.

Which pot is more healthy?

The pots used during cooking in kitchens are produced using different raw materials. It is an important issue that the pots that come into direct contact with food are produced from healthy materials. Recently, the most preferred granite cookware set products are among the healthy cooking methods. These sets, which replace teflon pots used in kitchens, offer many convenience to the user during cooking. There are many types and models of these highly preferred products. Steel cookware set products, which have been in high demand from past to present, offer the purity of steel to users. Cast iron cookware, another product in the kitchen fashion of the last period, is highly preferred because it does not contain harmful substances in terms of health. When choosing cookware, it is necessary to take into account that it is healthy as well as being easy to use.

What should be considered when choosing a pot?

Pots used as cooking tools in kitchens have a very wide product category. You can buy ideal products by considering the points to be considered when buying cookware. The first thing to consider when buying a saucepan should be the materials from which the saucepan is made. These products, which will be exposed to high temperatures, should prevent the intake of harmful substances to the body during cooking. Healthy cookware products include granite products, cast iron pots and products made of steel. Among the things to be considered when buying cookware, the design of the pots also stands in an important place. The fact that the handles of the pots are protected against heating offers a functional use to the user. Pots with silicone handles are important for the user not to burn their hands. Pots of different sizes can fulfil different needs for the kitchen. You can create a useful set by purchasing pots of different sizes.

It's time to prepare food!

Prioritise functionality and design when cooking your meals. Copper pots acquire a natural dark colour over time, so your cookware set will always have a special look. Most of the pots can be used on all hobs, including induction hobs, so you can prepare your meals safely. Whether you are preparing sauces for your pasta or desserts in sauce pots or cooking delicious soups for dinner in copper pots, you can find the cookware model you are looking for to add a traditional atmosphere and a professional look to your kitchen.

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Meet MIDDAGSMAT, the new cookware set that makes cooking a breeze! Stainless steel means easy-to-clean durability, and the thick base distributes heat evenly to prevent food from sticking or burning. Plus, it works on all types of hobs, and the clever design lets you stack pots to save space.

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This vegetable steamer is ideal for cooking vegetables, fish, chicken, and ravioli. Foods that are steamed without touching boiling water taste better, and there is no loss of vitamins. We recommend it to those who want to create wonders in the kitchen in five minutes.

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