Small Rugs

Each of the decorative factors determines the atmosphere of the interiors. In this context, small rugs offer elegant solutions to layout problems, especially in areas with limited square metres, while creating a comfortable and elegant living space. IKEA's wide range of small rugs combines traditional motifs with modern lines, offering options for every living space. The idea of creating big transformations with small touches is at the centre of IKEA's design approach, and with this in mind, small-sized rugs are given special importance. You can check IKEA's selection of rug models to see which sizes are most suitable for your space and make the right decision for the integrity of your home. 

The small rug concept is designed with the shrinking living spaces in mind, especially in city life. Whether you have a minimalist or eclectic decoration style, you can make the most of your space and add touches that will harmonise with the atmosphere of your room with the variety of small size rugs and small rugs offered by IKEA. Our 6 square metre rug models and smaller sized products offer a practical use and are advantageous in terms of maintenance and cleaning. These rugs, which have the feature of being a focal point not only with usefulness but also with visual aesthetics, are always produced at high quality standards.

Helping to make your spaces look more spacious and organised, small rugs are designed in accordance with IKEA's understanding of sustainability and environmentally friendly production while appealing to all tastes with their different designs. Among our small rug range, you can also find rugs made from organic materials and models that save money with innovative production techniques. Starting from 4 square metre rug sizes, there is a wide range of sizes to meet different needs. While these rugs add elegance to your various spaces from your living room to your bedroom, they also make your cleaning easier. In response to your questions such as ‘How to wipe the rug?’, we also provide appropriate care and cleaning recommendations for our products.

Small rugs, which are among the practical ways to save space without sacrificing aesthetic design, stand like a work of art in your rooms and enrich the general appearance of the space. You can create a cosy and stylish corner or an eye-catching focal point in your room with small rug sizes suitable for your style. Small size rug and rug models, which are often preferred in narrower spaces such as vestibules or kitchens, make their differences felt in every detail from textures to design lines, from colours to material quality.

When you visit our small rugs category, the unique stories of each of our products invite you to an extraordinary shopping experience. Each small rug model in IKEA's impressive design world has the potential to breathe new life into your living space and blends perfectly with both modern and traditional decorating styles.

Small rug models

IKEA's wide range of products offers you the solutions you are looking for in your search for small rugs for every home and every budget. With different weaving techniques and colour options, home textile models and small rugs are complementary elements of your original designs. From modern and minimalist decorations to more classical and authentic spaces, IKEA offers models that are specially designed to appeal to every design sense and meet your expectations.

IKEA's small rug models, which attract attention with their original designs and quality material choices, are varied enough to adapt to every corner of your home. From Scandinavian-inspired patterns and colours to warmer and more traditional designs, there's sure to be a piece to complement your home decor.

The models among the small rug types exhibit a different character in every part of your space with their different textures and patterns. From children's rooms to kitchens, corridors to workspaces, we offer functionality and aesthetics together with specialised options for each area.

Small size rug designs that will harmonise with your lighting and furniture choices also stand out with their structure that can adapt to seasonal changes. You can bring both the freshness of summer and the warmth of winter to your home thanks to the varieties offered by IKEA with warm or lighter textures.

Prepared with an innovative approach, IKEA small rug collection adds a modern atmosphere to your spaces and stands out in terms of ease of use. With their lightweight and easily transportable structure, you can change the location of your rugs whenever you want, so you can easily renew the atmosphere of your home.

Our small size rug models, which closely follow the latest trends in the world of decoration, ensure that your home gains a look suitable for fashion trends. You can find the innovations in seasonal colours and patterns in our constantly updated collection, and you can carry the current decoration trends to your home while maintaining the style of your home.

What are the advantages of using small rugs?

The use of small rugs or runners in rooms with space limitations makes the room look larger and allows the furniture to be placed in a more organised way. 4 square metre rug or 6 square metre rug models are known for being very easy to clean and portable. Small rugs play an effective role in heat and sound insulation, making your space more comfortable.

Such rugs make small spaces more dynamic and interesting. The element of warmth on the floor adds extra comfort to the home, especially in the cold months, and offers the opportunity to create a harmonic aesthetic with other decorative elements in the home. Small rug models, which turn into a decorative element, enrich the general ambience of the space with different textures and colours.

Other advantages include the purpose of emphasising or dividing a specific space. For example, a stylish small rug positioned under the sofa in a living room can accentuate the seating area and regulate the flow within the space. Small size rug models are an effective and practical choice for seasonal decoration changes. You can add a seasonal innovation to your space with models in patterns and colours specific to a certain season.

A small rug placed under or next to your furniture can create a more peaceful and aesthetic impression by increasing the visual balance of the space. With modern or traditional designs, small rugs can be adapted to any living space and offer a wide range of possibilities to reflect your personal taste. These rugs, which add a unique characteristic feature with different styles and motifs according to the area they are used in, attract attention with their elegant and simple details.

In terms of practicality, their portability makes them an accessory that you can easily exchange between various rooms. In this way, when you want to renovate your home or make a different arrangement, you will make an economical and flexible change. Especially for rental houses or for those who have to move frequently, options such as small rugs make it easier to move and adapt to the concept of the new home.

Using a small rug is also a budget-friendly alternative. These models, which are more economical than a large rug, are ideal for those who want to make frequent changes or have a limited budget. For those who want to follow a certain theme or redecorate the space in accordance with the seasons, small rugs offer the opportunity to save costs and increase creativity.

Small sizes, such as 4 square metre rug and 6 square metre rug models, are also suitable for children's and baby rooms. They can serve functions such as demarcating play areas or signalling a specific activity area. By providing a safe and soft surface for babies and toddlers, they help to make the nursery a more inviting and fun place.

