PAX Wardrobes Campaign

Meet your dream wardrobe with PAX and KOMPLEMENT interior organisers. Now, you will know exactly where your pants, tshirts and belts are instead of looking for them in a wardrobe.

PAX Wardrobes Campaign

PAX Wardrobe Systems

PAX is a built in wardrobe solution that you can customize to your needs, and your life style. PAX wardrobes work well in the hallway as well as in your bedroom or your child's room and have a 10 year guarantee. Choose to design your own customized wardrobe by choosing between different widths, depths and heights, or choose one of our ready-made PAX wardrobes.

PAX Wardrobes Campaign

Design your own wardrobe.

Follow our step by step guide below and design your own dream closet in five easy steps. Nothing beats a custom-made wardrobe suitable to your needs and your space!

Pre-planned and ready-made PAX wardrobes

Our experts have put together solutions to everything from the perfect wardrobe to the family's ultimate solution. Click to see our ready-made wardrobe combinations.

PAX Wardrobes Campaign
PAX Wardrobes Campaign

Step 1: Choose your frame.

Start by selecting the frame. The frames come in different height, depth and width and can be combined endlessly.

PAX Wardrobes Campaign

PAX Frame

Think about how much space you have in the room. It is very important to know the width and height of your new wardrobe may be. Consider also if you want any kind of door. The frames are available in white stained oak effect, white, oak effect and black brown that you can match with the wardrobe interior doors. Adjustable feet make it possible to compensate any irregularities in the floor.

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You can choose between frames that are 201 or 236 cm high and 35 or 58 cm deep and 50, 75 and 100 cm wide.

Take advantage of unused space with a corner piece and build a corner wardrobe.

Measure, measure, measure.
Start by measuring how much space you have for your wardrobe.

PAX Wardrobes Campaign
PAX Wardrobes Campaign

Step 2: Select the door (or skip it entirely)

In step 2, you choose which doors you wish to have in your wardrobe. Choose from hinged doors or sliding doors. Or why not skip the door completely and go for a more open walk-in-closet feeling.

PAX Wardrobes Campaign

PAX sliding doors

PAX sliding doors gives you more room for furniture because they don't take any space to open. Choose from pre-made sliding or design your own by selecting a frame and two panel containers. The sliding doors are sold in pairs.

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PAX hinged doors

We offer a wide range of hinged doors both in material and color. The door can be mounted with the opening to the right or left, knobs and handles are sold separately. Knobs, handles and interior accessories that help you organise inside your wardrobe are sold separately. Make sure you have a 3-pack with hinges for each door 195 cm high, and a 4-pack of every 229 cm door.

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Hinges with integrated dampers catch the door and close it slowly, silently and softly.

PAX Wardrobes Campaign
PAX Wardrobes Campaign

Step 3: Maximize your PAX

It's time to discover the wide range of wardrobe design. The interior organiser KOMPLEMENT Series is completely adapted for PAX and all your needs. Of course also all furnishings 10-year warranty.

PAX Wardrobes Campaign

PAX Interior

Organize all your shoes, neckties, sheets, underwear, scarves, pants, handbags, jewelry and more. Think about what you need each day. Do you have a lot of shoes? Or maybe you have many pants? Then it is practical with a trouser hanger. If you store your summer and winter clothes in the same place, it is easy to stow away your clothes in the deep slopes.

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Wire baskets allow air to circulate.

PAX Wardrobes Campaign
PAX Wardrobes Campaign

Step 4: Organize more

If you want more room for your clothes and shoes SKUBB series that is designed for PAX, comes in handy. Organised wardrobes save many early mornings and "what should I wear" occasions.

PAX Wardrobes Campaign

SKUBB storage

If there is chaos in your wardrobe our SKUBB Series can help you take control again. Drawers and hanging storage in different sizes allows you to separate and organize your clothing, shoes and accessories so that you can find everything quickly. The drawers can be folded when not in use and takes little space when stored.

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"Did you know that 1 out of 3 women spend more than 5 minutes per day to look for things in the closet?"

PAX Wardrobes Campaign
PAX Wardrobes Campaign

Step 5: Final touches

In the fifth and final step is just the icing on the cake left. No wardrobe without a handle or knob! And don't forget the lighting. Super easy to assemble, with or without batteries.

PAX Wardrobes Campaign

Knobs and handles

IKEA has many handles and knobs in different styles, shapes, materials and colors so you can choose the one that suits you best. Some handles are attached to the back of the door which gives a different and stylish look and you avoid holes that are visible. New knobs or handles may also be simple and cheap to renew the look of your old PAX Wardrobe.

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Integrated lighting

The right lighting is an important part of getting ready for your day, or a night out. The LED lighting strip helps you see things clearly, and also adds style to your wardrobe.

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