Soft comfort that matches the style

Some cushions to lean back on and a throw or two help this day-bed work as a comfortable sofa, too. The colours in the textiles, including the bed linen, are in simple, natural tones and help bring a harmonious feeling to the room.

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lace pillow, beige-white
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earthenware plant pot, terracotta
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Textile tips to get the look

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pendant lamp, white/birch
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wooden chair, bamboo
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A recipe for harmony

An open plan area like this one has a number of zones where different activities happen. Everything is kept in harmony by using co-ordinated colour tones and only a few types of materials. Lighting up the different zones creates a variety of moods, too.

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Looking for some bright ideas?

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A flexible space divider and more

A trolley – a wooden one matching the simple, modern look of the room – helps divide off the day-bed area. It’s easy to move, adding more flexibility to this 24-hour space. The items on the trolley are nicely arranged, with the same colour scheme as the rest of the room to keep things calm.

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Extra comfy touches

The cushions and the rug in a mix of different textures and materials boost the cosy feeling, make things more visually interesting and add extra comfort. And that soft, fluffy rug? It looks and feels like sheepskin but in fact it’s made from recycled PET bottles.

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Time for a good night’s sleep

It doesn’t take long to transform this area into a cosy sleeping space with subdued lighting, a comfy bed and curtains for a nice, cocooning feeling.

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