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Our pans can be used for your Swedish meatballs or frying, giving you the right tools for your cooking. Most of our pans have non-stick Teflon coatings to make cooking and washing easier. They are also designed for use on ultra energy efficient induction hobs. Thanks to our various pan models for different dishes, you can find the best pan for your kitchen and meals in this category. In addition to all these, cast iron options and other cooking accessories used in every kitchen are also available.

IKEA pan models

Today, the equipment used in cooking is divided into groups within itself. For this reason, it is inevitable to come across thousands of options when searching for the pan model you dream of. You can determine a model as a priority in order not to get lost among thousands of varieties while looking for the product you dream of. Pan models are divided into different categories according to their usage areas. These; Teflon, cast iron, frying, pancake / pancake, waffle, sheet metal, double-sided, lidded and wok. Teflon pan models are among the equipment frequently researched by people who spend most of the day in the kitchen. The surfaces of these products made of Teflon material are designed not to cause sticking. In this way, you can heat food or cook practical foods easily. In addition, another feature of the teflon pans is the fireproof base. Thus, there is no burnt taste in the dishes made. When using these products, you should definitely prefer a wooden spoon. Hard and sharp materials can damage the non-flammable and non-stick surface of the teflon material. In addition, when these models are used as recommended, no signs of deformation are observed on them.

Another type preferred by users who are dedicated to cooking is cast iron grill pan models. Cast iron pan models have a conductive base that distributes heat evenly. Thus, foods such as fish, meat or chicken that you cook in a rectangular pan have a grilled taste. In addition, cast iron grill pans have a special base that prevents scratching and sticking. In this way, the cast iron pan allows you to cook delicious meals in a practical way. Thanks to the anti-scratch pan models, it is also possible to consume healthy foods.

Frying pans are among the models that are frequently used in the kitchen during the day. Steel or similar non-stick base materials are preferred in the production phase of these models. In addition, the materials on the base of the pan do not contain harmful substances that may have a negative effect on human health. Thus, a chemical reaction does not occur when the hot oil contacts the surface. You can choose pan models specially produced for delicious frying with peace of mind.

One of the indispensable flavours of modern kitchens is waffles. You may need a special pan model to make waffle bread flavoured with delicious fruits. At this point, you will come across waffle pans. Pans specially produced for making waffles have a special shape in the form of gingham. You can get a unique waffle in a short time after pouring the dough you have prepared into the pan. One of the remarkable features of this model is its non-stick base. In this way, small accidents that may occur while preparing a delicious dessert are prevented.

On the other hand, pancake/pancake pan models have a thinner and lighter structure compared to their equivalents. In addition, crepe pans have a special design that opens sideways. Thus, it becomes possible to distribute the dough evenly over the entire floor. The model in question also has non-stick base technology. In this way, while preparing delicious pancakes and pancakes, the ingredients do not spill into the pan.
Sheet pans are also among the preferences of people who want to create unique flavours in the kitchen. Produced using sheet material, these models distribute heat evenly over the entire surface. In addition, the sheet pan, which cooks slowly and harmoniously, adds flavour to the taste of the dishes. People who are interested in models with functional features can examine double-sided pan types. These products, which have double sides, allow the foods on both surfaces to be cooked equally. Thus, you do not need to make extra effort to cook both sides of foods such as chicken, fish and meat.

One of the kitchen products that attracts attention because it can cook food quickly is the pan models with lids. These products have a special lid section just like a pot. Thus, it is ensured that the steam comes into contact with the food during cooking. The base of the pan set with lid is especially designed as granite and cast iron. Cast iron pans with lids help the heat to be evenly transmitted to the entire meal. In addition, it is possible to reach maximum flavour in granite pan models with lids. Wok pans are among the most preferred models in kitchens. Wok pan models have a wide and deep appearance. Thus, you can make cooking processes such as soup, sauce, steaming, sautéing and frying in wok model pans in a short time.

What does a frying pan do?

