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Storage tailored to you

A good tip for a one-room apartment is to choose a storage system that is easy to adapt to small tricky spaces. Build high and low, even above the bed, to get the stow-away space you need.

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Say it with cushions

When you’ve turned your bed into a daybed – call it a sofa if you want – throw a few cushions on top to complete the transformation. Your own combination of colours, patterns, dots and stripes can be quite a stylish statement.

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Side tables set you up for more

In a small space, it’s convenient to have a few small tables for easy multi-use. Coffee table, board game table or breakfast-in-bed table? You can even put them together for a picnic-on-the-rug-with-friends combination.

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Mirror for extra dimensions

A big mirror makes the room seem larger – not only by adding a feeling of spaciousness, but also how it reflects light. With the right frame it can also be a powerful addition to the overall styling of the room.

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The bed-sofa-bed-sofa-bed

An extendable daybed that easily converts into a bed for one – or even two – is the ultimate solution for small-space living. When morning comes, hide the bedding in the drawers underneath. Voilà, it’s now your sofa – again.

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Eat, work and play

An all-purpose table to centre daily life around can still be elegant to match the mood of the room. Foldable drop-leaves and a handy drawer make it extra well-suited for small-space living.

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Compact is no reason to compromise

Some things should simply be allowed the space they need – like an armchair that lets you enjoy comfortable moments on your own or offer a guest the best seat. And if you’re going to have an armchair, it might as well be a stylish one.

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