Wicker Baskets

Ideal for adding a natural and friendly atmosphere to the storage and organisation solutions in your home, wicker baskets stand out with their durability, aesthetics and sustainability. With the beauty and ease of use of natural materials, wicker baskets add a natural elegance to our home while organising our lives. In this category, you can find wicker baskets that are useful and long-lasting for storage solutions in every area of the home, as well as wicker baskets that look beautiful and will be part of your decor.

Wicker basket models

Wicker box and baskets can be used for many different purposes, making them an indispensable part of our homes. For example, in the kitchen, you can keep your vegetables such as potatoes, onions and garlic fresh for a long time by storing them in cool and sun-free wicker baskets. Wicker baskets can also offer storage solutions where you can safely and aesthetically store some cookware and tableware products you use in the kitchen: You can store the baskets you use for the jars you prepare for the winter, the serveware you do not use frequently, and the baskets you use for clean and ready-to-use kitchen textiles in kitchen cabinets or pantry cabinets, so you can make sure that your items are not cluttered but accessible at any time.

While organising the items in your bathroom, you can also use wicker basket types to get a calm and peaceful decor. You can also store towels, bathrobes and cleaning supplies in your bathroom with the help of wicker baskets. You can also use wicker laundry baskets to store dirty laundry in the bathroom and bedroom in a way that does not spoil the appearance of your room and to easily move it from one room to another on laundry days. You can also use wicker baskets in the wardrobes in your bedroom for your clothes and other items that you can easily reach.

You can use wicker baskets in rooms of your home with a lot of stuff, such as the living room. For example, some wicker baskets are designed to be compatible with the shelf compartments of our open shelving units, so by combining these wicker baskets with different storage boxes in the same shelving units, you can create a unique look and create decisive storage solutions for different types of items. Especially in TV cabinet systems and sideboards, you can combine small wicker baskets with decorative boxes and home decoration products and make your wicker baskets a part of your decor. You can use low and flat baskets under your sofas or in armchairs with storage compartments to store blankets, pillow and cushions in the storage chests.

You can store children's toys that overflow from the baby and children's room to other rooms of the house in any room of the house without spoiling your decor thanks to wicker baskets. Thus, you do not have to fit all your children's belongings in one room, at the same time you will prevent clutter and preserve the aesthetics you have created in your room.

In working spaces, you can also use wicker baskets together with boxes where you will store your documents, stationery products, cables and books. By including wicker baskets on the shelves of your bookcases, you can create a peaceful environment that will make it easier for you to focus in this work-oriented area, as well as reduce confusion and increase your productivity by contributing to the organisation of your belongings. You can also examine drawer units and filing cabinets to increase the storage spaces you create in your home office.

Wicker baskets are preferred not only for their intended use but also for decorative purposes. They add a natural and warm touch to the interior of the houses and give a pleasant atmosphere to the environment. Wicker products on your dining tables and buffet furniture in a dining room with elegant and sharp lines can be the right choice to change the atmosphere of the whole room and add a more intimate atmosphere to your invitations. Simply choose tablecloths in earthy tones and made from natural materials such as linen on your dining table and complement them with a decorative wicker basket, some fresh fruit and different candles: It's that easy to create a favourable setting for a beautiful banquet!

Our wicker basket models with different sizes, styles and capacities usually have handles, so you can easily carry items from one room to another room; You can even carry food, drinks, picnic and on-the-go products that you will take with you for your picnics on your balcony and garden or outside in good weather. At the end of a fun day, you can clean the picnic materials you have used and place them in wicker baskets on shelves or cabinets in your pantry, entrance, hallway and corridors and store them ready for the next picnic day. You can create a warm and natural look in the most order-oriented room of your home by using baskets of suitable volume and size for all the other items you store in your hallways.

Sustainable wicker baskets

Made from sustainable materials such as wicker, reed and thatch, these baskets are durable and natural, making them an environmentally friendly option. Unlike plastic or synthetic materials, wicker baskets are made from wicker fibres, a biodegradable and recyclable material. Although they can be easily recycled as organic waste when they lose their function, it may be a long time before they reach this stage thanks to their longevity.

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