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1. Good knives

"Pick one with a good, heavy handle," says Liz. Sturdy blades are best for chopping hard vegetables, and smaller blades are handier for peeling and trimming. Stainless steel is easy to clean and is also hard-wearing, although it’s always best to handwash knives rather than putting them in the dishwasher.

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"Pick ingredients for their colour as well as their flavour – we enjoy how food looks as well as tastes!"

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2. Good ingredients

"This is my Mexican cooking shelf! Whenever I go back to Mexico – where I grew up – I bring back chillies and spices. I keep them in these tight-seal jars so I can see what’s inside."

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3. Handy equipment

Declutter your countertops as much as possible, use wall rails to store tools close to the hob. "Metal fittings are easy to clean," says Liz. "And you can combine them with all sorts of colors.”

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4. Good light

If there’s no natural light in a corner of your kitchen, clip a practical spotlight onto a shelf. It’ll be useful for preparing food, and double up as indirect lighting for creating atmosphere when you’re having dinner. "Just remember to add some table-top candles too!" says Liz.

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5. Organisation

“In such a small space you have to be organised," says Liz. "For example, everything in my spice drawer is labelled. And when I’m hosting a dinner party, I plan my time so that I’ve finished cooking when my guests arrive. It means I can spend time with them, and enjoy the experience."

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