Runners offer the oldest way to add warmth and colour to our homes with their unique texture and timeless designs. The rug runner models available in IKEA's collection fulfil a variety of decorating needs without compromising on quality and comfort. Striking and vibrant in colour, these runner-style rugs allow you to create a unique environment by combining modern and traditional elements.

Focusing on service and ease of use, IKEA always offers practical solutions such as kitchen runners. Especially stain-resistant and easy-to-clean features are essential for these areas. The machine washable runner models offered by IKEA make life easier for users and add value to the home ecosystem by offering sustainable solutions.

Runner models also find a place in hallways and long spaces. Combining aesthetics and functionality, these models provide integrity by connecting your vestibule and living spaces. Kitchen runner models offer both comfort and easy cleaning in your kitchens with their water and stain resistant structures.

When choosing a runner model, it is necessary to consider the dimensions of the space. IKEA offers special options for 6 square metre runner open areas as well as for smaller walkways and areas. Among the new model runners that you can reflect your personal taste, there are also designs made from ecological materials, which constitute an important step towards environmental sustainability.

If you want to add a story to your home, IKEA's woven runner models may be just for you. These runners can be combined with almost any style of décor, and each one is unique, especially as they are hand-woven. This collection also includes various summer runner models and seasonal innovations.

Runners in different sizes and styles

With the new model runners, IKEA offers innovative and functional design solutions for modern living spaces. In the collection, you can find runners in different sizes and designs, especially machine washable runners. The range includes runners that are ideal for all kinds of spaces and add a unique expression to your space. IKEA's range of runners and rugs includes aesthetic and useful alternatives for every taste and every decorating idea.

Especially large-sized products such as 6 square metre runners provide an elegant look in large spaces from living rooms to bedrooms. IKEA's woven runner models create traditional touches for those who enjoy classic home decoration, while offering plain and simple designs for those who prefer minimalism.

Each runner adds a different spirit to your space while offering a feeling of comfort and warmth. You can completely change the look of your room by choosing a rug runner suitable for the size of your space. Whether large or small, you can choose from runner model rugs and rug runner models for every space.

For those who favour traditional patterns, the products you will find among IKEA's vintage runner models will help you create a timeless atmosphere. On the other hand, you can add a modern atmosphere to your space with runner-style rugs that exhibit a more contemporary approach.

Summer runner models, which are indispensable for the summer months, bring the vitality of summer to your spaces with their light texture and fresh colour options. With their light and cool textures, these runners offer an ideal floor alternative in hot seasons.

Hand woven runners

Enjoy craftsmanship and quality with traditional woven runners. IKEA's exclusive collection also includes old runners, each one expertly crafted. Hand-woven runners are the product of a painstaking and time-consuming process, with each loop and colour transition reflecting the craftsmanship and skill of the weaver. These runners are also considered an artistic expression thanks to their use of natural materials and unique designs.

Choosing a hand-woven runner will change the focus of your home and attract the attention of your guests. Distinguished from each other by different patterns, textures and colours, hand-woven runners create a different aura depending on the use of light and space. Therefore, the style of the runner you choose should harmonise with your personality as well as your living space.

The new model runners, which are handmade by hand, combine modern designs with classic weaving, offering alternatives for every style. IKEA produces these hand-woven runners, where each thread, colour and pattern is carefully selected to make them long-lasting and durable. In this way, an IKEA runner becomes an investment that you can use not only for a certain period of time, but for many years to come.

For those looking for an authentic touch in their home decor, woven runners are ideal for reflecting rustic and bohemian style. These special runners and kitchen rugs, each piece of which has an authentic story, bring a rich cultural heritage to your homes with traditional motifs and vibrant colours. Hand-woven runners also attract attention with their sustainable and ethical production methods.

Jute runners

Natural textures are always in vogue and IKEA's jute runners successfully reflect this fashion trend. Both durable and aesthetic, jute runners give a simple and stylish look. IKEA's jute runners category includes products made from sustainable and renewable resources, designed to bring nature indoors. Each runner in this collection will transform your home with carefully selected materials and eco-friendly production processes.

Jute is a tough and durable fibre that can be easily adapted to different patterns and weaves thanks to its flexibility. This allows IKEA to offer a variety of knitted runner models. During weaving, it is possible to preserve the natural colour of the jute fibres or to dye them in different shades, thus offering options to suit any interior style.

IKEA attaches great importance to practical design and also considers the practicality of jute runners. They are lightweight, making them easily transportable and flexible to use when changing from one room decoration to another. Since jute is a hypoallergenic material, it is also an ideal choice for individuals with allergy problems. IKEA also emphasises machine washable runners for easy care, so that jute runners can be cleaned without any problems.

Modern runners

Kilim rug models stand out with their functionality while making a modern touch to your living spaces. These modern runners attract attention with their dynamic and vibrant patterns. Reflecting the modern design concept, these runners have a wide range of uses, from minimalist decorations to more colourful and vibrant interiors. IKEA's modern runner collection has become a particularly suitable option for modern lifestyles with its durable materials and easy maintenance features.

For those who want to add elegance to your spaces, new model runners appeal to people who follow current decoration trends. Modern runners in square, rectangular or round forms in various sizes help you personalise your home. These products also perfectly match with specially designed furniture or modern artworks, adding an artistic atmosphere to your homes.

Modern runner rug models are ideal for those who want to revive the atmosphere of their home by making bold choices in colour and pattern. Vivid and bright colours illuminate your room and create an energetic and positive atmosphere. Runners with geometric patterns, abstract designs and lines unique to modern art add depth and dimension to any room.

