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All ages welcome

This family room really is for the whole family: a space for grown-ups to hang out and read, and where there’s no shortage of fun for the little ones. Fairy tales are slotted in between novels, and children's art and crafts are displayed (with pride!) alongside the other ornaments. Altogether, the result is a warm and child-friendly atmosphere.

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IKEA-herkese yer var

Storage fit for a family

Toys, games, books... and everything in between! When the fun comes to an end (bedtime is usually to blame), these wall-secured, glass-door cabinets keep it all neatly packed away until next time.

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Kick up your feet, or flex those fingers!

The piano corner is where you’ll find this home’s virtuosos-in-training plonking out Chopsticks on lazy Saturdays, followed by afternoon snoozes on the sofa nearby. The double chaise-lounge design makes for super-size snuggles.

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IKEA-herkese yer var
IKEA-herkese yer var

Let's get artsy

Rainy days don’t have to go away when there’s just as much fun to be had indoors. A few hours in the art corner are as rewarding for both grown-ups and children alike, with all the paper, painting supplies (and floor protection!) that you need to unleash your creative side. Crates, caddies and benches with built-in storage make the transformation from studio back to family room quick and easy.

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