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Finding fl ow in focused light

A fl oor lamp by the sofa is always nice for reading. Just keep in mind that staying concentrated for longer without getting fatigued also requires good low-intensity light to balance your reading light and decrease contrast. Like good general light from a pendant or a mood lamp close by.

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A feelgood foundation of light

Lighting that makes us feel good is usually a mix between natural light from windows and artifi cial light. A pendant with an LED light source is a good way of getting pretty close to natural daylight – a wise choice when you don’t have many windows or daylight hours are short.

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Add fun lighting to your living room for your children

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A doughnut to set the mood?

Mood lighting softens the contrast between general and focused light and helps create a cosy atmosphere. It’s also a great way of adding a bit of fun and personality. In small spaces, it’s always a good idea to use the walls as this saves precious fl oor or shelf space.

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Favourite picks 

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“A WiFi speaker built into your mood lighting is ideal for a small space. Super convenient for getting the right mood and soundtrack for your day.”

Stjepan Begic Product Developer

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Wireless control of light and sound

DIRIGERA akıllı ev sistemine bağlı çözümler sayesinde doğru aydınlatma ve doğru ses düzeyiyle hoş bir ortam oluşturmak hiç bu kadar kolay olmamıştı. Bağlı ürünlerinizi kontrol etmek için telefonunuzdan uygulamayı açmanız yeterlidir.

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