Uses of small rug models

Small rug options have versatile usage areas. In rapidly changing interior trends, small rugs and other miniature rug types create a different dynamism in your hallway or rooms by synchronising with your furniture. It allows you to create a more innovative decoration design by deviating from classical dimensions.

Small size rug models, which you can use as an elegant detail in the centre of the room or as a balanced complement under the furniture, reveal your creativity. These rugs with various textures and colour transitions add aesthetic value to your space.

Ideal for creating a comfortable floor in a study room, small rugs offer a safe and comfortable playground for children in playrooms. With their ease of use and interchangeable structures, these rugs are indispensable elements of dynamic living spaces.

Adopting the idea of space-specific design, small rug types can also be used in humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens with their wide range of colours and patterns. Models produced from water-repellent materials play both a functional and decorative role in these spaces.

Indispensable for foyers, 4 square metre rug and 6 square metre rug models make your home stylish and inviting while offering easy-to-clean solutions against possible contamination. Thanks to their practical dimensions, they easily adapt to your frequently changing decoration tastes.

Small size rugs can also be preferred on the verandas or balconies of detached houses. By choosing these products made of materials suitable for outdoor use, you can make your outdoor spaces as comfortable as indoors.

Among the small rug sizes, the most preferred 8 square metre rug options provide a stylish floor for under the table in your kitchen or dining room. These models, which stand out with their stain-resistant and easy-to-clean features, are a very practical option for daily use.

You can also use small rugs to create a small comfort area in breakout rooms, children's rooms or in front of bookcases and desks. These small touches will be enough to make your living spaces personal and cosy.

How should small rug cleaning be done?

Small rug cleaning is very important to maintain the elegance and aesthetics of your spaces. For this reason, it is necessary to follow the recommended cleaning procedures depending on the material properties and weaving type of your rugs. In order for your rug to be long-lasting, it is important to intervene quickly as soon as the stain formation occurs and to use the right cleaning materials according to the nature of the stain.

The answer to the question of what to wipe the rug with varies according to the type of your rug. For example, wool rugs should be cleaned with warm water and rug shampoo, while synthetic rugs can be washed more frequently and should be cleaned thoroughly at certain intervals. Small rugs and woven rugs require more delicate cleaning, while vacuuming and gentle detergents are recommended for these rugs.

Small rug cleaning is also important for space hygiene. Regularly cleaned rugs make your living spaces such as home or office healthier. Remember that the cleaner your rugs are, the more enjoyable it will be to use them. IKEA supports you in this process and offers various suggestions and solutions for rug cleaning. By using the most accurate and effective cleaning methods, you can keep your rugs looking as perfect as the first day for years to come.

What should be considered when choosing a small rug?

Along with design and colour choices, small rug sizes should also be taken into consideration. For example; By choosing an 8 square metre rug, you can cover larger areas or create a point effect with smaller sizes. Care should also be taken to ensure that the rug texture and material are suitable for the area of use.

The quality of the texture and the durability of the material also play a big role in the adaptation of a rug to your living space. Models with non-slip soles are especially ideal for mobile homes and children's rooms. In addition, you can contribute to both your health and the environment by choosing options produced from organic materials among small size rug models.

The choice of colour and pattern can completely change the atmosphere of the space. A small rug in light tones can make the room look more spacious, while dark and patterned models can create a focal point and add depth to the space. With IKEA's wide range of small rugs, it is possible to find a model to suit every style and decoration concept.

Another important consideration when buying a small rug is the light habits of the space. A rug in a room with plenty of natural light may fade over time. In this case, choosing rugs made of fade-resistant materials can give the best results in the long run.

Maintenance and cleaning of the product is also an important factor. Small rug types that can be easily cleaned and practical to maintain make your place look clean and fresh. Rugs made of anti-allergic materials can be preferred especially for allergy-prone users.

The square metres of the rooms where the rugs are located and the location of the furniture are among the factors you should consider when choosing. For example, using more than one of the small size rug models instead of a large rug in a room with a lot of furniture can help you achieve a more stylish and balanced look.

A carefully selected small rug contributes to both the functionality and aesthetics of the space. IKEA is ready to help you find your ideal rug by offering you a wide range of options.

What are the sizes of small rugs?

In home decoration, every detail is important and therefore the size of your rug should be in harmony with the overall layout and style of your room. Since small rug sizes offer a lot of variety at this point, they can have certain standards within themselves. For example, the small size rug models available at IKEA are available in common sizes such as 80x150 cm, 90x120 cm as well as more specialised sizes. These sizes are especially perfect for restricted living spaces and provide ease of use.

In order to make the right decision about the dimensions, you should think about where the rug will be positioned and what kind of look you want to create there. 4 square metre rug or 6 square metre rug models can glamourise a specific area, while 8 square metre rug can create a more dominant effect by covering a larger surface. Choosing an appropriate rug size also involves creating a space in harmony with your furniture and other decorative elements.

Another important factor is the shape and size of the space. A rug for a long and narrow corridor should have different characteristics than a rug for a large living room. The size alternatives offered by IKEA aim to meet every need by offering solutions adapted to such different spaces.

The functionality of the rug also plays a major role in choosing its size. For example, small rug sizes suitable for relatively wet floors, such as in front of the kitchen or in the bathroom, can be characterised by more practical cleaning features. IKEA's small rug options offer solutions for such special areas of use, enhanced with extra features such as non-slip soles, which will add comfort to your daily life. You can find a small rug model suitable for every room in your home at IKEA and buy it with confidence.

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