When preparing your soups, the most important kitchen tool you absolutely need is a ladle. With these easy-to-use ladles preparing and serving your meal becomes both easier and clutter-free.

Meet the metal ladles

Our ladle models made of steel offer good handling comfort due to the design of the handle and prevent your ladle from falling into the container during use. Like most of our products, our kitchen ladles are made from recycled products. Our IKEA 365+ HJALTE series completes the range of utensils your kitchen needs. So you can meet your other kitchen needs in addition to the ladle you need.

Where should plastic ladles be used?

Made of reinforced polyamide plastic, you can use these ladles in your frying pans without hesitation. If you have frying pans without a non-stick coating, we recommend using plastic or wooden products because they are made of gentle materials and are gentle on the inside of your pan.

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