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The warmth of wood and the company of plants

The design of this garden table and chair set – with its thin legs and wooden material – gives a light and airy look, and brings warmth to the space. Note how we chose dangling plants and arranged them in such a way that it gives a cocooning, room-like feeling. Simply fold away the chairs and table for extra space.

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Style a beautiful outdoor shelving unit

Outdoor shelves are not just for storing forgotten plant pots – why not display your plants and store items in an artful and inspiring way? Here, we placed light chains in a lantern, added plants with trailing leaves for a rustic feel, and stored chair pad vertically (just like books) for easy access.

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The small details that make a big impression

Notice how a simple tablecloth made this outdoor table into a rustic work of art. And check out how the outdoor flooring instantly elevates the space with its light colour and subtle pattern.

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glass vase, transparent glass 229 Add to Basket
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artificial plant, green/liliac 249 Add to Basket
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plastic plant pot, natural 1,699 Add to Basket


floor decking, light grey 379 Add to Basket
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throw, yellow-beige 899 Add to Basket
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Let your balcony twinkle

This balcony exudes that warm, inviting feeling; it’s like a hug but in architectural form. What makes it oh-so-cosy is that it uses the magic of light in almost every corner. Light chains are strung on the railings, against the walls, and even jumbled in a lantern. Get all the lamps and let it glow!

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Almost like an extra room in the house

The parasol not only provides shade but also adds to the sense of cosiness, and gives a room-like feeling to the space. The base is designed especially for small spaces, and can be placed flat against the railing. Add hanging plants, colourful balcony furniture and plenty of outdoor lighting.

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Recreate the look piece by piece

Like what you see? Here are all the products and accessories you need to recreate this warm and cosy look on your own balcony.

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Planning your patio and choosing outdoor furniture

When planning your outdoor area, it can be a good idea to divide it into more than one space. Maximising the use comes with choosing furniture that allows as much flexibility as possible. This way, your space is easier to adapt to different activities and all kinds of social gatherings.

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