A frying pan is a versatile cooking tool that can be used to cook many dishes. Many cooking techniques such as frying, sautéing, flipping, grilling, boiling, steaming and even baking can be used in the pan. For example; eggs, omelettes, menemen, pancakes, pancakes, pancakes and many other dishes can be easily cooked for breakfast. Dishes such as fried vegetables, fish, chicken, meat and broth can also be cooked in the pan. Rice, pasta and noodle style dishes can also be prepared in the pan. Various pastries can also be made with the help of a pan. There are also pastries such as pizza and pies cooked in a pan. It is also possible to make desserts such as cakes and muffins in a pan. These products are also considered a useful option for heating food.

What are the most preffered pan models?

An indispensable member of the kitchens, a feature that distinguishes the pans from each other is the materials used in their production. The materials used in the production of sturdy pans are copper, granite, titanium, aluminium, enamel, induction, steel, cast iron, ceramic and sheet metal. Copper pans are indispensable in kitchens from past to present. Pans made of copper material offer maximum heat conductivity during cooking. Thanks to the maximum heat conductivity of the pan in question, you can get delicious meals in a short time. In addition, the most preferred pans in kitchens today are made of granite materials. The reason why granite pan set is frequently preferred by users is its healthy structure. Granite cast iron pan models produced from granular minerals have a non-stick structure. Thus, the pan set granite model helps to protect consumer health along with the flavour of the dishes.

One of the pioneer equipment of delicious meals in kitchens is titanium pan models. Pans made of titanium material have a non-porous structure. Thus, it prevents the titanium material on the base from coming into direct contact with food. In addition, the titanium material used in the production of pans supports its non-stick feature. Thus, it is possible to sign practical flavours. Another model preferred by users in the kitchen is aluminium-based pans. Aluminium-based models are highly developed in terms of non-stick properties. In addition, aluminium pans that transmit heat in a short time offer the opportunity to cook delicious meals in a practical way. Today, one of the most preferred pan materials in kitchens is enamel. The enamelled pan models in question are produced by melting the glass material. In this way, it manages to be an indispensable kitchen equipment to obtain healthy meals. Enamelled pans have antibacterial properties. Thus, it helps to eliminate substances harmful to human health during cooking. All you have to do is to enjoy delicious meals.

One of the preferred models in new generation kitchens is induction pans. In cookers with induction feature, there is an electromagnet directly under the ceramic surface. The compartment in question directly generates a magnetic field. Induction-based pans placed on the hob take the heat directly and start to heat up. Thus, the heat is not on the hob; it is collected directly in the pan. In this way, the possibility of burning on the bottom of the pans is eliminated. Today, solid pan material is characterised as steel. Steel pans have a stainless feature. In this way, it prevents rust production in long-term use. Thus, it helps you cook healthy meals. In addition, steel material with good heat retention ensures that the food is cooked evenly. One of the models underlined when it comes to delicious food in kitchens is cast base pans. Cast iron pan models help you to produce unique flavours thanks to its ability to distribute heat evenly. In addition, you can get grill flavour in pot dishes by using cast bases known as grill pans.

Ceramic pan models are preferred by users who want to obtain healthy flavours in kitchens. Pans made of ceramic material are produced from natural minerals. In this way, it does not contain carcinogenic substances. You can choose ceramic-based models in order not to compromise on health while capturing unique flavours in the kitchen. One of the indispensable pan models produced within the framework of flavour is sheet metal bases. Sheet metal based pans are known for their harmonious cooking feature. Thus, it helps you to obtain viscous flavours by distributing the heat evenly throughout the food. You can make recipes such as delicious sauté and kebab in sheet pan models.

Are you looking for a quick solution when you are hungry?

You can choose the pan model suitable for the food you will make among frying pans, grill pans, or wok pans. Thanks to the non-stick edges of the pans, you can prepare your fries more oil-free or you can easily put the pans made entirely of metal in the oven. In addition, thanks to the different sizes of pan models, you can adjust the amount of food you prepare according to the number of guests coming to your home or the number of people in your family. In addition, you can use most pans on all hobs, including induction hobs.

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For those who want scrambled eggs without oil

Who doesn't like scrambled eggs for breakfast? Thanks to the special material of this Teflon® Select coated frying pan, you can cook the most delicious eggs without any oil at all. Here's a good start to the morning!

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