Spatulas are essential in every professional or amateur kitchen. Spatula models for your different needs attract attention with their special designs. Options such as spatula sets, metal spatulas, plastic spatulas and wooden spatulas offered by IKEA facilitate all kinds of  preparation processes. With these utensils, you can perform all kinds of cooking tasks faster and more efficiently.

Long-handled spatula and wooden spatula models offer maximum safety and comfort to the user even during cooking at high temperatures. Thanks to their long handles, you can easily mix in deep pots, and with their wooden structure, you can prepare your meals without scratching sensitive surfaces such as Teflon. Wooden spatulas made of environmentally friendly materials allow you to contribute to sustainable kitchen practices.

Special designs such as cake spatulas, which are indispensable in cake making, are ideal especially in situations that require fine workmanship such as icing or decorating. Offering a combination of aesthetics and functionality, these products make the time you spend in the kitchen more enjoyable and productive. Ideal for achieving a smooth surface when spreading icing on cake or pastry bases, ergonomic spatula types are made of durable materials, so they maintain their high performance for a long time.

Each spatula model is also important in terms of making an aesthetic contribution to your kitchen decoration. Colourful plastic spatulas among the varieties add liveliness to your kitchens. These spatulas, which do not require cleaning after use thanks to their easy-to-clean structure, are among the practical kitchen utensils.

Along with these spatula types that help you in all kinds of cooking and preparation processes, different kitchen utensils also allow you to complete your food preparation process. Kitchen sets that you can complete with other preparation tools reflect IKEA's user-friendly approach. A kitchen equipped with modern spatulas and utensils can transform food preparation from an ordinary daily routine into an enjoyable and inspiring hobby.

For those looking for long-lasting and durable kitchen tools, we contribute to the household economy by offering all these spatula types at affordable prices. Offering solutions for every budget, our collections make quality accessible to everyone. While ease of use, aesthetic design and functionality are carried to your kitchens with spatula types, you can enjoy the rich product range. You can find everything you need to prepare perfect meals in our special collections.

Spatula models

When choosing the most suitable spatula for your needs, you can find many models such as wooden spatulas, long-handled spatulas and aesthetic cake spatulas in the rich product range. These spatula sets, each designed for different purposes in the kitchen, are at the forefront in terms of quality and usefulness. Metal spatula options designed for modern and minimalist kitchens stand out with their durability and stylish designs. 

These carefully produced spatulas are ideal for long-term use in the kitchen. In the same category, there are multifunctional spatula sets that can undertake more than one task. These sets include spatulas in different sizes and shapes. Thus, it is possible to meet all kinds of cooking and serving needs.

Wooden spatulas are an ideal option for users who prefer ecological materials. Natural wood material is known to be safe in contact with food and offers a healthy alternative in the kitchen. Such materials support sustainability while keeping the aesthetics and functionality of the products at a high level. Wooden spatulas are indispensable elements, especially in traditional and rustic kitchen designs.

Plastic spatulas in the wide range of spatulas attract attention with both economical and versatile usage possibilities. These models, which are very functional when preparing delicate dishes with their light and flexible structures, prevent scratching especially sensitive teflon coated pans. Made of high quality plastic, these products make any food preparation process safer and more practical.

For those looking for innovative designs, long-handled spatulas provide great convenience, especially when working with deep pots and high pans. The long handles allow the user's hand to mix comfortably without touching the food. The ergonomic design of the handles minimises hand fatigue even during prolonged use.

Designed for every need in your kitchen, spatula types provide solutions for every budget without compromising on quality and aesthetics. These products greatly facilitate and speed up the food preparation process in both amateur and professional kitchens. You can choose the most suitable spatula models for your kitchen style and cooking habits according to your taste and enjoy practical kitchen solutions such as measuring cups

Spatula usage areas

From baking cakes to mixing salads, these utensils can be used for a wide range of tasks in the kitchen and will fit in with any kitchen style. While a pastry spatula is ideal for spreading icing or decorating desserts, wooden spatulas are preferred when working with hot dishes. Wooden products absorb heat well and do not damage cookware surfaces. Mixing bowls are indispensable for these processes and, when used in combination with high-quality mixing bowls, will help you achieve excellent results.

Modern spatulas are designed for maximum control when working with soft and delicate dishes such as omelettes or pancakes. Plastic spatulas offer excellent functionality when used with non-stick pans and will not damage the Teflon pan. Metal spatulas, used for turning or stirring the bottom of dishes, offer superior performance when working with harder foods. Also, when used in combination with dough cutters, you can easily process ingredients such as pastry or pizza dough.