Modern runners in neutral tones are preferred for a calm and serene room atmosphere. For those who want to add a refined elegance to your interior, there are modern runner options inspired by earth tones. With light touches, you can enrich the overall look of your room without attracting attention.

What are runner motifs?

Each runner has its own character and this character is expressed by various runner motifs. Motifs inspired by Anatolia offer a cultural richness. Over time, these motifs have become patterns that symbolise folk stories, beliefs and lifestyles. Whether traditional or contemporary, kilim motifs always reflect the creativity and artistic understanding of the artisans.

The geometric shapes and symbols on the runners shed light on the historical and social fabric of the region. Moreover, certain motifs have meanings, such as clusters of grapes symbolising fertility, eye motifs signifying protection, and bird patterns indicating united family life. Various plant and animal figures are often found in the runners and each is perceived as part of a rich folkloric heritage.

The choice of colours in the runners is also very important. The vibrant and warm colours obtained through the use of natural dyes make the patterns stand out even more. The colours used are usually tones inspired by nature and reflecting the colour trends of the period. These special motif and colour combinations take runners beyond being just a floor accessory and turn them into works of art.

Modern runner designs, on the other hand, aim to add a modern touch to home decoration by blending traditional motifs with a contemporary approach. As a reflection of this understanding, IKEA's runner models combine traditional patterns with modern lines in a unique way.

On the one hand, traditional runner motifs blend perfectly with classical decorations as they have a deep-rooted history, and on the other hand, they are also suitable for modern homes by adapting them to current design trends. With different motif options, a range that can appeal to every taste and style is offered.

In which rooms are runners used?

Living rooms and halls usually gain a warmer and more inviting atmosphere with large and wide runner models. The furniture layout in these areas helps the size and pattern of the selected runner to stand out. In bedrooms, runners, which can be used around the bed or as an eye-catching accent piece, play a complementary role in the overall decoration of the room.

The runner models used in study rooms and home office areas are generally preferred with colours and patterns that increase concentration. Non-slip based models are important for providing extra safety in such rooms. Since runner-style rugs are offered in a wide range, they vary according to the needs and style of each room.

Fun patterns and soft textures are at the forefront in runners suitable for children's rooms and playgrounds. Play rugs and runners allow children to play on a safe floor and make the floor easily cleanable.

Runners, which are more niche in use for bathrooms and toilets, can also find a place in these areas. Runners, which are preferred in relatively small sizes and made of materials resistant to humid environments, create a functional and decorative option for bathrooms.

Summer runner models are available for open areas such as balconies and terraces. Suitable for outdoor use, these models are made from materials that are more resistant to weather conditions and provide comfort outdoors. These models from IKEA are also designed to be in perfect harmony with outdoor furniture.

The use of runners in home decoration

Runners allow you to create a different atmosphere in every room. There is a wide range of products ranging from small rug models to large size runners. They help you create a warm and friendly environment by adapting to every corner of your home with their rich colour options and different patterns. They are carefully selected to add an aesthetic touch to every space from living room to bedroom, from kitchen to workspaces.

Among the runner models, it is possible to find alternatives suitable for modern, minimalist, ethnic or traditional styles. Each style has its own characteristics and these characteristics, together with the patterns and colours of the runners, complement your home decoration and provide integrity. IKEA offers you quality and durable runners that can appeal to all these different tastes and decoration styles.

For example, a kilim-style runner is ideal for homes with a minimal design approach, while densely patterned and colourful runners are suitable for more bohemian or rustic decorated spaces. Specially designed runner-style rugs can also be preferred for original homes that combine modern and traditional elements.

When choosing play runners for children's rooms and play areas, vibrant colours and fun patterns stand out. Easy-to-clean machine washable runner models that encourage energy and movement in these areas are a practical choice.

Can runners be washed?

How many degrees is the runner washed? This question is among the most curious issues of runner owners. As a general rule, runners require gentle care and each model has its own washing instructions. IKEA's machine washable runner models minimise your worries in this regard and provide ease of use. When machine washing your runners made from delicate materials, you should choose a programme with a low temperature and a gentle spin speed.

Some runners are treated with special processes to fix the colours, thus minimising the risk of colour bleeding during washing. However, professional cleaning is recommended for handmade and more delicate products such as woven runners. It is important to carefully read the instructions on your runner's label or user manual before washing to prolong its life.

For those looking for practicality, there are machine washable options for products that need to be cleaned more often, such as summer runners or kitchen runners. These handy runners from IKEA offer ideal solutions, especially for actively used areas. However, following your runner's care guide and washing it using the recommended methods will improve its performance and durability.

What to look for when buying a runner?

You should pay attention to the size of the runner, the material used and the quality of weaving. For example, a 6 square metre runner or larger is ideal for large areas. When choosing a runner, it is important to ensure that the colours and patterns are compatible with your existing decoration. A vibrant and striking pattern can add a modern feel to your room, while simpler and solid colours have the potential to create a sophisticated calm.

If you want your investment in your runner to be long-lasting, you should choose runner models made of quality materials. Runners with unique weaving techniques offer durability and aesthetic richness. IKEA's hand-woven runner options are unique examples of traditional weaving art. Machine washable runner models provide practical use and are easy to clean.

The functionality of the runner should also be considered. For example, while summer runner models provide coolness in summer with their thin and light structures, thicker runner models offer extra comfort and warmth on cold winter days. When choosing runner-style rugs for children's rooms or playgrounds, it is important to choose allergy-friendly and easy-to-clean materials.

A timeless rug for modern times

Enhance your living space with the timeless charm of the new STARREKLINTE rug. The beige base and black stripes add a touch of elegance and the flatwoven surface makes it ideal for busy living rooms and dining areas, as it allows you to effortlessly pull out chairs and keep your space clean.

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