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A knife is not only a tool for cutting food, but also a symbol of precision and power. By using a high-quality knife, you can improve your culinary skills, easily prepare meals, and have more control in the kitchen. With our various types and functions of knives, achieving all of these is now very easy and convenient.

Knife models

Knives are an important part of our daily life, as it has many functions such as making you feel like a chef in the kitchen, easily chopping fruits and vegetables, cutting meats comfortably, preparing delicious meals, and being an indispensable part of tables. A knife is a tool that has been used by humans for thousands of years and is indispensable in many cultures. The knives are divided into categories according to their functions for the most comfortable cutting, slicing, chopping, and mincing operations.

You can cut hard foods such as meat with durable chef knives made of stainless steel and soft foods without damaging them with serrated bread knives. You can choose from options such as a paring knife for fruits and vegetables, a chopping knife, and a vegetable knife to best meet your needs.

Knives are not only a kitchen tool for preparation and cooking, but also an essential part of the dining table. You can beautify your table with cutlery sets, complete your forks and spoons with dinner knives, and provide a suitable service for the youngest at the table with baby cutlery.

We have designed children's kitchenware and tableware and children's cutlery models, keeping in mind their safety so that children can eat comfortably. Except for the polypropylene plastic used for the children's g cutlery models and the solid pine used for the butter knife, all of our knives are made of stainless steel to get the desired efficiency while preparing and eating the meals. The handle of the knife is also important because it provides a safe grip. The handle part of the knives with handles is made by using acetal plastic, synthetic rubber, and high pressure laminated veneer obtained from compressed wood, as we emphasize the use of renewable materials.

The sharpness of a knife is determined by the quality of the steel and the angle of the knife. If the knives become dull over time, you can use knife sharpeners and chopping boards to restore their original sharpness. Additionally, you can store your knives in knife racks when not in use, so that you can make your environment safer.

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