Spatulas provide great convenience not only in cooking and preparation processes but also in serving. Especially long-handled spatulas are suitable for serving food from large serving bowls. Used for serving large portions of food in buffets or family dinners, these products offer comfort and ergonomic use. Each product in IKEA's wide range of spatulas is characterised by its unique design and durability, so that its performance does not compromise even with prolonged use.

Developed to meet a variety of kitchen needs, these tools are suitable for home cooks as well as professional chefs. When used in conjunction with IKEA's kitchen scales, they make a great contribution to preparing ingredients with precisely the right measurements for recipes. These utensils, which are effective in the preparation of healthy and delicious food, also attract attention with their ease of use and ergonomic design.

In general, spatulas offer the flexibility and comfort to work with all kinds of materials in the kitchen, regardless of liquid, dry, hot or cold. These spatulas, which stand out with their lightweight and durable structure, are easy to clean and do not lose their material quality over time. These features make spatulas indispensable among kitchen tools and take their place among the basic tools that must be present in every kitchen.

How to clean a spatula?

Materials such as plastic spatulas and metal spatulas can be easily cleaned after use. Wooden spatulas are recommended to be washed at low temperature and kept away from direct sunlight for long life. In general, all types of spatulas offer a practical and hygienic use.

For the cleaning process, it is important to first remove any food residues left on the surface of the spatula. You can do this under hot water using a dish brush or sponge. Products whose surface comes into contact with sticky foods, such as cake spatulas or spatulas used for spreading cream, should be cleaned thoroughly.

Since metal spatulas are made of materials such as stainless steel, special attention should be paid to the drying process to prevent water stains and lime deposits. You can dry the spatula completely using a soft cloth. For plastic spatulas, non-abrasive cleaning materials should be preferred to avoid scratches and dulling of the surface.

Wooden spatulas require special care because they are made of wood. You should avoid washing wooden spatulas in the dishwasher and prefer hand washing instead. It is important to let them dry completely after washing with dishwashing detergent and hot water. Occasional lubrication with mineral oil can also be useful to prevent the wood from cracking.

When cleaning long-handled spatulas, the handle should not be overlooked. Although the handle does not usually come into direct contact with food, it can harbour dirt and bacteria during use in the kitchen. By using hot water and detergent, you can be sure to clean the handle parts thoroughly. After each spatula cleaning, it is important to store it in a ventilated and dry place for long-lasting use. Proper placement of each part of the spatula set without touching each other prevents scratches and other damages.

Depending on the material properties of the product, periodic deep maintenance is also recommended. Special anti-rust oils can be used for metal spatulas. The quality spatula models offered by IKEA are designed to serve in your kitchen for many years with the right care and cleaning methods. Therefore, it is important to follow the care recommendations given.

What should be considered when buying a spatula?

When buying a spatula, it is of great importance to pay attention to the properties of the material to be used. Plastic spatulas are generally preferred to avoid scratching non-stick surfaces. However, wooden or metal spatulas with increased durability are more suitable for hot dishes and heavy use. There are specially designed options among spatula models. Choosing the right type of spatula for the operations frequently performed in the kitchen makes the food preparation process more efficient and safe.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a spatula is the length of the handle. Long-handled spatulas, especially when working with deep containers, provide comfort and safety while cooking. Ergonomically advantageous and easy-to-use spatula sets offer all kinds of solutions you need in the kitchen. Long-handled models are important for providing extra safety when working with hot surfaces.

In order to take full advantage of the advantages of using a spatula set during the food preparation process, it will be useful to use the various types of spatulas in the set for the right purposes. While the pastry spatula is ideal for fine work such as spreading cream, the wooden spatula or wooden spatula types are suitable for use with hot dishes and non-stick surfaces. With its wide range of products and spatula options in different materials and sizes, it meets every need you may encounter in the kitchen.

When purchasing a spatula, it is also important to pay attention to whether the material is safe in contact with food. The products offered with high quality are manufactured using materials that comply with food safety standards. While plastic spatulas are preferred in terms of health because they are made of BPA-free material, the fact that metal spatulas are made of durable materials such as stainless steel ensures that they do not compromise their performance even in long-term use.

When choosing a spatula, criteria such as material quality, length, intended use and health standards should be taken into consideration. Many types of spatula sets and single products designed to meet your kitchen needs provide the solutions you need for all kinds of kitchen activities. IKEA spatulas are the ideal choice for anyone looking for practicality and efficiency in the kitchen.

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